Sunday, September 16, 2012

Good Observation in TLE-Electronics and Electrical Subjects

My husband is currently taking BSE-TLE and I’d like to share some of his observations on field studies in one of the secondary schools in nearby town. Together with two of his classmates they observed real time teaching and came to some concepts in imparting education to high school students. Theories and other literal forms of instructions are not enough to enhance the skills of the learners. The students should put their knowledge to actions to completely grasp the meaning of those theories.

In TLE subject the teachers should be capable with knowledge and expertise in bringing up various points in education students in the field of electronics, electrical, woodcraft, business, agriculture, cosmetology and other livelihood education. In Benjamin Esguerra Memorial National High School they are equipped not just with the instruments and devices but talented TLE teachers as well. DH witnessed how the students have expertly assembled various electrical and electronic projects. Their teacher Mr. Panfilo Aldea gave them his full supervision in their actual training making them achieve complete knowledge in identifying and computing electrical flow of circuit.  


Beautifying Our Home on Mom’s Birthday

When we had our kitchen and dining area renovated last summer we also replaced our seat covers for the two sala sets that we have. It’s also the month of my Mom’s 80th birthday so my sister and I exerted all efforts to please her with regards to home decorating and housekeeping. She was delighted when the new custom-made sofa cover arrived at the house together with the new curtains and especially-designed velvet throw pillows which accentuate the living room. 

Even if Mom’s birthday was celebrated somewhere else we still made our house as presentable as ever for her visitors and some of our relatives who were not able to come with us on buffet restaurant. My siblings and I agreed on having it somewhere else because I didn’t want to cook for many people then. We also wanted to just relax, dine and enjoy our Mom on her 80th birthday.


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