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:PH 181 : Words

These words say a lot about the kid wearing this shirt. He's very fond of this shirt because as he told me it includes me. The shirt was one of Josh' favorite as he believe it's true :-) because some people told him he looks like me. Here he posed for me last year when I'm testing the shots from my new point and shoot camera

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Back to Normal

At last we were able to bring back our appliances, sofas and kitchen back to its usual order, I’ve been very tired with sorting, cleaning and tidying things up. I’m just glad that our house looks like a home now when we finally set things up. There’s just one advantage and lesson that the storm has left us, we should not have so many unnecessary clutter in the house. We just have to let go of old things so we’ll be free from too much house accessories that hinders our movement when bad situation comes. Now that we have cleaned the house upside down we discarded our old sofas and some other things that others can put to good use. It’s a nice feeling when everything has been arranged and I just have to check this Rocky Patel that my friend is asking me. He asked me to help him check the promotions attached with it, it's just part of his assignment with his boss.


Top Droppers for September 2009

The following sites has dropped their entrecard to this blog patiently. Thank you friends for always remembering to drop by and visit me. Thoughts deeply appreciated!

Life's sweets and spices


Finding the Perfect Home Plans

Starting a family or finding the perfect place to live for your family is everyone’s wish but it’s not that easy to achieve it. It takes big finances, lots of time, design and budgetary planning. You can just start a house without having to consult your spouse and the whole family because decision involves all members of your family. They will also have to help in deciding what home plans are best for your dream house.

Architectural design is very important because once the construction started you have to follow what is being planned for. So, getting the help of a good planner like is a great help to start your dream house. They offer resources and tools in their website to make your home planning easy. You can choose luxury home plans or just simple homes just as long as it fits your specific requirements and budget. I’ve seen some of the houses and I’ll have to say those luxury house plans are really beautiful. Well there are also various choices if you want more affordable homes. I’ve posted samples of their home plans here. Feel free to visit their site now.


Expired Tasks

Didn’t get some sleep because I was worried that I might get account suspension from one company that I write for. I finished all I can finish and decline some tasks that need to be declined in order to get my account in good standing. They emailed me last Saturday and gave me multiple tasks to do but that’s also the same day that the storm hit us and damaged our properties. I never had the chance to read my emails since Saturday because we have no electricity for 5 days and that 5th day was the expiration of those tasks. And all I could think of those days were our safety as the storm hit our town so badly. I couldn’t do something about it as network also failed during those days so I have no choice but to wait for our situation to normalize. I explained my situation to them and hope they’ll understand.

BTW I've posted some photos of the flood here!


The Creation art of an Advanced Decorative Concrete Installation

You know what, I guess 7 years ago (or thereabouts), I decided that I wanted to learn everything there was to know about decorative concrete Virginia installations. Therefore, I resolved that I would first, and foremost, need to go and visit a facility that specializes in stamped and decorative concrete installations and designs. So, I found arranged a 3-hour tour. What I can tell you is that I was literally knocked out of my rather bouncy boots by the total amount of information that someone needs to understand in order to specialize in the topic of decorative concrete design. If I started learning everything about it right now, I might know as much or perhaps more than the top experts in about five to ten years. Well now, I've got quite a lot of work cut out for me, don't I. Better hit the books and get started. But I'm tired! I don't feel like starting! Well, as Miss Mother Maple once said, star-like people don't do things because they like to do them; they do them because they need to do them. I not only want to learn everything there is to learn about concrete systems, but I want to be able to singlehandedly do the installation of concrete systems without help from a stranger for industrial, residential, and commercial applications. With a lot of work and a little bit of luck, I should be able to learn everything about them very soon. And then it will be a grtand day. A very, very, happy day. I may novel sitting on a desk that nobody quite wants to read, but right now I know a thing or two about industrial flooring systems.


Purifying Diet Tips

We are the temple of God and we must keep our soul, mind and body in good condition always. For the soul and mind we must have a personal relationship with God in order to save ourselves from the bad influences that may harm our spirit. In keeping up a healthy body we should eliminate toxins to cleanse our body of harmful substances that lead up to the common sickness we have in our society today. Diet should have no animal products or if we can’t avoid it just a little or just be contented with fish. We should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits where we can get a lot of essential vitamins.

Alcohol, sugar, salt and food additives that contain chemicals should be eliminated from our everyday diet. This is hard but a little effort each day is worth it. Even me I can’t say that I can avoid sugar immediately. I promised myself to make an effort little by little.

Water is good as they say we must drink large amounts of water each day let’s say around 8 glasses a day depending on your lifestyle, let’s say if you’re in an air-conditioned room you tend to be relaxed and need to drink water less because of the temperature while a construction worker may be needing more than the prescribed amount of water as they perspire a lot during their work. Nevertheless drinking water should be carefully done also as we should drink clean purified or distilled water.

We should also refrain from drinking too much coffee and tea. As I’m doing this write up my eyes lingered on my coffee. I’m a coffee drinker and I drink 3 cups a day but now I’ve limited it to one or two only. As I mentioned earlier I’m making little efforts daily and that includes minimizing my intake of coffee if not completely eliminated. I know I’ll reach my goal in the future. So guys start doing some efforts to purify your diet and you’ll be a healthier person after that. We only need some discipline and perseverance. Good luck to us!

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Customized Bumper Stickers

Having a car is like having a baby you must give it proper care and attention in order to function properly. It will also cost you some funds to maintain it to a good working condition especially if you want your car to look its best. It’s fun and exciting to accessorize vehicle and it will bring out the artist in you on how you will make it look presentable.

I’m not that choosy about accessories but I found something online that caught my attention and thought it would be nice sometimes to have customized bumper stickers which will be made especially for your own use only with personalized designs that fits the owner specific requirements. I just love reading those samples of funny bumper stickers they have online. It will certainly make you smile and think that joke is a little bit true. Just visit their site and see those funny customized bumper stickers.


Overnight Blogging!

Still dizzy from overnight blogging as I still can’t go to sleep without securing that all my due tasks were finished. I don’t want to be banned from advertisers and companies that I write for even if it’s not my fault that I failed to so some of my tasks. My friend JennyL tried to help me three days ago for me to come over her shop and do my work. She has even offered to do the typing and posting for me if I want to manually do the writing in our house. She’s a real bestfriend isn’t she? Well anyway now that everything is coming back to normal situation I’m doing a blog marathon! I’m good at it!


Free SEO Services

Every blogger dreams of having a high-ranked and high traffic site that’s why they do everything just to have a good traffic. But how can you generate traffic to your site faster than what you’re having now? The key to that is the search engine optimization, a site needs it very much that sometimes the owner buys from SEO companies so that traffic may be assured. Now I learned that provides free seo services and offer help in terms of know-how on how to get your site ranked. Just visit their website and you’ll soon be searched by many.


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