Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back to Normal

At last we were able to bring back our appliances, sofas and kitchen back to its usual order, I’ve been very tired with sorting, cleaning and tidying things up. I’m just glad that our house looks like a home now when we finally set things up. There’s just one advantage and lesson that the storm has left us, we should not have so many unnecessary clutter in the house. We just have to let go of old things so we’ll be free from too much house accessories that hinders our movement when bad situation comes. Now that we have cleaned the house upside down we discarded our old sofas and some other things that others can put to good use. It’s a nice feeling when everything has been arranged and I just have to check this Rocky Patel that my friend is asking me. He asked me to help him check the promotions attached with it, it's just part of his assignment with his boss.


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