Saturday, October 3, 2009

Expired Tasks

Didn’t get some sleep because I was worried that I might get account suspension from one company that I write for. I finished all I can finish and decline some tasks that need to be declined in order to get my account in good standing. They emailed me last Saturday and gave me multiple tasks to do but that’s also the same day that the storm hit us and damaged our properties. I never had the chance to read my emails since Saturday because we have no electricity for 5 days and that 5th day was the expiration of those tasks. And all I could think of those days were our safety as the storm hit our town so badly. I couldn’t do something about it as network also failed during those days so I have no choice but to wait for our situation to normalize. I explained my situation to them and hope they’ll understand.

BTW I've posted some photos of the flood here!


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