Saturday, October 3, 2009

Purifying Diet Tips

We are the temple of God and we must keep our soul, mind and body in good condition always. For the soul and mind we must have a personal relationship with God in order to save ourselves from the bad influences that may harm our spirit. In keeping up a healthy body we should eliminate toxins to cleanse our body of harmful substances that lead up to the common sickness we have in our society today. Diet should have no animal products or if we can’t avoid it just a little or just be contented with fish. We should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits where we can get a lot of essential vitamins.

Alcohol, sugar, salt and food additives that contain chemicals should be eliminated from our everyday diet. This is hard but a little effort each day is worth it. Even me I can’t say that I can avoid sugar immediately. I promised myself to make an effort little by little.

Water is good as they say we must drink large amounts of water each day let’s say around 8 glasses a day depending on your lifestyle, let’s say if you’re in an air-conditioned room you tend to be relaxed and need to drink water less because of the temperature while a construction worker may be needing more than the prescribed amount of water as they perspire a lot during their work. Nevertheless drinking water should be carefully done also as we should drink clean purified or distilled water.

We should also refrain from drinking too much coffee and tea. As I’m doing this write up my eyes lingered on my coffee. I’m a coffee drinker and I drink 3 cups a day but now I’ve limited it to one or two only. As I mentioned earlier I’m making little efforts daily and that includes minimizing my intake of coffee if not completely eliminated. I know I’ll reach my goal in the future. So guys start doing some efforts to purify your diet and you’ll be a healthier person after that. We only need some discipline and perseverance. Good luck to us!

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