Monday, March 15, 2010

:MYM - Hiding and Playing


Gotcha! I caught Ryza in the act here as she's trying to hide from her father. Her father was following her every turns she goes and was telling her to stop in one place. On the next picture she thought she finally escaped from him but I saw his father hiding from her on the side of the car. Funny father and child! She's one and only anyway! Ryza is my godchild, she's a granddaughter of our Pastor in the church. She's just one year old here last summer camp meeting!

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Preparing Funds for Car Repair

We’re happy that finally the car mechanic that we’re waiting for can now give his time on our car and possibly he can make it run in a few weeks time. We just have to prepare our funds for our car repair and eventually get a cheap car insurance like that of estatecarinsure so we can still have budget for other miscellaneous needs of our vehicle.

Even if we can use my brother’s pickup every time we have a need for transport it’s still better if we’re using our own as we don’t have to pick it up early in the morning and return it at night. Sometimes DH was too exhausted that he wanted to rest immediately after driving a long mile. Well anyway with the car’s repair and my kids’ graduation and transfer to bigger schools I think we should work harder to save some more funds for these expenses.


Should Have Break Time Also

I’m too engrossed in what I’m doing that I can’t feel the pang of hunger in my stomach. It’s just when my Mom reminded me that I still haven’t eaten my lunch that I was brought back to real life. I was always like that when I’m writing lengthy article. I feel as if I was in the article too lol! Since my little boy and Mom had eaten the brownies that I bought in the morning they opt to wait for me as they still full and satisfied with what they’ve eaten.

When I learned that they’ll wait for me I left my work and had my lunch. I’m still thinking of my article and was planning to go back as soon as I’m finished with my lunch when my Auntie arrived. Oh well that finished my state of reverie and brought me back to reality that I should also stop and have my break time from writing.


Beautiful Mailboxes for Your Homes

I’m so happy today even if it’s Monday. I usually have this thing about Monday, the one I used to have when I’m still working in office. They call it Manic Monday and I call it Monday sickness. Whatever it is I’m so glad that I’m beginning to love Monday. This day brings happiness to me as the sun shines so brightly but not as hot as the other week maybe because of the rain last week. That one day rain brought so much benefit to areas with super dry lands. Anyway what really makes us happy? It’s in knowing that a lot of people love us whoever, whatever and whenever. I just checked my mail boxes and found out that the letter my cousin is waiting for has finally arrived. She used to live with us so she decided not to change her address as it might not reach her so fast when she put her provincial address.

Anyway I’ve already sent a text message and she replied that she’ll drop by next week to get her important letter. She really needs them for her safekeeping. Communication is really very important in a one’s life and letters are one important form of communication. My Mom always tells me that a single letter can make an angry fellow to relax, a sick man well and a lonely man happy. Sometimes it can also stop or delay war. Such powerful tool to communicate. Even there’s email now which can send letters in minutes I still love the good old idea of having Residential Mailboxes because I love receiving handwritten letters and it will be protected if you have mailbox in your home.

In almost every home Mailboxes are still an important part of our front yard. They’re necessary to protect our billings, cards and letters. They can also add beauty to our front yard if we took extra effort in choosing the right style, color and quality. Now looking for the right mailbox can be easy for us all because Mailboxixchange provides the widest range of residential and commercial mailboxes suited to your specific style and needs. Visit their site to see their high quality products, competitive prices and reliable customer service to answer all your queries and meet your requirements.


Manic Monday #203

How did you decide to live where you do? The place we're living right now is the place where my father and his ancestors lived ever since. Our family's root is here and my Mom agreed to my father to move here from my Mom's provincial hometown because my father's work was herein his town. Since my Mom was a teacher then she can continue her career anywhere she decided to live. Ours is a nice town as it's the nearest town to city, we're still geographically located in the province but we're like a city with easy and near access to super malls, good schools, colleges and everything we need.

Do you like risks, or do you avoid them? What major risks have you taken in your life? I'm a careful planner and if I can avoid big risks I'll try to avoid them but sometimes it's part of our life and we should be able to experience taking risks once in a blue moon. The major risks I've taken in my life are getting married, leaving my 16-year corporate job and working at home doing online freelance writing. Care to know the results of my risks? I'm perfectly happy with all the risks I've taken in my life because before I take any risk I consult God and pray for His guidance and signs.

If you had to choose, which could you live without: TV, the internet, a telephone or friends? I need friends to get me through life, friends can't be bought or replaced with expensive things. I can't work without internet because I have an online writing/paid blogging job besides I can do all communications through internet because there's facebook, instant messaging, chat rooms, Pc to phone call conversation and emails. So that leave me to choose between TV and telephone. I think I'll choose television because it will entertain me and watching tv with my family is a kind of family bonding too..... So that leave telephone because I can still contact my friends through net :-) clever lol!

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Summer Bonding Vacation

Summer vacation is just a few weeks away now and my kids are gearing up for our two-day fellowship vacation in our favorite villa site near Tagaytay city. As early as now we’re preparing our list of things to bring for our summer camp meeting. We’ll travel on the 1st and 2nd of April just in time for the Maundy Thursday and Black Friday holy week season. We’ll start traveling at dawn and will return home the next day at night. We’ll arrange another date for another vacation at a later date. I heard some of my friends are planning Disney vacation packages for their families and they’re saving for it so it will be as soon as possible. Anyway spending money on your desired vacation place is just worth it if you can relax and rest on your favorite resort with your family.

We need to have bonding experience with our family especially with our kids and this summer is just the perfect time to do so. There are many options that we can do to enjoy a day or a week with our family. We can have vacation abroad, spend vacation in beautiful resorts, visit your loved ones in your hometown provinces or just have a picnic in the park. As long as you’re together and happy there’s no problem where or when you spend it.


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