Monday, March 15, 2010

Summer Bonding Vacation

Summer vacation is just a few weeks away now and my kids are gearing up for our two-day fellowship vacation in our favorite villa site near Tagaytay city. As early as now we’re preparing our list of things to bring for our summer camp meeting. We’ll travel on the 1st and 2nd of April just in time for the Maundy Thursday and Black Friday holy week season. We’ll start traveling at dawn and will return home the next day at night. We’ll arrange another date for another vacation at a later date. I heard some of my friends are planning Disney vacation packages for their families and they’re saving for it so it will be as soon as possible. Anyway spending money on your desired vacation place is just worth it if you can relax and rest on your favorite resort with your family.

We need to have bonding experience with our family especially with our kids and this summer is just the perfect time to do so. There are many options that we can do to enjoy a day or a week with our family. We can have vacation abroad, spend vacation in beautiful resorts, visit your loved ones in your hometown provinces or just have a picnic in the park. As long as you’re together and happy there’s no problem where or when you spend it.


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