Monday, July 20, 2009

Caring for Our Skin

Skin on our face says a lot about ourselves especially the age, it determines how old we are or how we take care of our skin. Some women past the age of 50 resort to facial surgery just to hide the wrinkles and lines brought about by the natural aging of the skin. My Mom wouldn’t have it. She maintains her skin unblemished and yet free from doctor’s touch. She’s a simple woman and she never uses anything on her face just to have healthy and glowing skin. She has natural beautiful skin.

As we were brought up being simple and natural on maintaining our skin we just use moisturizers in the morning to prevent our skin from the harmful effects of sun. My auntie gave me a night cream from her vacation in New Jersey and instructed me to use it for my skin regeneration because I’ve reached the age where skin should be cared for properly or else it will show signs of aging. Actually I’m not that bothered but when I tried her cream I was amazed at how it made my face super soft and smooth. Elders really know best!


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