Friday, September 3, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #92: Beginning of Rain

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This is a shot from my daughter's school where the clouds are beginning to change from white to a little greyish indicating the beginning of rain.  When I saw this last May I hurried back home. Still the clouds and sky looks beautiful with a beautiful formation of layers of clouds.
I love sky watching wherever my cam takes me. It makes me very thankful of God's wonderful creations.  Visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Ready for His Giveaways

Glad we’re finished with the small little things needed for the little boy’s 7th birthday. We had his loot bags replaced earlier because the bags easily tear whenever we open it. We returned to the party needs store to complain about the bag and the owner accepted it and let me choose a newer set of bags. They said it will not be a problem as they will just return it to their wholesaler for replacement. They figured that it’s an old stock from the supplier’s warehouse. I was happy that I didn’t have to pay for the new ones again because sometimes some mini store owners don’t want to accept returned merchandise of such small volumes.


Top Web Hosting Provider

Maintaining several sites are quite tiring sometimes but rewarding as well. I just need to be always on the go and quick for updates to have them always maintained and with good posts. I never knew it could be like this as I was a corporate rat three years ago with only 2 free hosted blogs. Blogging was simpler then and I was quite enjoying it with few online tasks. I’m just doing it on a part-time basis but I was enjoying it fully. After few months of blogging my friend taught me the value of buying and managing your own domain site so I did it. I added some sites but kept my free hosted blogs because they’re my first blogs and I didn’t want to part with them. I learned how to redirect sites to my purchased domains and I enjoy having my own hosted blogs.

I was happy with my webhost provider but keep on updating myself on other providers just in case I will need them in the future. I had a chance to browse some iPage Review provided by which they endorsed and promotes as a top web hosting provider, I was quite intrigued by the good remarks I’ve found in the users comment. They have tested the quality service of iPage web hosting in terms of customer support, quality hosting, reliable web servers, and affordable price at USD3.50/month. These features must be the reason why they were selected as 2009 top web hosting provider. On top of that customers are very satisfied with the way their customer service staff handles billing and tech issues complaints.


Should Get Enough Sleep

When it rains it pours and this phrase keeps on playing on my mind. I’m really thankful for the tasks given to me though I really get tired from working all nights and days. I keep reminding myself to get some good sleep because I know it’s not healthy as I’ve read from the email sent to me by my friends. Those people who sleep only for less than 6 hours have a high risk of dying young as the email said. Actually even without that email I know that adults should at least sleep for 6 hours or more and not less.


The Sneeze Test

You Are Brainy

You are a very detail oriented and precise person. You think everything through carefully.
You aren't prone to dramatics, but you don't overlook what's important either.

You are observant and philosophical. You seek to understand people more than judge them.
You treasure your alone time. You area true introvert, and it's difficult for you to feel isolated.

I'm actually a combination of both, I'm not really introvert but I sometimes enjoy being alone to think and meditate.  It's true that I take everything in detail because my work experience trained me to be so precise in everything that I handle.  When you're an officer in the company you will not afford to be careless because every step you take is very important.  And being an officer in the human resource division for 6 years I learned to understand people in all walks of life. 


Stories from the Old Folks

When I hear conversation about gold I remember the folks in my Mom’s hometown province. I remembered them well when they talked over coffee about the years of war times and how the foreign soldiers buried their gold treasures under the ground. They’re talking about it because one of the town folks was rumoured to have sold a gold bar to a buyer of precious metals and the money he got from it was used to built his new house. As a kid I thought it was just like what I saw in television but now reality sets in that the story I heard was true. After we moved out and transferred to my father’s hometown near the city we would hear same stories of precious metals and jewelleries being found under the ground. Those lucky fellows are those who have inherited the land from their ancestors, the land which was used by the foreign soldiers to hide their treasures.

Now those stories were told from generation to generation but I still have to find out if all those stories were true. In this generation you don’t have to hide them under the ground but you can buy and have it stored safely in the bank or you can keep them until it appreciates value. It’s a tangible investment and can give high returns of capital.


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