Friday, September 3, 2010

The Sneeze Test

You Are Brainy

You are a very detail oriented and precise person. You think everything through carefully.
You aren't prone to dramatics, but you don't overlook what's important either.

You are observant and philosophical. You seek to understand people more than judge them.
You treasure your alone time. You area true introvert, and it's difficult for you to feel isolated.

I'm actually a combination of both, I'm not really introvert but I sometimes enjoy being alone to think and meditate.  It's true that I take everything in detail because my work experience trained me to be so precise in everything that I handle.  When you're an officer in the company you will not afford to be careless because every step you take is very important.  And being an officer in the human resource division for 6 years I learned to understand people in all walks of life. 


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