Saturday, July 18, 2009

:Photohunt 170: Riverbed Rocks

This is the riverbed full of big rocks that water flows over. It's nice to see different colors, shapes and kinds of rocks here in Mindoro river. It's always a refreshing sight especially on summer days. I lived in the province for 7 years and we also have this kind on Laguna river. Though this sight is so beautiful it's also dangerous for children.

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I'll Start Now

It’s the start of my life outside the office world and will just work at home to do some paid writing. Now I can start on my planned diet menu of eating fruits, vegetables and fish. I’ll have to limit my intake of meat if I want to really shed unwanted pounds. Shedding and taking off some pounds is not all for looking good only but for health reasons as well.

If you’re underweight or overweight you’re most likely to acquire sickness so it’s best to attain an ideal weight for your age and built. I’m reading some diet pill reviews and I learned a lot from those statements but I’m also enlightened by my brother’s diet plan of eating without rice. It suits him as he’s slowly shedding some pounds. Last year I’ve done a plan similar to him and my weight decreased, if only I’ve maintained that and continued with my proper eating habit I wouldn’t have a problem now. Ok it’s not late for me so I better start now.


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