Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Approach in Losing Weight

Two months after leaving the corporate world and choosing to enter the work-at-home community I was now few pounds heavier. It didn’t help that it’s ok for my hubby for me to gain weight because it gave me a thought that it’s not that bad after all. But when I suddenly felt sick and worried that excess pounds will give me abnormalities in my system I started assessing myself. Actually I’ve seen it coming as I developed the habit of eating late at night after I’ve finished my offline and online tasks and hubby was there to dine with me. His job requires him to be at the closing hour so it’s always late dinner for him. We love eating together but the time seems to be not perfect for me as it’s easy to gain pounds when all you have to do after dinner is watch TV and sleep.

I know I’m not that obese enough to take diet pills because I’m not so sure if my body will react positively. But I’d like to try different diet strategy like diet plan menu or what the Austin Wellness Clinic is offering on their site like weight loss austin. They have many options on how you can lose some weight without taking diet pills. That’s new to me and seems very interesting too!


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