Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Accurate Cashiering

I visited a small grocery store in our community and I was surprised and kinda glad to see that they’re using barcode scanner now. I’m always been so wary every time I shop on that grocery store because the cashier only punch or type by hands the price of the good in her cash register.

I had a bad experience on that store when my receipt bloated up because the cashier punched a 3-digit price on an item which is obviously a cheap item only. She doubled the first digit which added a big amount on my receipt. I have a habit of knowing exactly what I have to pay so I immediately complained about the receipt which she made me pay before checking it. I paid but I insisted on my complaints to her supervisor. It took me an hour to have them checked and return the excess money to me which delayed my schedule. From now on I’m always aware that they can really make a mistake if you’re not careful with checking. Now I’m more comfortable to buy my groceries from them because of the scanner.


For All Mommies Out There

Thanks to Chris for passing along this badge.. just in time for mother's day!
If you are a mom, this badge is for you!
Feel free to grab it and post on your site...
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Parenting Tip:
I've been a Mommy for almost 13 years now and my experiences with having three kids taught me that each child has a different ways of showing you how much they care about you. You should not compare each skills and capabilities because each have their own original things to excel in.

Parents should be able to give quality time to their kids because they need you now, they will only be kids now not forever. Time flies fast and before you know it they're grown ups already and their world will not only surround on you so spend more time with them now!

As a parent you must teach them the value of respect, trust and honesty and how they will affect family relationship if all of these things will be gone. You should also show them good values and faith in God and let them live a life centered in God because if God is the center of every family everything will be in order.

To all mommy bloggers, happy mother's day!


Planning to Buy My Dream Lappy

Got so much activities in line for me again but not this coming week I hope because I’m going to go over what my friend Jen forwarded me few days ago about discounted deals on laptop model I want to buy. After reading this diet pill reviews I will check again the nearest branch where I can avail the discounted laptop I want. I’ve been planning to buy one last year but I prioritize our little projects in the house because it really needs some repair and renovation. It’s more important then because of the big flood that hit our town which affected some of our appliances. Anyway we’ve recovered from that and we’re better as last year. Now I can buy my dream lappy!


Best Videos for Your Business

Putting up your own business takes a lot of effort, determination, time and finances. You have to be sure what field of business you’ll be putting up because it will determine your success. Many people choose businesses that they’re interested with or their skills are inclined with it. Others picked the ones who have proven to make good sales because the return of profit is very high with it. All of these are all feasible and can be a great success if the entrepreneur is really determined but there are certain factors that can really make your business works.

I learned from my colleagues in my previous job that marketing makes a big push in every business especially those businesses who offers products and services. If you have quality products but don’t have enough marketing your product wouldn’t be noticed and will not make big sales. TV commercials are a big boost although you need some big finance for it. Marketing can be in many forms as I’ve experienced in my previous office you can have it prints like brochures and news ads or you can have videos like what touch local contact is doing with their site. They bring some of the best videos of their clients across United Kingdom. And I think its one effective way of introducing the company’s products and services in a truly enjoyable marketing.

Touchlocal contact makes it possible for any unknown or unpopular business is a popular one with the best business videos created just for it. It will help in the promotion of your business site and you’ll soon reap the rewards from a good marketing means. I’ve seen some videos made by touchlocal contact and I must say they have varied videos of different businesses. Some of their business videos are furniture stores, aircon repairs, interior designers, financial services, photographers, restaurant, car servicing and a lot more. Visit their site to see some of the best business videos that launches good products.


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