Saturday, May 8, 2010

For All Mommies Out There

Thanks to Chris for passing along this badge.. just in time for mother's day!
If you are a mom, this badge is for you!
Feel free to grab it and post on your site...
You can add a story, parenting tip or photo of you and your kids too...

Parenting Tip:
I've been a Mommy for almost 13 years now and my experiences with having three kids taught me that each child has a different ways of showing you how much they care about you. You should not compare each skills and capabilities because each have their own original things to excel in.

Parents should be able to give quality time to their kids because they need you now, they will only be kids now not forever. Time flies fast and before you know it they're grown ups already and their world will not only surround on you so spend more time with them now!

As a parent you must teach them the value of respect, trust and honesty and how they will affect family relationship if all of these things will be gone. You should also show them good values and faith in God and let them live a life centered in God because if God is the center of every family everything will be in order.

To all mommy bloggers, happy mother's day!


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