Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Accurate Cashiering

I visited a small grocery store in our community and I was surprised and kinda glad to see that they’re using barcode scanner now. I’m always been so wary every time I shop on that grocery store because the cashier only punch or type by hands the price of the good in her cash register.

I had a bad experience on that store when my receipt bloated up because the cashier punched a 3-digit price on an item which is obviously a cheap item only. She doubled the first digit which added a big amount on my receipt. I have a habit of knowing exactly what I have to pay so I immediately complained about the receipt which she made me pay before checking it. I paid but I insisted on my complaints to her supervisor. It took me an hour to have them checked and return the excess money to me which delayed my schedule. From now on I’m always aware that they can really make a mistake if you’re not careful with checking. Now I’m more comfortable to buy my groceries from them because of the scanner.


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