Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bathroom Safety for Older Adults

If you are a senior citizen or are living with an older adult, it is extremely important that your bathroom is set up for proper safety. Due to the nature of bathrooms, the hard flooring combined with wetness makes the risk of falling very high. Every year thousands of senior citizens are injured as a result of bathroom falls. Luckily, it does not take a lot of effort or money to update a bathroom for safety. Simple purchases, such as a shower stool, and small improvements, like making sure that all bath faucets are easy to reach, go a long way towards improving your bathroom's safety and preventing falls. 

Making your bathroom safe is easy. Buying a quality bath mat is a simple way to help prevent falls. Bath mats are stickier than tub surfaces. A shower bench and stool are perfect for older people who are at risk for falling. Instead of standing up while showering, stools allow you to sit down and relax. If you do not wish to install an entire bench, a simple shower corner stool may be enough. It is also a good idea to attach grab bars that provide something for you to hold onto when getting in and out of the shower. Make sure that your bath and tub faucets are easy to reach and not too difficult to turn.

It is critical that your bathroom is safe and secure. Luckily, updating a bathroom's safety is easy and relatively inexpensive. Take the time to keep you and your family safe.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Demo Presentations

DH always has a need for presentation and demos as required by his professors in his Secondary Education course. As such he brings his laptop and uses it with the school’s projector for ease of reporting and good feedbacks from audience which is commonly his classmates only. He’s giving brochures or sample of his work I’m so proud that all his demo presentations got high grades which in turn contributed to a much higher final grade in his card. 

Now I’m wondering what if he just gives CDs whenever he reports and required the audience to participate. Well he needs a good and quality cd replication services to be able to give every attendees in the conference a good copy to read and watch. I hope that DH will never get tired of their busy school activities.


New Terrace for MIL’s Home

DH came from his Mom’s house where they’re currently building a terrace at the side of the house. It took me a long time to finish it because they just did it by themselves and didn’t hired construction workers. As I’ve seen from the picture he showed me the house transformed into a much bigger house with the extension of terrace with great garage floors

Yes it can also be a garage but since the road at the front of their house is always empty we can always park on the road. They were able to get a good location for their house that there’s enough parking for our car when we go there for a visit or vacation. We’re planning to visit there later this day. Hope plans will push through.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Durable and Healthier Living Carpet for Your Homes

Who wouldn’t want to come home to warm and welcoming soft carpet? I’m one of those who want carpet on my home office floor because I always want my feet to be comfortable and warm. During rainy days when weather is so cool and I’m near to chilling I want to have my feet covered with socks and tucked in the blanket. I cannot do this snuggling when I’m working so a soft and warm carpet on my work room would be a welcome thought for a person like me.

In the past people would not buy carpet for their homes when they have toddlers that would spill dirt as carpet may not endure those. Today’s carpet especially from Carpet One  offers stain and wear-resistant carpets that will see through your baby’s spilling and dirtying moments. You will not worry also if there are many people walking on the carpet as it’s more durable and can stand foot traffic in the house. Best of all your kids will be protected when they fall down or slip because it’s the soft carpet that they will fall unto. 

When it comes to interior design of your house it’s easy to blend your carpet design to your walls, furniture and art decors in your house bringing the complete stylish ambiance where you want it. Now they also provide the healthier living carpet installation system giving their clients care and health benefits that will minimize dust, odours, irritants thus encouraging good air quality in your home environment.


Timeless Beauty and Elegance of Hardwood Flooring

With all the nice flooring I’m seeing everyday when I pass by the mall I’m missing to see the conservative and natural beauty of the hardwood flooring. I grew up in a big Spanish theme house and I still remember the grand beauty of elegant wood all over the house with capiz windows. It’s still vivid in my memories and once in a while I still look for that ambiance in our present house. Here in the urban area you will find it hard to see houses with hardwood because there are several modern themes that replace the conservative old style of homes in the country. Most people prefer the latest and modern types of flooring as they find it more stylish and easy to maintain. 

If we’ll start the renovation of the house on summer and I’ll be able to decide for our own part of the house I’ll still be requesting for a hardwood floor installation on the second storey because it’s more comfortable for me to have wooden floors on our floor for bedrooms. As early as now I’m starting to search and canvass for the things I would like to buy for my duplex home plan. Stewart’s Flooring America is one of the sites that I visit frequently for ideas on what kind of flooring I should choose. As their flooring is manufactured for specific room sizes and decor preferences I would like it for my own house. They offer flooring solutions and services matching your demands, price range and decor from leading brands.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finger Pointing Bookmarks for Easy Reading

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Here's something for those who love to read books and finds time to make it a hobby.  For smart readers these smart bookmarks are perfect for you. You can read as much as you want and when you stopped you can use these finger point bookmarks to remember or mark your last paragraph or word.  It will help you a lot as even if you sleep you can go back to where you left off easily and without so much an effort.  It will definitely mark the exact location of your last read.  I find this very clever and oh so functional.


Payday Loans for Urgent House Repair

The other day I called our plumber to check on the water pipes which is leaking for three days already.  He’s not available on the first day that we noticed it but we were not able to get a replacement so we waited until he’s ready.  The leaking pipe is somewhat old already and was cemented on all sides so the plumber just did a small patch repair to avoid dismantling of the whole setup.  We approved his suggestion because it’s the fastest way to do it and in few weeks we’ll also arrange the whole pipe system because my nephew would have his own water meter. 

Well house repair happens every time and most of the times between pay periods so you’ll have to search for extra cash to have it all trouble in the house attended immediately.  It’s good to have payday loans even if has higher interest than other loans because you can get it as fast as within the hour.  Anyway it’s really for emergencies only because if you will have it to pay bills and other monthly expenses you’ll be out of your budget as it will eat your budget easily.

Getting payday loans takes some responsibilities also as you only have to resort to this for urgent needs between salary periods.  It’s also required to pay these loans within two weeks so we need not ask for bigger loan than we really need for the time because it will put us down with bigger debts.

For those who want to avail this you need an employment record, payroll and a bank account to qualify.  You just apply online and if approved you’ll wait for the cash to be deposited directly to your account in as fast as 15 minutes.  You will not worry about hassles in  paydayloans because you will not fax any document and you can do it in the comfort of your home.  This is really the simple, fast and easy way to borrow money.


Sogo Roumel Ann Maze Pattern Stool

It’s not a maze; it’s just a trendy pattern for Sogo’s Roumel Ann Maze Pattern Stool. Relax and erase the stress in this multifunctional stool which you can lounge or simply rest your feet. This can be use also as side table or a centrepiece. It’s made in the Philippines and distributed by Sogo Home and Office Center where my husband also worked for several years. 

Now this all-purpose stool with rust-proof powder coated frame in Grey finish is available for only PhP890 instead of PhP1,485 through Cash Cash Pinoy’s great deals. So grab the chance to avail this cozy sofa and let it relax your senses with a pinch of a-mazed look.


Shopping for Home with Promo Codes

Do you love shopping for your home? Well most housewife does when they want to make their home as nice as they want it to be. But sometimes we tend to buy the things or decors that we really don’t need and we buy it only on impulse. It’s not right to do it this way because we should spend our money wisely in order for us to save some of our earnings. If it’s not a necessity it’s better to think first before indulging in a shopping-spree because thinking might clear us of our mind set on shopping. 

Shopping is not bad as long as you know your priorities and foremost concern in running a household and building up family. It’s also understandable if you bought something on a sale or discounted price because you’re getting your money’s worth. I love shopping but I do it most of the times to avail of good deals and discount packages. I always have a nice feeling of fulfilment every time I shop at discounted rates or if I used promo codes like the ones in which offers coupon codes for the things you need and love to buy. 

They worked closely with advertiser to come up with exclusive promo codes which are of greater value than others. Using promo codes would definitely put in more savings on your budget and a great shopping satisfaction that you’ve finished a good transaction. Getting coupon codes and promo deals are two of the most sought-after things when you shop online and I’m glad that has hundreds of this to help the shoppers with their financial budget. Now I can shop more freely and not always focusing if our budget would last until the whole month because with coupon codes for buying I will definitely spend less.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Backyard Bubble Bath

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Did you notice that we have hot temperature this month during the day? And there are several sickies at home and in work because the temperature changes at night.  I'm not sure on other places but on us we have colder nights and hotter days which are very prone to sickness.  Well looking at the picture above - a conservative bath tub which is made of natural carved stones and located in the back yard (I think!).  

This reminds me of my childhood because we have one exactly like that but without the modern shower. It would be cool to have something like this in your own back outdoor and for sure the kids will love it every afternoon when the sun is so hot.  Nice place for spending a hot and humid day.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Expert Flooring Solutions

Finally husband and his brother are into the last phase of their terrace construction. They’ve finished with the roofing, walls, fence and now they’re into flooring tiles. The said project is an additional home improvement in their Montalban house because when it was built 4 years ago the outdoor area was not included in the original design of the house. Since their place is near the mountains you can just imagine the cool breeze in the place and how relaxing it is to stay in a veranda or terrace. This is the reason why they decided to make a terrace as additional lounging area for the whole family.
Going back to the flooring husband choose a different style in choosing the tiles and vinyl that will be installed. He made sure that the tiles are of good quality and unique design because they will show it to SIL for approval. She’s the financer and she asked them to make it really nice just like what Portice Carpet One Floor and Home do with their Lakewood flooring & carpeting installation. The consultants help figure out what type of flooring will be best depending on the style of your house and your requirements. They provide expert solutions to all flooring needs and offer extensive selection of various flooring like tiles, carpet, vinyl, hardwood and laminate at a lower price. Avail of their on-site consultations and choose from their offered options.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Experimenting With Colors

Source: via Race on Pinterest

My little boy loves art and amazed at how colors transform as they're combined with others.  He keeps asking me what will happen if he'll combine a particular color with another.  I'm just glad that I did some experiments when I was his age and I know fully well different outcome of color combination.  I told him that he should use the water color or other liquid colors like poster paint to experiment and see for himself what will happen.

We've done the same experiment as shown above and he's thrilled at the results.  He really can't stop until he's sufficient with his learning.  Next time I saw him he's doing some art drawing using poster paint and happy to combine yellow with blue to achieve the green color.  My little artist is not wasting his time to be good in art and determined to be an Architect someday.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Good Business in Building Houses

In line with my brother’s residential and commercial projects he has been updating his list of equipment used in construction. Most of the times he has three projects at one time so it’s better if he has few spares of the most frequently used tools and devices. It’s part of his investment in his construction business so it’s really a necessity to add more. Well I have no idea how many but when I looked at the list I can say that it will cost him a lot. He also has to buy some small machines for the finishing part of the construction which were mainly on the interiors. 

I will not be surprised if he will also need cnc tube bending or some other small equipment as he’s also up for some other business related to construction. Currently he’s eyeing some projects for a well known computer school that will open branches outside Metro Manila. He’s been shortlisted and just waiting for the final decision. I’m happy that his business is picking up so strong. After two more years his eldest son will help him as he has taken the same field of study in college.


Using Attractive Sticky Notes to Teach Reading

Having a hard time teaching your kindergarten kid to read?  Well you can try doing it like the picture shown here.  Little kids are known to react to teaching when you use visual presentation than just saying it.  I also did this to my little boy when he was in preparatory school doing some nice small notes and sticking it to our wall so he'll be familiar with the words.  Anyway it's not hard for me as my little boy loves learning words and it's actually fun for him. 


Friday, October 19, 2012

Giving Your Home a New Look

Some of the couples I know want to have their flooring replaced because of the damage done by the recent flooding. If your flooring is not ceramic tile you will notice that after being soaked in the flood some kind of flooring shows some wear and tear. We have experienced such problem when our 10-year old vinyl flooring has suddenly showed little cracks. We dismissed it as one of the results if you have been flooded but after some time it suddenly looks so bad that we decided to change our flooring. We still chose vinyl flooring tile because it’s perfect for my kids who often run in the house. 

Some tiles can make you slip unlike vinyl which is softer and more durable than other flooring tiles. Since my Mom has a hard time walking and roaming the house it would help her a lot if we choose a more convenient floor for elders and toddlers as well. I was able to get more information from Advance Carpet One Floor & Home in St. Louis and found out that they offer suggestions and samples of their products for an idea of perfect flooring choice for your home. With that help from them you will surely have a good time choosing the right flooring for your home sweet home.


Maximizing Space for a Family with 3 Kids

Source: via Race on Pinterest

This is perfect for a family with three kids just like ours. Most modern houses nowadays have smaller spaces but it's not as if they couldn't make their small houses organized because of lack of space.  You just have to think of creative ideas on how to setup things in with style and functionality.  I have to admit I often look for sites with wonderful suggestions on making every space function not just one but more.

Maximizing space and on what you have makes up for an ideal home.  You don't have to have a grand house in order to enjoy a beautiful house.  You just need a good stylish design to achieve it.  I love this room which can have 3 kids for sleeping and some spaces for studying and playing when the beds are tucked inside the organized bed box.


Flooring that Fits Your Lifestyle and Personality

Choosing the right flooring for your home demands careful planning as to how it will reflect the character of your home. You don’t just pick the first flooring design you got interested because it’s beautiful but you must consider some factors like your lifestyle, your home design and style, your financial capability and your preferences. Our current home has hardwood flooring on the upper floors because when it was built it’s the current trend. Now it’s showing how old it is and slowly showing defects because of old age and normal wear and tear. Hardwood flooring needs proper care and maintenance to retain its quality because it’s sensitive to bugs and small insects that causes wood decays. 

Well it’s different now as the modern technology has made flooring tile more durable and high quality especially that wood floor store  do their best to give their clients elegant and beautiful selection of hardwood flooring for homes. Some people like me still love the good old wood tile in the house as it’s warm and comfortable. Now there is variety of species of wood which has gone through new technologies making them as durable as other types of flooring. 

As hardwood flooring is a good combination of elegance and practicality it’s perfect for improving your homes. But you have to remember some points when you do it like choosing a hardwood plank width that suits your room size. If your room is small you need to choose a narrower plank and it should be installed diagonally for an illusion of bigger room. Also you can be creative and add other wood colors like gray, black or white color wood. See? Designing it’s not easy as there are also many choices of style and colors for every specific brands. Just remember to design it as it fits your kind of living and somehow reflects your personality.


The Pleasure of Reading

My flair for writing stemmed up from my hobby of reading.  I'm very fond of reading since I was in secondary school and this hobby has given me so much knowledge on various fields of life and expanded my horizons of knowing things.  I value reading as a good part of education because at the time that I was in a reading hobby internet and e-books are not available yet.  Now that students can have their research through google and wikipedia and can read various e-books I still believe that manual system is still the best with regards to reading and in finding research work through encyclopedia books.

Times has changed a lot since the time that I was in school but I still recommend reading as a form of education to students where they learn things through conservative ways and not just google something for the information they need.  They still have to realize that you can be entertained and be happy in reading without so much cost.  It's affordable and very educational.


Warm, Soft and Comfortable Flooring

When I think of comfort I always think about carpet and how warm and soft it is on my feet. I love working on a carpeted home office with my bare feet. I love doing it on heavy deadline days when I have no time to stand and go elsewhere because of task due and deadlines. I feel free with no shoes on because I’m always wearing one in my office work. Anyway carpet has a warm and comforting effect on me and I like it on study and living room to be in harmony with family bonding when studying or watching TV. 

Well if you’re into carpeting your flooring you should consult the experts on how to choose the perfect carpet for your lifestyle and personality. You should seek help from Carpet One Floor & Home to find the one that will match your specific needs and requirements like Karastan Carpet which is a real comfort and stylish as well. With their wide array of flooring tile products like vinyl, laminate, hardwood and tile you can be assured that your home would look more inviting, elegant and stylish. It would also be warm and comfortable for all members of the family.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Keeping Your Flooring in Great Shape

In the place where our office is located I’m always amaze at how they maintain not just the cleanliness and shine of the floor but of the quality of the floor itself. There are thousands of employees passing through the hallways daily but you will not see any dents or marks on it. Well maybe if you really love the place you’re in you will take good care of it especially the building I’m talking of. It refreshes my morning to see that my way through my office is sparkling and very clean. I learned that proper care and maintenance will definitely add years to the floor so if you just know how to do it your floors could be a good investment. 

Well in keeping up with that there are some other tips to follow to ensure that your flooring will be in great shape like:
1. Keeping doormats at every door
2. Protecting the floors when moving heavy objects
3. Closing blinds and curtains when there’s heavy sunlight to prevent fading and discoloration
4. Support Furniture with Protectors
5. Fast action and response in blotting out spills and stains
6. Routine cleaning, caring and maintenance

I’ve learned these from Santa Cruz flooring store where they also offers the largest selection of laminate, ceramic tile, carpet, hardwood and vinyl flooring. They have the 5 Star Selection System which can help home and business owners to find the right floor according to their lifestyle and home design. With ultimate confidence guarantee you’ll be assured that you’re getting quality products. They also offer free room measures, free catalogs and discounts of up to 50% off on selected items. Just visit the local store for professional design consultation.


Uncover the Right Flooring For Your Home

As they always say the flooring of every establishment makes the difference. No matter how beautiful your home decoration is or how nice the establishment if it could never be as elegant and beautiful without the addition of flooring tile that matches the place. I’ve visited various houses and buildings and I can say I was always impressed if the flooring is of high quality and elegant in style. Well not everyone understands designing the interior of the house or in choosing the right accessories, fittings and flooring for their house. 

That’s why it’s best to consult the experts in giving the right flooring options and solutions or you can get more info  from the company that offers the largest selection of carpet, laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile and hardwood flooring. Flooring America understands this dilemma among home owners who want to be able to get the specific flooring fitted for their lifestyle and home. They provide Five Star Selection System, the quick and easy way to uncover the right floor for your family and home. 

If you want luxury and comfort you will love carpet but if you want natural beauty and long-term value you can opt for the formal hardwood flooring. You really have to know what your heart prefers as when you want durability and affordability then laminates are for you as it offers low maintenance while keeping up with your busy lifestyles. 

For those who want fashion ceramic tile is just for you as there’s no limit to beautiful and personalized designs you can do with it just the same as the wide variety of choices for vinyl tile which is perfect for high-traffic areas in your home. So with the options you can get from their products you only have to choose what’s best and what’s right for your kind of living


Kids' Sunday School Activities - Nativity Stick

My little boy is very busy with his school projects and sometimes he brings it home to finish.  Hard as it seems those activities tends to harness their imaginary and artistic skills which is good for primary students like Josh.  He's always thinking of something nice to draw and when he draws I see his eyes twinkling with excitement with the ideas that he's creating.  He has really improved a lot from the 3-year old little boy who can't draw an apple on his first day of school.  

He started schooling with a very intellectual and bright mind knowing all the alphabets at 3 and can read short words at the first day of schooling but his hands are weak in drawing. Seeing him now finishing an artistic pencil drawing of houses and nature themes in his sketch pad made me so thankful that God has helped him a lot. He wanted to be an architect someday and as early as now I'm beginning to see my future Architect.

This picture has caught his attention and thought that this might be a good craft activity for our Sunday school activity, educational and just right for the coming holiday season.  Josh is helping me out in preparing lessons and craft activities for Sunday because I'm the scheduled teacher for this week.  He's always looking forward for the times that I'll be their teacher.


Flooring Options to Match Your Lifestyle

My brother’s present residential house project is located in the prime locations where houses are in Class A level thus his client wants the ideal exterior and interior designs in his house. The client wants to build his dream house and as such he wants not just high quality but the perfect style for his house. My brother has a penchant not just in construction engineering side but on interior design as well and he takes pride in giving his clients the best of his services. 

As they’re about to finish the structural part of construction they will concentrate next week on the finishing on bathroom, kitchen and the whole flooring area of the house. Searching for the right flooring tile is not that easy if your client wants meticulous planning so I told him to search through Sugar Land tile flooring where their specialists collect information from the customer to gather the lifestyle and specific taste to come up with the ideal flooring tile for the entire house. 

They provide variety of flooring options such as carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl and laminate available in different themes and colors to match your lifestyle. Flooring can make a home a perfect aesthetic representation of the owners so my brother wants to design it according to the specific taste, style and personality of his client.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Commercial Cleaning Solutions

In our office we’ve put away the regular cleaner that we hired since last year. We were intending to get a utility man that can be our messenger too. The work load for the said position is so light and our company is still in a light operation so we need a staff that will do both the job for utility and for liaison works. But now that we’re not accepting applicants for the said position we need someone that will clean the office premises twice a week. We actually need one that can clean the office thoroughly because some just do the regular cleaning without going into details of disinfecting the floors and rest rooms and other meticulous job. I heard that it’s good to hire commercial cleaning services from the professional agencies like JAN-PRO. 

They offer superior cleaning at high quality level that involves meticulous and detailed techniques in cleaning. Their services also include disinfection, prevention of cross contamination and maintenance. They have a cadre of professional cleaners who are expert in giving cleaning solutions to various clients like offices, medical facilities, schools, fitness centers, restaurants and a lot more. They will assure you of giving their advanced cleaning techniques and services to keep your place and environment safe and healthy.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Flooring Choices

With the current need for construction of terrace in my MIL’s house my husband need to stay there for a couple of days to help his brother with the construction works. They’re working on a budget so they decided that they will do the work instead of hiring workers. It’s good that husband’s final examinations are over and he can go to his mother’s house without worrying about his school’s exams and activities. The addition of terrace is for my SIL’s vacation here with her kids. They’re coming from G.B. and want to stay in her own house as she invested her money to buy it 4 years ago. The house is a 2-storey residence with 3 bedrooms but the outdoor area is purely space as the buyer will be the one to develop it into a garage or terrace. 

Well as SIL and her kids want to enjoy outdoor activities at home they decided to request for an immediate construction of terrace. SIL didn’t ask for a grand results but just the right one fitted to the style of the house. DH was left to do flooring choices  as to what kind, color and design he think would be nice and apt for the terrace flooring. The right floor choice would always depend on the usage, location and the style of the house. It should be appropriate and in harmony with the design of the house so it would look part of the house and so natural. DH choice is flooring tile in earth design and color. 

There are many choices available in stores these days like what Ann Arbor Carpets Flooring America offers. For the kinds of flooring they have carpet, laminate, hardwood, ceramic, vinyl and area rugs which will suit specific needs of their clients. If you want inspirations on what would suit your floor best you can visit their page for room ideas for help on your decision. They also have five-star selection system for assistance on the brand of your choice. Rest assured they have ultimate confidence guaranty for your purchase protection.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Convenience of Having an Engineer Brother

My brother has just finished one of his three current residential projects and he’s now having inventory of tools and equipment to prepare for his next project. With several years spent on his construction business he has collected enough equipment and construction tools used in building homes, commercial building and other establishments. Because of this we didn’t have a hard time when we had our kitchen renovated last summer as we just borrowed the tools from him. 

When we need tile cutter, drill bit, pipe wrenches and some other needed tools we just took it from his warehouse. I’m really thankful that my brother is an Engineer because it’s easier to have home repairs and renovation when you have someone knowledgeable to give you advice always and cheaper too because I don’t have to pay for consultancy service fee. And that’s the best part of it.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Unpacking Our Baggage

We all have problems of our own but the solution relies on how we handle it.  First thing that I do is to think and ask myself the cause of the problem and how I'm going to deal with it.  If it's too much to handle by myself I seek the help of my family who can give me not just assistance but love and understanding as well.  
We all have cross to carry and baggage of anxieties in our life but if we have someone to help us unpack them we will be able to do it easier and make the load lighter to carry.

Of course God is the best to help us with.  We just have to unload and unpack it before Him and let his guiding hand lead us to solutions that will lighten our cross and erase our anxieties.  Trust Him to carry it for us and we'll be able to realize that God will never leave us come what may.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On-going Residential Construction

My niece and her husband are having a small house constructed in our compound as she’s telling me it’s really more expensive to rent than to have your own. Actually they’re just renting until they have funds for the complete construction of their house. Little by little as their funds would allow they’re having the construction in stages so by summer vacation they would be able to move in and stay in their own home. Now when I look at the construction going on I saw 5 workers pouring cement on the posts and starting the slab for the second floor. 

They’re lucky that it didn’t rained or they would worry about the cement. The sun showed its brightest today and poured kindness on the on-going construction thanks God. Anyway as I observe them while working this morning I saw them using various equipment, tools and wire rope in their present task for today. I saw them working with no trace of hardship on their face but I know how hard construction work is because it’s my brother’s business also. Well maybe they’ve grown used to hard work that’s why they’re working as if it’s an easy job.


Funny Falling Bookends

I love books but sometimes I find it hard to organize them especially with my kids' text books. In their cabinet where I told them to put their current school books I always see falling books even if I keep telling them to make sure they use their book ends. Well I'm giving them the responsibility of keeping their books organized as they're big girls now. I sometimes think that maybe I need a little trick on the kind of bookends to give them for their use. So what do you think with this book ends design idea? 

Source: via Race on Pinterest


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Flooring Source for Your Home Needs

I’ve visited my brother’s newly renovated house in time for his birthday celebration. The main goal of the renovation is to elevate the house for flood immunity so the flooring is the most affected part. Their old flooring is still in superb condition but they have to replace it in order to forego with the plans. Since my brother is an Engineer and has a very creative mind he has done the renovation with better design and within two weeks construction only. They also added bathroom renovation because they don’t want a lower level room for that. With all these renovations they’ve made they search for floor store that will supply them their specific requirements for elegant tiles that would match their newly renovated house. 

We all want a source for our flooring that would suit our taste and budget but sometimes we can’t find quality and affordability in one product. Well Carpet One Floor and Home store invites you to click for more info on their site to experience seeing their wide array of flooring products from tiles to vinyl to laminate, carpet and hardwood. All quality made and with good service from professional staff who will answer inquiries and find solutions for flooring requirements. Best of all they’re giving it in affordable prices.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stylish and Organized Bookcase

It's always been my problem how to arrange our books in such a way that it will not look cluttered and that when my kids will take one or two the others won't be that affected.  I bought plenty of heavy duty book ends last June but it didn't help in keeping the books in perfect line.  I must admit that I'm too busy now to arrange them on a daily basis.

I want something that will be easy for my kids and at the same time be very functional and stylish as well.  Seeing the above picture makes me fancy a different kind of storage display for our books and I will ask my brother-in-law to do this kind for us.  He's an expert in making little home furniture and I'm sure this will be easy for him.

So now my kids and even me will not be so worried about organizing our books as having this kind of book case will be a great help and a nice home decor too.  Have fun reading!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good Source of Flooring Solutions for Your Homes

As I grew up living in a huge Spanish house with antique wood furniture it also becomes my ideal furnishings for the house. I also buy modern furniture but I kept the old ones and restore it to excellent condition whenever it shows imperfections. I just had our 30 plus year old dining set redesigned, repainted and revarnished to maintain and regain its simple elegance. Now that I have my own family and planning to reconstruct the wood flooring of the upper level of the house I’m thinking of playing with combination of hardwood flooring and carpet to create a sturdy but soft ambiance in the upper rooms. 

I will consult my brother regarding my choices because I know that he knows better when it comes to construction and renovation. Well if I’m in Yukon, OK I will search for the best flooring in Brewer Carpet One Floor & Home in Yukon, OK because they’re a good source of quality flooring that best suits the client’s specific requirements and preferred choices. They have the rich beauty of hardwood flooring, the very livable and stylish laminate, the soft and comfortable carpet, the durable and elegant vinyl and the traditional tile. All these will be able to transform your house or any room into what style and look you want to project. Whatever you need they will help you find the perfect floor solutions at a price you can afford.


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