Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kids' Sunday School Activities - Nativity Stick

My little boy is very busy with his school projects and sometimes he brings it home to finish.  Hard as it seems those activities tends to harness their imaginary and artistic skills which is good for primary students like Josh.  He's always thinking of something nice to draw and when he draws I see his eyes twinkling with excitement with the ideas that he's creating.  He has really improved a lot from the 3-year old little boy who can't draw an apple on his first day of school.  

He started schooling with a very intellectual and bright mind knowing all the alphabets at 3 and can read short words at the first day of schooling but his hands are weak in drawing. Seeing him now finishing an artistic pencil drawing of houses and nature themes in his sketch pad made me so thankful that God has helped him a lot. He wanted to be an architect someday and as early as now I'm beginning to see my future Architect.

This picture has caught his attention and thought that this might be a good craft activity for our Sunday school activity, educational and just right for the coming holiday season.  Josh is helping me out in preparing lessons and craft activities for Sunday because I'm the scheduled teacher for this week.  He's always looking forward for the times that I'll be their teacher.


Catherine Tabal,  October 24, 2012 at 3:13 PM  

What a gifted child you have..really amazing..she has his own plan..He will do whatever he think..

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