Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beating the Heat with Cold Water

It’s so hot outside and just the thought of going out in the sun makes me feel uncomfortable. Since I’ve been out the whole day yesterday I stayed home today to do household chores and some of my tasks. I’m still sleepy from yesterday night’s alumni in high school and still I haven’t had the time to download our pictures. Yesterday was really a busy day as I’ve started being out of the house at 12noon attending PTA meeting in school and later CCS/CCC Golden Anniversary.

When I go out I see to it that I bring along a bottle of cold water so wherever I go I have my own supply. It’s better if I have the custom koozies I saw on sale online because it can keep my water cold longer. I’m a water drinker person and I’m not satisfied in having soft drinks or any other drinks when I’m thirsty. I always love plain cold water on my most thirsty afternoon. It’s perfect to beat a humid and hot weather. Clean purified water is good for our health too.


Friday, February 26, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #65


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I got this view from our church building and though it's getting dark when I took the shot I find the sky captivating and majestic. Looks like the bunch of clouds are watching the whole world. Well for sky watchers like me I have lots of imaginative ideas whenever I see beautiful clouds, sky and panoramic view. God has given us a beautiful world to live in, it's just saddening to think that some people are too busy to see the wonderful creations of God.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Delightful Hobby on Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is fast approaching and with the kind of weather that we have right now I think summer has begun already. It’s only a month before our kids will be staying at the house to enjoy their school break vacation to rest themselves for a new school year ahead. Well it’s not as if they will really sleep and sit only or spend the whole vacation playing games online. For me it’s not healthy for the mind and body. They should learn something that they don’t do in school. You can enroll them in music, enhancement studies or engage them in sports.

My kids are so fond of clays and I’m thinking of joining them when they do it because it’s fun even to adults. Well if you’re kids are apt to this kind of hobby you can check out AMACO/Brent for a complete line of products that will supply all your pottery requirements. They’re the leading company where you can get your pottery supply for the whole family. It’s nice to have bonding with your kids while you enjoy some creative ideas to be put into reality.

Aside from sports it’s really good for our kids to explore their artistic and creative minds and playing clays and doing pottery can give them the benefit that you want. It’s an enhancer for the mind as well. See them enjoy their different colors of clays put into slump molds of their choice. I know it’s fun and exciting because I did it when I was young and still joining my kids when they play their doughs.

No problem now with getting supplies as AMACO/Brent have it all from pottery wheels, clays, hardening stuff, kilns, majolica glazes and more. The fun will never stop as long as you have creative imagination and ideas. It will make their summer vacation a delightful break from school.


Lazy to Go Out

Whew this scorching heat makes me lazy to go out of the house. I’m glad Bes Jen offered to cancel my plan to go there in their shop because I’m full to my neck with my online tasks and going out at around 2-3pm is like going to a battlefield with the sun’s excessive glare and heat. No wonder many people now are having illness associated with the heat like measles, skin allergies and heat stroke. We’ll just meet tomorrow in the afternoon and have a good time again. As for my plans to go to Ruth's school I'll just do it next week. I just don't want the sun to feast on me lol!

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One Stop Shop for Sculptures and Potters

This coming summer it’s enjoyable to give way to your skills, talents and hobbies. It’s like an outlet to whatever bad things that happened to you in the past few months. Giving in to your hobbies can relieve you of your stress because of the joy you feel when you do the things that you like best. As of now I’m indulging on some of my hobbies and that’s reading, blogging and cooking.

For those who have a heart for pottery it’s really exciting to form your original creation of vase or pots on your pottery wheel clay as it can give you a lot of fulfillment. They say when you put your heart on everything that you do it will reflect on the output. So if you exert all efforts and patience on your hobby it will pay on the outcome of your labor.

Like any hobbyists you should find the right place for your materials and for potters you can find all the things that you need for pottery at AMACO/Brent, one of the leading companies that provides products for sculptures and potters such as pottery wheels and equipment, clays, glazing products, sculpting compounds, brushes, tools and mold-making products,texturing tools and all pottery materials you’ll need to come up with a pretty vase or your other creations. It’s a one-stop shop for sculptures and pottery so you can get them all here.

It’s better to give way to your hobbies like this as it will not only relax and enhance your skills and talent but it’s also a way of having one nice hobby for the whole family. Yes the whole family will enjoy this. Visit AMACO/Brent and check out what supplies and products they have for you.


Waiting for Graduation Sked!

I’ve planned to go to TUMCS today to get Ruth’s hardcopy of exam results (got it over the phone last week) and the school’s letter of requirements to be completed prior to enrollment but due to pending tasks I’ve decided to do it tomorrow or next week since it’s too early to enroll Ruth in high school. They still haven’t got a date for graduation ceremony and DH was worried because they need to seek permission for a leave of absence way before the real date. Josh will have his graduation on the 22nd of March and I’m hoping Ruth will have her schedule before April.

The school is still waiting for the district decision of date and no one is authorized to do that than the district head. Janet and I were elected as two of the graduation officials for this year’s graduation but Janet can’t reserve the venue without a date, oh well she’s smart enough to reserve the last week of March as per our guess lol! I’ll keep on praying that it will not be on the 31st of March as we’ll be going to Tagaytay at midnight.


Taking Care of Elders

The only elder in our home right now is my own mother and we live with her since I got married. My father died when I was newly married and I know it will make my Mom sad if we will live somewhere other than our ancestral house. Since she’s a retired teacher she takes care of my children with the added benefit of teaching them the way a good teacher can. My friends keep telling me that part of my kids' reason for being good in school is my Mom’s direct supervision and her superb teaching abilities. I’ll agree to their statement because Mom really exercises her profession together with being a super grand mom to impart good breeding and learning abilities to my children. I’m a lucky daughter to have a super Mom like her.

Now she’s older I decided to quit my job and take care of my children because I know it would be easier for her if I’m working in the house. That way I can take care of my kids and her while I’m working as a freelance writer at home. I also plan to buy a franchise of well-known meat products or perhaps a cleaning franchise whichever is better. It was a good decision backup by prayers and waiting for God’s perfect will. Working at home proved to be a good opportunity to earn bucks more than my office salary so I know its God’s plan for me.

My life is different now unlike what I had for the last two decades of employment as I’m my own boss and I can do whatever I want in my own time. My job experiences helped me tackle multi-tasking job and I’m glad I can cope up with my writings’ expectations and pressures. Now I’m with my Mom the whole day and I’m taking care of monitoring what she eat, I’m very particular with her meal which consists of fish, vegetable and various kinds of fruits. She has rheumatism and I take note of the foods that’s not fit to eat for rheumatic person. When I was working in office employment we set her foods for the whole day but sometimes she has less appetite when she’s alone in the house with only my little boy with her. It’s different now because we eat together and that gave her more appetite which gained her some pounds.

I’m not alone in taking care of my Mom as my sister is also with her who takes care of her when she gets home after office work. We love her and we will never ever put her in a nursing home as long as we’re physically able to take care of her. It’s like giving back in return all the love that she has unselfishly given us throughout the years.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

:WW - DSI Good Old Friends

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Got a chance to meet my long time friends in my former job in Design Science. Jen (on far left) and I planned it over a year ago but it didn't happen due to our busy schedule. Then suddenly Jen invited us to her birthday dinner and even if most of us can't come on that day we continued on our plan with almost 80% of our friends not present. Anyway we talked just like the old days and laughed at the joy, hardship and old memories that we had. A day would not suffice for us but we agreed to meet again but we'll have it well planned so we can really have a real reunion. I really miss all of them.

Sorry for the not so good shots here as we just ate, chatted, talked and forgot to take pictures. It was an after thought that we should have some pics lol! The guy taking the shots can't concentrate on the button as we keep on talking to him at the same time, see the results :-)

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What Do You Have to Smile About?

You Have Your Attitude to Smile About

Things may or may not be going well in your life, but you always take time to smile a little.
You know it's important to keep looking up and looking toward the future. Optimism always wins out.

You're the one person always eager to see a silver lining in dark clouds. It's important that you feel hopeful.
No matter whether you're having a good day or bad day, you keep smiling. A smile makes everything better!


Allergy Season

Our community health center warned us that measles are currently spreading now and we should protect our kids from getting it. It’s one of the common skin illnesses during summer days and now it’s striking very early. Well it’s not as surprising as the intensity of the sun’s heat nowadays is like the summer heat on months of April and May while the other part of the globe is shoveling inches deep snow. In their houses they need to be warmed and some houses are installing underfloor heating to enjoy the warmth temperature. You really can’t tell the weather now as daytime brings intense heat while at night the air is so cool. The earth has changed a lot as there are many irregularities in the climate season.

Now I’m telling Josh to stay away from the sun while playing. We have a big backyard at the center of four houses in our compound and Josh plays most of the day there. I’m afraid that he might incur skin allergies related to severe exposure to sun and dust. I have a friend who is very sensitive when it comes to dust and air. She easily gets sick and develops skin allergies every time she was exposed to excessive dust. Worst thing about this is she’ll start sneezing as soon as she smells it and her asthma will follow on worst scenario. When she travels around the city she must ride in closed cars and not on open vehicles.

It greatly affects her outdoor activities and because of her sensitivity to dust and polluted air she seldom go to open air markets where she will be exposed to harmful pollution and dust. She’s a very good friend and easy to get along with even if she has some allergies she didn’t let it hamper her activities. To prevent her allergy from recurring she stays away from dusty places and takes a lot of Vitamin C and fruits. When you see her now you’ll never know that she’s suffering from allergies because she takes good care of her health. Even if it’s the season where allergies are easily incurred she’s very well protected.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Protect Yourself and Your Homes from UV Rays

After the big flood few months ago here comes never-ending sunshine. It’s good for our plants and crops and adds light on our daytime activities but I feel the sun’s scorching heat is too much for skin exposure. I’m warning my kids to stay out of the sun while they’re on their lunch break time because it might give them headache or dizziness. Yes excessive exposure to sun proved to be hazardous to health. I even advised my niece not to let her baby out in the sun after 8 in the morning as it may damage her baby’s skin. Actually I’ve given her until 7:30 in the morning to ensure prevention of damage. Whenever I go out of the house to go somewhere I can feel the sun’s scorching heat is too much for me so I bring enough protection or stay out of the sun’s glare. Maximum protection should be done to soften the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays and we need Window tinting Richmond products to be able to do that. It will help us reduce the damaging effects of the sun and filters the sun’s ultraviolet rays at the same time. It’s the answer to my problem of minimizing the glare from my windows.

With the use of window tinting products we can save our furniture from fading out quickly and this can also extend up to our floors, furnishing and other interiors of the house. When we talk of commercial benefits I can say that greater benefits are in line when using Window Film Richmond because it can reduce your electric bills by your savings from air-conditioning costs. Some other factors also contributes to this as high performance window films offers better protection because it can secure the building from bomb blasts, natural disasters and unauthorized entry. What attracted me most is the possibility of eliminating theft and vandalism which I hated the most because our front gate is a victim of bad vandalism. So if you use window films you’ll not only getting protection but privacy, comfort and the satisfaction of seeing the beauty of your furniture maintained to its best condition. Save your money and be protected from UV rays.


Monday, February 22, 2010

If you could invite any five people to your birthday party, who would they be?

~ With me I think 5 people are not enough, its actually impossible :-) I'd invite church friends, school friends, closest office mates, relatives and best friend, so it's 5 but 5 group of people, lol!

What birthday has been your favorite so far? What about it made it special?

~ Last last year, celebrated in church with family and church mates

What one thing are you craving today?

~ Fresh green salad

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

iPhone Accessories

Communication is where rich and poor people meet because it’s one of the things that you enjoy even without so much money. Almost everyone I know have mobile phones because owning one became a necessity rather than a luxury. Well those who can afford luxury buy the most advanced phones available with all the features they like to enjoy. With mobile phones distance is no longer a problem because you can reach each other wherever you are. It’s astounding to know that man has invented gadgets that would make our life easier. Suddenly everything became possible and information can be transmitted immediately in a span of few seconds or minutes. You can call or inform someone of emergencies just by sending a text message or calling someone directly from your phone. No more worries of no communication because with mobile phones you can call anytime and anywhere.

With the convenience of having mobile phones kids and adults got hooked on this gadget with their specific requirements and preferences for style, brands and features. Even kids bring mobile phones in school for easy communication when they need something or need to communicate to their parents immediately. For the kids it’s better to let them carry the simple models for security purposes I may say. Yesterday I’m searching for a gift and surf for some models of mobile phones when I was attracted by the site’s array of iphone accessories which are all nice and very useful to your iPhone. You can’t just pass by the site without lingering on the beautiful accessories for your gadgets.

MobileFun has made it possible to provide everything you’ll ever need for your phone. Everything is there from battery packs, SIM, accessories, iphone case, headset, car kit, desk stands and more. I had fun browsing and searching through the site because they had everything there. Many people especially the young girls and boys are so fond of adding something to their phones. My niece for one loves seeing her phone in style because she loves fashion. I really would want an iphone dock for her because she wants a docking area for her phone. Oh well I really love online window shopping because you can choose from the product according to brands, specifications and of course affordability.


Saturday 9: Don't Stand So Close to Me

1. Who would you like not to stand so close to you? :::: Drug addicts and crazy people

2. Which of the following aspects of your life would you think rates the highest: mind, body or spirit? :::: Spirit.

3. What is your favorite movie line? :::: The lines of Julia Roberts about being popular and not happy.... sorry i forgot the exact line but the meaning is like that. Love the song too!

4. What is your favorite movie title? :::: Notting Hill

5. What is something that has happened to you that you would consider a miracle? :::: Not to me but to my Mom, she lost her right eyesight last summer and doctor said that the vein connecting retina has collapsed and miracle can only cure it. Her left eye was blinded by cataract and we had them operated so she will regain her sight even on one eye only. The operation was successful and she started to live her new life with one eyesight only.

We had a congregational and family prayer for her eyesight and health and after 13 days she woke up in the morning with a blessing of seeing the world again with her two eyes. It's indeed a miracle and we'll forever thank God for the wonderful healing and blessing He has bestowed us. He's our Jehovah Rapha!

6. What do you try to stay away from? :::: bad spirited people

7. What is it too late for? :::: to eat dinner at 12midnight :-)

8. Give someone credit for something and name it if you can. :::: Thanks to my Mom for always helping me with anything she can be of help - advices, cooking tips, health tips, words of wisdom, many other things including massage therapy.

9. Would you rather be famous now & forgotten after you die or forgotten now & famous after you die, forever? And why? :::: I don't want to be famous at all. I only want to be a star to my kids and family :-)


Revived to Original Beauty

My sister smiled when she reached home the other day because she didn’t know that I had our patio sets repainted. It was only the bathrooms that I had contracted to repaint but it was done early middle of the day so I thought of having the patio sets repainted. The patio sets are very old and it was done middle of the 70’s. It experienced storm, typhoon and natural disasters but it’s still in good condition. It just felt good seeing our patio furniture survived 3 decades of service to us and back to original beauty. If you’ll see it you’ll never believe that it’s 35 years old already. I was just a little girl when we first had it and now my own kids are growing up on those furniture. Good service to us!


Almost Missed My Dues!

Had fun yesterday night when I fetched my kids in school because they stayed late to watch the coronation of Mr. & Ms. San Juan 2010. I dropped by their school before 7 in the evening hoping we’ll go home before 8pm but the contest went on and on until 9 in the evening. I was a little jittery then inside because I left my tasks unfinished and I have to submit them all at 12 midnight. I was having some calculations on how much I will make my tasks easier and faster when I was totally caught by the excitement of the contests.

Glad I’ve brought my cam and instead of being a little nervous that I might miss my dues I just click and click on the cam to have some shots of the cute participants. It was way past 9pm when we arrived home and I was able to start my work 2 hours before due time. I was relieved that I had my 5 tasks finished and how words and thoughts just came so easily to me. I’m so thankful for the task blessings, I really need funds for enrollment.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Investment Opportunities

These past few months were trying times for our country because of the natural disasters that happened. Our economy cannot be relied upon to help us with our finances. Prices of basic commodities soared up higher and higher creating a big imbalance on purchasing power of people. The monthly salaries can’t cope up with sudden increase in our basic needs. The only way we can get extra finances is to get ourselves invest on assets that increase values over the years.

People should really think twice before investing on any asset. I came upon some good investment ideas by US Gold Bureau which encourages people to invest on precious metal of gold, silver and platinum bullion coins. It’s the best time to buy gold bullion now to guarantee yourself that your investment can produce good returns when the time comes. There are plenty of opportunities for those who want to invest on gold and other precious metals just visit their site and choose among their investment item ideas.


:Looking at the Sky on Friday #64

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This is a shot from Villa Dominga's plantation of banana, coconut, papaya (as seen here in the center) and many other fruit bearing trees. It's nice to see the clouds here making a perfect background for the trees almost dominating the whole area. There were so many clouds at that time and they're making up several images in the sky. Good for me as I love sky watching. The view at the Villa were really beautiful and I had good fun times clicking my digicam everywhere.

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Need to Finish Tasks Before the Contest

I need to keep on going even if I'm so sleepy. The scorching heat in the afternoon makes my eyes droop and makes me want to have some siesta. I'm relieved that I was able to resist the temptation of dozing off as I need to finish several tasks before I go to my kids' school to be with them when they watch the contest being held there. It was originally a money contest only but the good PTA officers added up some spice of question and answer portion, production number, photogenic, best gown and talent portion. Well I want to see those little kids that made it to the top later this afternoon!


Working at Home is the Best Choice

I’m in a rush today as my offline and online tasks keep on battling which will come first. Some of my tasks will be expiring this midnight and tomorrow but my duties here in the house can’t wait to be second priority. I’m just laughing it off as its better now than when I’m working in a company where I have to beg for my leave to attend to my kids’ small activities in school. There was a time that my kids’ birthdates were questioned because they can’t accept that I’ll be asking for my vacation leave to be signed many times in few months as I have 3 kids. Then I have those frantic days of asking permission to go on half day because of PTA school meeting or when I have to get my kids’ school cards. To add to this I have to explain using my vacation leave again to attend their recognition award ceremonies and graduation. Feels like I always have to explain that I have 3 kids and they need me in school once in a while.

Sometimes I get upset when I’ve already secured permission to leave but my boss will ask some work to be done before I left even if the time is obviously not permissive. My half day becomes under time though my leave will be deducted a half day’s worth. Anyway no need to be upset now as my time is my own schedule and it’s up to me whether I’ll check those reviews about the best weight loss pills first or go now to accompany my daughters in watching their school’s Ms. San Juan contest. They're so excited about it and requested me to come for them. The latter was chosen, can't resist my kids.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings : Week#368

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Rekindle the Sparks of Romance in Your Relationship

After several years of marriage couples sometimes forgot romance that once took their breath away and stole their hearts. It’s just so easy to neglect sweet nothings and romance when you’re at home especially when your kids are all there waiting for your care and attention. Most often household chores and domestic matters turn the couples’ mood from being romantic to being so busy with never ending responsibilities. Setting up a romantic mood once in a while is vital in every marriage because it sparks up the love you have for each other and it makes your marriage stronger. Sometimes you need to feel like you were in younger days when you’re in your courtship and dating period. Romance can be everywhere, you don’t need to go somewhere quiet and with beautiful sceneries just to feel romance in the air. It can very well be in your own sweet home, you just have to very creative with ideas. You can set up a romantic place in your room, in your living room or in your beautiful bathroom where you can surround your shower enclosures with beautiful fragnant flowers to feel that you’re out somewhere in a beautiful garden filled with blooming flowers.

You can set up scented candles in one corner of your bathroom and have your favorite theme love song plays in the air. If your partner loves classical music you can chose the most romantic classical music you like when you’re still single and just dating. Music helps reminisce the good old sweet days of your life. Being romantic knows no boundaries you can decorate any room in your house with romantic accessories that compliments your partner. The most important thing is let your love radiates from within you and let your partner feel that the love you have for each other when you got married is still there deep within yourselves.


Some Appreciation From Fledging Blogger

I was kinda glad over what June Zach mentioned in his blog. I must admit I really want to top the advertisers in his blog because I can't compete with the EC top droppers. I feel very glad when he hits the Number 1 spot because of my successive advert request I really did it on purpose and I really want my blog widget to appear on his site.

It was a bonus to read his appreciation and recognition because it's really nice to visit his site even without the links and nice words (that's why I called it bonus) Thanks June! It's such a pleasure visiting you! You're really a very appreciative person!

Here's a caption of his nice thanks!

"I would like to give special mention to the following people who have encouraged me a lot with my blogging life. They are Sandy (Traveling Suitcase), Ann (anns snap edit scrap), Hitesh (The Way It Is), Atty. Eli (Business Sphere), Race (WAHM's Cozy Corner), Yoon See (Greener Pastures), Mikes (Your Daily Word) and Kraye (KhryeDotCom).

Last February 1, I made it again on the Number 1 spot for the Most Expensive blogs in Entrecard for All Categories. I owe it all to Race, author of My Crossroads, Moments of My Life, Beyond Horizons and WAHM’s Cozy Corner. Thanks a lot as well to those who purchased adverts on my blog during the time. You did a great job of building up my price"

It was nice seeing all my blogs mentioned in his site!


New Setup Next School Year

My Mom and I were talking about raising children and dealing with their most critical years of teenage life. She’s happy that I’m now working at home and can now monitor my children. Actually I only have one child now who’s entering high school and as early as now hubby told me that she will not have a service vehicle. He’ll accompany Ruth in going to school in the morning and I’ll fetch her in the afternoon after school time. Well when I told Ruth about this she was happy that I’ll be coming for her in the afternoon. She likes me to accompany her in her activities because we both want to stop somewhere to eat or stop by to shop for foods. She’s actually excited about this new setup next year. I have too many schedule and things to do now that I forgot to check on this acnefree reviews that I want to read. I want to know the causes of acne and the possible cure for it. Who knows I may have use for that when Ruth starts her teenage years.


Where Should I Live?

You Should Live in a Small City

You are definitely an urban person, but not any old city will do.
You want a city that matches you well. For you, big cities lack individuality.
You prefer a smaller city with lots of personality, local culture, and history.

I prefer to live outside the city but near to it as I'm not used to rural area where there are no stable connectivity and amenities are far from the house. Maybe I'm just used to live in a place where everything is near - to school, market, park, municipal hall, shopping malls and every community place we need. But I'm still longing to have a vacation in my hometown where you can see the nature in your windows and you can smell the clean air of surrounding rice fields and mountains. I'm actually part urban and rural person :-)


Cut Down Fatty Foods and Sweets

A Mommy friend in my kids’ school happened to be at the school when I dropped by last Tuesday. I didn’t see here for about two months and I noticed she’s slimmer now. She needs to cut down on fatty foods and sweets because her high blood pressure is soaring up and there’s problem in her blood sugar. Her doctor advised her to lose some pounds as it’s not good for her sickness, it might aggravate things for her. I wonder if she asked her doctor if it’s not bad for her to use an effective diet pills to help shed off her excess pounds. Anyway she’s only planning to try those pills; I know she will not use them without doctor’s prescription.


Things To Do List

Well I have many if you must know and I have to always remind myself just in case my busy schedule knocks me off. It’s mostly for my kids (as always). Some of this list has already attended to yesterday, will include them just the same, here’s my list:

1. Pay for Ruth’s school and graduation fees (Done)
2. Pay for Josh’ advance tuition fee for March, graduation fee, portrait studio package fee and class picture (Done)
3. See Guidance Counselor of TUMCS for the letter containing all requirements for Ruth’s high school entrance and enrollment. Interview will follow soon.
4. Check for Josh’ admission test schedule for Grade 1 in Little Jewels
5. Buy graduation clothes for my two graduates
6. Prepare for our bible hosting after next Wednesday
7. Painting of two bathrooms and house wall cleaning (hired two workers for 3 days – just finished)
8. Check out prices of HP’s laptop packages either in Gilmore or Greenhills
9. Return phone to Digitel, still not activated after one year
10. Arrange member update in SSS
11. Pay for PEVY’s Philhealth
12. Open accounts for my 3 kids


Employee Time Clock

In a company there will be chances that time and attendance can’t be monitored fairly. This can happen mostly to employees who are mobile or whose job takes them to different locations and sometimes they will report to the office on unusual time. These people can have their time cards signed by authorized managers who instructed them to go to their clients before reporting back to the office. Sometimes there are employees who used the usual office business reason just to be exempted from being late. On my last employment the management decided to use a simplified yet secured login of employees upon observation that the employees are not following the company’s rule on absences and tardiness. Our boss asked us to canvass for Biometric’s Employee Time Clock to ensure accuracy of the arrival and departure of our employees. Upon demonstration of the said time clock it was finally approved that the company will switch from the bundy clock system to this new one using either thumb or password code to login and logout.

From the moment the employees arrive they should put their thumbs on the code verifier and their record will be stored in database for future usage on payroll to determine the amount to deducted or added. Since our boss is in charge of operations and administration the keys were safely stored to him and no one can change the information written there. I can say that you can really rely on that if you’re really after the accurate time record. There is many other similar employee time clock offered in the market like the products of Time which offers Electronic Employee Time Clock and Biometric time clocks which can save you money and delivers accurate time records.

You can choose the products according to your specific needs and requirements and they can offer you specific products according to any business size. They also have their least costly Employee Time Clock Software where you can punch in and out directly from a single PC or workstations on a network. This is a very practical soft time clock and can be used for the seated workforce. Whatever you need and wherever you want it use they’ll have it for you.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

:WW - Gotcha!

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This was Josh as we caught him playing with the little pond in my friend's Gazebo. He almost touched the water when I called him and he instantly looked at me, smiled and asked 'Why Mommy?' Josh is like that he always thinks that he can get away with a smile lol! Anyway with our family members in the house he actually can :-) Even her sisters who sometimes pretends to be angry with him can't hide the laughs for long, they will break down when Josh shows his teeth :-) He's such a dear kid always making us laugh with his antics!

See my other entry here!


Doctor’s Advice is Important

I’m really amazed when I see some women with a bony frame and I keep thinking if they have stopped eating or simply eat less for a human requirement. I’m a bit over reacting but I’m really surprised because mothers especially those who have undergone caesarean delivery have a hard time slimming back to their original form. Some says it’s all about metabolism and discipline and I agree to that. I remember last year when I disciplined myself into skipping rice on dinner and taking fruits as alternative. It worked on me and I lost some pounds.

It’s hard to resist dinner but if you’re serious about losing weight you’ll survive. My friend who can’t do the ‘skipping dinner’ thing asked me if drugstores allowed buying phentermine without prescription from doctor. How do I know? I’m afraid to take diet pills without doctor’s advice. I want to lose excessive pounds but I don’t want to be sick from taking diet pills without prescription.


Can You Keep Your Emotions in Check?

You Have Your Emotions in Check

You are an incredibly stable and happy person.
Ever consider being a therapist?
You have figured out how to keep a positive outlook, no matter what.
You don't have an easier life than anyone else. You just have figured things out a little more.

I really want to be like that - having my emotions in check because if you're not in control of your emotions it can mislead major decisions in your life. I always want to have positive outlook in life because that's one of the things that a Christian should be, a positive thinker! Want to try this one, get it here!


Inspirational God Books

I met God in my life at the time that I was seeking a deeper relationship with Him. I attend mass every Sunday but I feel no deep insight what God has planned for me, it’s like going to church as an obligation. There was no fellowship as I don’t know the person beside me and everything was like a tradition until I met God. God used my brother to share His wonderful words to me and throughout the 3 months that we shared God’s word it finally dawned on me that I need God in my life more than ever. I was revived in the spirit and the empty space inside my heart was filled with gladness of having God in my life.

I started to join my brother’s church fellowship and was baptized after a month. It wasn’t an easy step for me because when I left the religion that I was born into I encountered difficulties and persecutions. I didn’t let those things discouraged me from going on and from that day onwards I’m still at my feet serving God. My life was transformed from a blank future to a well secured life, from reading romance and wisdom books to religious books, from hanging out with office friends to staying in the church’ bible study, from spending my money on material things to saving some of it for our camp meeting fellowship and outreach ministry.

Although I’m not perfect I tried to live a life centered on God’s fellowship. God has changed many things about me and I’m so glad He had because the old me is not worthy to be called a Christian. Reading God books has helped me see life in a different perspective and it also changed most of my bad attitudes. The Holy Bible made me see how God showed His grace, mercy and compassion to His children. The different books in the bible can be a pattern to our lives also as it shows how our brethren in the old times has lived and turned to God for help.

The stories showed how they learn from their mistakes and how God has forgiven them. It tells a lot about the teachings Jesus has shared to His disciples. It’s really good to be with God’s presence that even if you have problems you’re confident that there is someone who will help and guide you no matter what. Now with the modern technology we have now we can read teachings and messages online like what Bob Fraley Christian Life Outreach is doing. They’re sharing God’s word all over the world and helping the people in Africa. Visit their site for some inspirational books!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Great Provider!

Ruth has finally taken her entrance examination last Saturday at TUMCS. I’ve chosen the school because it’s a Christian school and I know the quality of education there. It’s also where her cousins (my brother’s 2 kids) are studying. Raph will be graduating this March and May will be in third year high. I can go there conveniently as it’s only a few minutes from the corner where my friend JennyL has her internet cafĂ©. I even joke Bes to check and look over her goddaughter. They just had an increase in the tuition fee but since Ruth like the school already I will just make a super budget scheme on our finances. Two of my children will enter new schools and it will mean additional educational cost. I’m not worried about it as I know God will provide us with earning opportunities. He is Jehovah Jireh.


Walking Exercise

I’ve been very busy lately looking after my kids and their activities in school. Just like yesterday when I dropped by their school a couple of times just to check on Gen who was having pain in her stomach. She couldn’t afford to be absent yesterday because it’s their regional achievement test and failure to report to school to take the test will be harder on her part. Anyone who fails to take the test in their school will take the test on division office with supervisors to look and watch over them while they answer. See it’s harder to even think about it! In the morning I walk to and from the school to continue my plan to exercise regularly. The distance that I walked was a little less than 2 kilometers but I felt good doing the walking exercise again. I badly needed that walk because I feel heavy again with the pounds I gained from the holiday dinners and parties. I’m browsing a weight loss product referred by a friend but I think I’ll opt for the exercise for now and see If I can lose the pounds by walking 4 kilometers a day. I just need more time for my exercise.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday 9: It's a Beautiful Morning

1. Are you a morning person? Yes, very much!

2. Tell us of a news story that truly shocked you. The Haiti earthquake story shocked me because of the great impact it has on the lives of the Haiti people. The earthquake almost left them nothing. They should turn to God for help.

3. What was your very first job? My first job was on Data General Philippines, Inc. where I've worked as line operator for Manufacturing Department of Transformer Assembly. I assembled, soldered, varnished, tindipped and did everything needed in the processing of making a transformer, it was a Swiss semiconductor company

4. What characteristics do you despise? Traitor, Liar

5. To where would you retire? I've recently retired from a telecommunications company

6. Are you named after anyone? No, it was after the word 'race' and I was named Racelyn because I'm the continuation of race after several miscarriages of my Mom.

7. How do you release anger? I write, sometimes I shout in the air!

8. Do you use sarcasm a lot? not so often

9. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? temper


Supplements for Your Body

After the holidays I concentrated writing posts for my new blog that due to exhaustion from everyday work I slowly miss the scheduled menu I’ve set for myself. Now I gained back the pounds that I lost last year and it’s hard to get back to my previous routine. Still I’m instilling some discipline on me such as eating the right kind of food, getting enough sleep and starting on minor exercises. If all these tips won’t work I have to ask about the best weight loss supplement as I think it would be a lot of help not just for me but other Mommies as well.


Friday, February 12, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #63

Click the image to see larger view


This is a shot at the northern side of the plantation and here you can see some kids preparing to go inside the hall as it's starting to get super cold. The clouds here seems to be partly hiding behind the trees, feels like you can touch it when you're on top of the trees lol! I'm imagining things again, oh boy I really love watching the sky and the clouds, it has a magnetic effect on me. The sky view at the Villa were really wonderful and I had some good fun times clicking my cam everywhere.

Happy sky watching! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Benefits of Using Window Film

I just got home from accompanying my eldest to her entrance examination for secondary level. Yes my daughter Ruth is entering high school and we’ve been making arrangement to enter her into a Christian school. It would be better if they enroll in a Christian school so they will be subjected to strict standards but with teachings of a good Christian. Anyway it was so hot even if we left the house before 8 in the morning. If you don’t have any protection on your head you might get headache because it feels like the sun is aiming down at you. In the past decade exposure to sunshine was a good thing as it’s a source of Vitamin D especially to newborn babies. But now exposure to excessive heat of the sun will be a hazard to your health as Ultraviolet rays was found to give bad effects on people. We need maximum protection to reduce the harmful effects of the sun. We need something like window film los angeles to filter the UV rays of the sun which causes damage to human and properties. If we have window film we can minimize the glare from the windows and controls the early fading of our furniture, furnishings and floors.

It’s not only beneficial to our health and properties but saves us money too because by using the right kind of window film we can save air conditioning costs and maintenance budget for keeping up our house furniture. Having window tinting los angeles on our houses gives us security on natural disasters, accidents and vandalism while giving our houses a different stylish look with the tints. Why endure the sun’s heat and glare while you can get optimum protection from it when you’re at home. Why risk yourself and your home from too much heat and UV rays while you can get optimum protection by getting window tinting products. You’ll save money too.


:Friday Fill-Ins#163

1. Pickles is one of the ingredients in my favorite recipe of Chicken in Pineapple.
2. It's nice and comfortable working at home rather than working in an office environment.
3. The snow is nice to look at but now they're starting to dislike it because it's piling up high now.
4. I lived the early part of my life in the province where everything is beautiful in nature.
5. It's 5:16 PM; that means I have to get ready for the kids' arrival from school, they want cake for snack.
6. I'm lucky to have hubby with me through my life's journey, sometimes true love is hard to find.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to doing my house chores ahead of time, tomorrow my plans include going to TUMCS for Ruth's entrance exam to high school and preparing for Josh' review for his 4th periodicals and Sunday, I want to prepare the things needed for the first bible study in MIL's house in Montalban!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Better Understanding of the Holy Bible

Having God in the center of your life is the best thing that can happen to you. Following His mighty words and doing what He expects us to do are the kinds of obedience that we should give Him. I’ve been taught that obedience is better than sacrifice and I strongly believe in that. It’s always better to follow His teachings and His words than disobey Him and offer sacrifice like what others are doing. In following God’s words you are assured that you’re taking the right path. He has already sacrificed for us at the cross so we don’t have to do it again.

God wants us to abide by His words and live the life of a good Christian. And what’s the life of a good Christian? It’s not simply that you’re a member of christianity religion and doing your obligations but living your life as God wishes you to live. He doesn’t want a Christian by name but in deeds also. God wants us to be humble and our heart to be open for His teachings for us to live what we learned from His words in the Holy Bible. Let God change our lives and make Him the center of it.

As humans we are all subject to commit mistakes but a true Christian should be submissive to God and repent on our sins so we can come to God for His grace to change our lives. As one of my favorite verse in the Holy Book ‘Seek first the Kingdom of God and all shall be added unto you’. In seeking for His Kingdom we may cross upon persecution but that’s inevitable. When you decide to follow and offer your life to God you should be ready for people who will persecute you for the path you choose to take. The path isn’t a road with bed of roses but at the end of it there’s salvation. Just be strong to fight with a good christian faith and all good things in life will follow. I’m not actually speaking of exceeding financial blessings but of the more important things we need that money can’t buy like peace of mind, spiritual strength, a good Christian life and joy in the spirit.

To help us understand God’s words and teachings we should always read the Holy Bible. It’s the masterpiece of our Creator and He let His chosen people with His inspiration write the Old and New Testament stories, testimonies of God’s works and prophecy. Bible prophecy was written in the Holy Book and it associates the past with the present and gives an insight to our future. The Bible taught us how people in the past suffered and learned from their mistakes.

It’s very important to read the Holy Bible because we can learn a lot from it which we can apply in dealing with our daily lives. To understand more we can visit and read online bible study and understand God’s plan for mankind. It will give us better understanding of the Holy Book and deeper insight of God’s words. It’s a free resource that will help us learn conveniently.


Unconscious Mutterings : Week#367

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Humbled :: Meek, Kind
  2. Buns :: Bread roll
  3. Snowstorm :: Blizzard, Snowfall
  4. Sweetheart :: Dearest, Beloved, Honey, Sweetheart, Precious
  5. Punch:: Blow, Knock, Thump
  6. Glass :: Tumbler, Mug
  7. Classical :: Old, Traditional, Conventional
  8. Heels :: High, Shoes
  9. Twitter :: Chirp, Tweet
  10. Husband :: Spouse, Companion, Other Half, Beloved
Want to join the fun? Join here!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Software Tools for Cost Estimation

I’ve been with a consultancy firm for ten years and the firm has been mainly involved with consultancy for roads, bridges, flyovers, buildings and infrastructure projects. I was with the Technical Proposal team and we’re the team who doesn’t sleep when we have to submit big bidding projects to clients. On not so critical days I also help my friend with her job in estimation for cost and specifications of our current projects. She’s a cost specifications engineer and in-charged of some bridge and flyover projects. I know that the job and paper works wouldn’t be so hard if they will use a software cost estimating tools that will help to know in quick time if there will be deficiencies in resource, cost and target finish time.

Having software that will cover various aspects of project is a big help in managing projects like SEER software which provides cost estimation tools, project estimating, analyzing, planning and control. All these aspects can make a project be the best or the worst so it should given the right tools and staff to ensure successful projects and organization. SEER offers tools for software, manufacturing, hardware, electronic and systems and for IT.


Friday, February 5, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #62

Click the image to see larger view


This is a shot from my view across the plantation of banana, coconut and other crops of Villa Dominga Resort. Clouds were starting to darken here even if it's only 2pm in the afternoon. The sky I took the shot across the conference hall where we held our fellowship service last December. The sky looks so dominating here at it covers the whole scope of the trees as a perfect background for them that suddenly turns to dark ones. I made the shot look like a circular dimension of trees and clouds. Oh I just love playing with my cam when I take shots of the sky. It's lovely looking at the sky here because there are no obstacles. The place is free from cables, wires and tall buildings. All we have there are trees, plants and flowers.

Happy sky watching! Visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the logo above!


How to Avoid Heart Diseases and Deadly Sickness

I accompanied my Auntie in her laboratory schedule for ultra sound. She went to the hospital early in the morning and I just followed her after an hour. While waiting for her turn I went upstairs in the male ward to visit my friend’s father who had a mild stroke early dawn. According to my friend her father’s blood pressure risen up to a great level that affects his system and before they knew it he was asking for help. Her father was brought to emergency room and when his condition normalizes to out of danger level he was confined to the ward. With the current temperature now of too much heat in the day and too cold in the morning and night many develop sickness. Actually if you’re pressure is on the high blood side your level can easily rise up which is very dangerous.

Well to avoid high blood pressure and high levels of fat and cholesterol which can cause stroke and heart disease we must not let ourselves be overweight. Obesity can bring several risks on deadly sickness. I don’t want to suffer these diseases that’s why I’m having my healthy diet and slowly returning to my regular exercise regimen to attain my ideal weight. Well for those who can’t do this I’ve heard of bariatric surgery which can solve obesity problems without dieting and exercise. I’m glad I don’t have to go through this surgery because I can lose weight with proper meal plan and exercise.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

:WW - The Headband Babies

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These are Iya and Princess, two lovely babies sporting baby headbands lol! They're second cousins and granddaughters of my first cousins. Sounds like I'm their granny too right? Hahaha Just can't believe I'm already a granny with these two because I'm young for that. It's just that my Dad married late and his sister married young. Anyway my day will not be complete if I hadn't seen these two lovely, cute and pretty babies (hehehe all that adjectives!). You'll agree with me when you see them both! I'm their granny remember!!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Better Job Location

My niece’ husband resigned from job and applied to a big call center company. He was very happy when he passed the exam and the interview because it was not so easy to enter employment in that company. He was offered a compensation rate and benefits better than his last call center company. He’s excited that he’ll be handling his favorite xbox 360 for his account. It was a good company with good salary and product account but when he learned that he’ll be assigned in a very far place he opt to accept the job when he’s ready.

He just told the management that he can’t start right away to fix some papers with his former employer. The company accepted his reason and told him to come back if everything is clear. He accepted the next job offer that came after that with a good work location and less transportation expenses. Although I highly recommend the first company that he has applied for I understand that he didn’t want to have a far location of work because my niece has just given birth and he might not be always available for her needs.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Top Droppers for January 2010 myspace graphic comments

Thanks to my regular droppers and visitors and since it's the start of another beautiful month I want to express my warmest appreciation to you all! Hope I'll see you again next month lol!

Dropper # of drops
A Simple Life 31
Yummy-as-can-be 31
moms..... check nyo 31
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Mommy's Little Corner 31
The Modern Mom 31
Wirez and Circuitz 30
Jean sQuared 30 29
Patsy's Words of Wisdom 28

Thanks to my friend Liz for always visiting me and for making her blogs to the top ten again!


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