Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Walking Exercise

I’ve been very busy lately looking after my kids and their activities in school. Just like yesterday when I dropped by their school a couple of times just to check on Gen who was having pain in her stomach. She couldn’t afford to be absent yesterday because it’s their regional achievement test and failure to report to school to take the test will be harder on her part. Anyone who fails to take the test in their school will take the test on division office with supervisors to look and watch over them while they answer. See it’s harder to even think about it! In the morning I walk to and from the school to continue my plan to exercise regularly. The distance that I walked was a little less than 2 kilometers but I felt good doing the walking exercise again. I badly needed that walk because I feel heavy again with the pounds I gained from the holiday dinners and parties. I’m browsing a weight loss product referred by a friend but I think I’ll opt for the exercise for now and see If I can lose the pounds by walking 4 kilometers a day. I just need more time for my exercise.


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