Saturday, April 12, 2014

Starting a Good Healthy Habit

It’s always fun to be with family on weekends and when I looked back at the past few months that I had Saturday work I have to admit I regret having it. I don’t usually accept work with Saturday schedule but this current job of mine is with my old employer and I never thought they will change the working days of project staff. Now I’m very happy that we’re back to a no Saturday work and because it’s the second weekend that I’m free from work I have scheduled some new activities. 

Health-wise I’ve already started my walking exercise last week which I did with my youngest. He wanted to accompany me always on my night walking three to four times a week around 7 to 8 in the evening. I told myself that if I didn’t start now when can I start being lighter and fit. It really pays to put some discipline on your body because if you don’t you will end up being sickly, lazy and obese. Anyway I’m not getting any younger either so it’s high time to be more energetic, athletic and fit. 

With the right diet on the way and good regular sleep habit my walking and jogging exercises will go a long way. Health is wealth and like Reeds diamond rings it’s precious and priceless. They say diamond is forever and so are your healthy habits which can make you live longer, happier and free from common diseases that we come to meet every day. Life is good if we try our best to make it as such.


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