Saturday, April 12, 2014

Starting a Good Healthy Habit

It’s always fun to be with family on weekends and when I looked back at the past few months that I had Saturday work I have to admit I regret having it. I don’t usually accept work with Saturday schedule but this current job of mine is with my old employer and I never thought they will change the working days of project staff. Now I’m very happy that we’re back to a no Saturday work and because it’s the second weekend that I’m free from work I have scheduled some new activities. 

Health-wise I’ve already started my walking exercise last week which I did with my youngest. He wanted to accompany me always on my night walking three to four times a week around 7 to 8 in the evening. I told myself that if I didn’t start now when can I start being lighter and fit. It really pays to put some discipline on your body because if you don’t you will end up being sickly, lazy and obese. Anyway I’m not getting any younger either so it’s high time to be more energetic, athletic and fit. 

With the right diet on the way and good regular sleep habit my walking and jogging exercises will go a long way. Health is wealth and like Reeds diamond rings it’s precious and priceless. They say diamond is forever and so are your healthy habits which can make you live longer, happier and free from common diseases that we come to meet every day. Life is good if we try our best to make it as such.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cool Blue Inspirations

Want some inspirations for your bathroom?  Well this one is super cool blue design of modern bathroom. Designer used splashes of cool blue tiles all over the room which in turn transforms bathroom into an extraordinary stylish bathroom with modern sink and elegant tiles.  The combination of beautiful tiles used in this room are described below:

Hampton Carrara Polished - elegant white stone with dark gray speckling and veining
San Dona Pillowed - a crystalline flecked milky white stone tile
Sandona Polished Elba - pearly white tiles with uniform crystalline flecking,  and 
Sierra - the stark contrast of the salt and pepper color scheme gives even flat tiles a three-dimensional quality.

The ambiance of the room is cool because of the blue tiles and simply elegant because of the crystalline flecked milky stone tile and some others.  I would love our bathroom to be like this. Found this at


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Revive Your Strength for Your Family

As humans we all grow old and in time our body begins to show lesser strength and endurance on our usual physical activities. At the age of 40 which is said to be the beginning of real life, men will experience big changes that affect not just their physical looks but their routine as well. Performance in their work, sports and daily activities begins to display lesser quality and functionality thus bringing them frustrations and depression at times. Since this is the start of major changes in their life they should be able to recognize and fight it by taking boosting supplements like Nature's Plus testosterone boosters   to revitalize their energy and stamina. 

With the help of these supplements you can achieve your goals better because it will improve your vitality, renew your youthful energy and help boost your mental functions as well. You will experience a great change in your memory and how you focus in your work which is very important if you want to provide enough for your family. Well it will also make you feel better if you will be as robust as you were in your younger days and if it will benefit not just your muscle and bone health but your immune function as well.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Benefits of Sofa Bed

Source: via Race on Pinterest

As most homes now have enough space only it's good that some innovations in home furniture can really be of help in maximizing space. One of these good ideas is discovering the benefits of sofa bed. As seen in the above image a simple sofa at daytime can be a king size bed at night time. This is very helpful on families with plenty of family members.

We also have our sofa bed that my daughters used as their bed at night. During day time they used it as sofa in their room. As functional as it is sofa beds could also be a good addition to your home interiors as manufacturers are coming up with elegant designs and styles.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kitchen Island Cum Filing Cabinet

I love innovations and renovation especially when it changes the look of the house.  I also like old furniture remade into something functional.  I did some renovations and makeover on my kitchen and dining furniture also and it has save me a lot of money and preserved the antique works of my father as well.  Just few months ago I converted my kitchen cabinet into my kids' book shelf and they liked it.  My kids' school things and personal items are getting bigger in volume and we have to think of fast tracking the duplex plans in order to make rooms for their growing number of things and clothes.

Well what I have here is a nice remake of wooden filing cabinet into kitchen island.  It looks good and added an extra storage for the kitchen's little items and accessories that will look messy and cluttered at times.  Here they have a kitchen island and cabinet at the same time maximizing space and functionality as well.  Love it!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Music in Our Home

Home is where we always want to be when we feel so stressed in our work and want to unwind in peace. Hence, we want it to be the most relaxing place on earth for us to be as comfortable and convenient as possible. This is also the place where we build not just our family but our dreams as well so it should be filled with all the beautiful things that we want to have. Our home is not as beautiful as dreamers would want but I can say that we always feel happy staying in our home which is filled with recreational things to fill our free time. 

We all love music and my kids take time off from their other activities to spend time learning musical instruments. I guess it’s also in our blood to have flair in music as my grandfather and uncle are great musicians in their time. Now I can see that my brother’s kids and mine are all devoted to playing various instruments like new youth electric guitar, piano, flute and drums. It’s so relaxing to hear the kids playing music at home especially when they play inspirational Christian songs which uplifts the spirits and inspires us as well.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Storing Firewood the Stylish Way

For colder areas that need wood for their fireplace it's always a necessity to place it on dry place to keep it secured.  Sometimes it's a problem where to place it because it often distracts the nice interior design of your home that's why some make a store room to prevent a messy look.  

Well this one should be able to solve your little problem of storing your firewood stylishly.  See how it's stored neatly and safe from being wet.  Most decor problem can really be solved when you think about it seriously because your creativity can make a lot of difference on how you can make your home beautiful. Sometimes you can do it on your own.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Stylish Bedroom Ideas for Your Home

I love furnishing homes but for now I should save my design instincts until we start the building of our planned duplex homes. Still it doesn't prevents me from posting here nice home ideas that some of my blog visitors would love to see or maybe they can get some ideas for their own homes. I've included some pictures of nice bedroom ideas I saw at where they offer elegant ideas on all rooms in the house - living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and a lot more. Here are some of what I saw of their bedroom ideas. 


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Home Music Improvement

My brother just had some home improvement on his house although it’s already a beautiful and well-maintained house. Since he’s an Engineer and has two children taking up the same course and Architecture they never seems to stop improving their house. It’s not wasted though because every client that sees his home is quite impressed on his home design thus bringing in more clients than just expected. 

Now they’re thinking again of improving some sections in his house or adding some furnishings or items like m1 active 520 in their music room. My brother is a born musician whom he got from our mother’s father and ancestors. Our grandpa was known for his musical instruments’ expertise and competitive singing and we’re lucky that all of our children are also gifted with such talent. Anyway the addition of such studio monitors would be of great use to them and they will surely enjoy it.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pink Room for the Girls

Even though we still don't have enough for our dream duplex homes I'm having plans and designs on how the rooms will look.  I have flair for designing homes and remembered doing it with my sister on our school breaks.  It turned out only my big brother got into the field of designing and construction houses and buildings.  Both Redge and I decided to take up computer courses.  Well anyway it has remained a hobby for me to search and look for good layout plans and beautiful designs of houses.  Since everything can be found online little by little I collect designs that I found lovely for my dream home.  

This one suit my concept of a girls' room.  Since my girls are into teen years no more cartoon characters or teeny weeny designs in the room.  A touch of pink would always remain as I find it so cute.  My eldest has an artist blood in her heart that she can also add more designs of her own here if we did create something of this in the future.  Btw, I love the stripes on the wall, a respite from the normal plain walls. Nice concept!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Upgrading Your Home

In order to maintain the beauty of your home you need to upgrade once in a while to refresh the look and to ensure that you’re getting quality materials for your home. Sometimes you get so bored with seeing the same colors and design and crave for something new or something unique that will create a different ambiance in your environment. Our home is where we relax and stay the most of our living hours and as such it should be the most comfy place in the world for us. 

I’ve known some friends who want to stay in their house as much as possible because it’s the only place that he feels safe, secured and at peace. It serves as his solace from the stressful corporate life he has and he didn’t even want to socialize if the venue is not at his home. He became a homebody after work and spends more of his free hours tinkering on his tools and gadgets to enhance and decorate his home. Well it’s worth it if we really focus on updating our home furniture and fixtures every now and then because we’ll benefit from it all. 

We can renovate parts of our house that need upgrade like our ceilings or floors. If you need to update the floors throughout your house it will not be so tasking if we search online for creative ideas and suggestive sites that will educate us on factors to consider when replacing our home flooring. You can browse some recommended sites like to ensure that you have a good comparison on the brands, designs and the prices. It’s easier when you do it online as you can do your searching and choosing in the comfort of your home. There are also plenty of offered deals and discounts that will match your financial budget. 

Anyway upgrading your home flooring makes a lot of difference as your flooring is the largest area in your house. Choosing the perfect flooring that will harmonize with your home will turn your dull environment into a beautiful one. You can choose from a variety of flooring that matches not just your home but your lifestyle as well. It all depends on the traffic of your house and the activities of the members of your family. 

You can create a traditional, modern, stylish or elegant look depending on the kind of flooring you choose. If you have toddlers or seniors and need a warmer and safer footing you can choose carpet. Whereas if you have active teenagers who spend a lot of traffic in your house and need durability you can choose vinyl and tiles. Each family has their own individual need and preference and it should be considered before choosing a replacement for your flooring.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Creative Curtain Rod

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Have you ever thought of using your beautiful curtain rod into something that could be used for hanging picture frames?  Well I did but after seeing creative ideas like this one posted above. I remember arranging my children's graduation pictures in our living room wall and after some weeks some of them just fell on the floor.  The glass frames are broken and we have to buy frames again to restore the framed pictures.

Looking at the curtain rod holding the picture frames I observe that it holds more securely than just hooking the frames to walls.  You can also add some creativity in designing the ribbon that will be used in tying up the frames into the curtain rod.  Love how it looks above as I also have 2 girls and 1 boy just like the kids in frames. It can also be a good decorative addition to one corner of your house.


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