Monday, December 31, 2012

Printing Store in Our Community

I’m so glad that my kids are on their holiday vacation and they will come back to schooling next Monday. It will be a relaxing break for me as I don’t have to wake up so early at dawn to cook and prepare their food for breakfast and lunch. On the other hand I feel like vacationing also but it’s only a wish as we have office work as early as the 2nd day of the coming year. Anyway school break means rest from school activities which always require numerous projects and printing requirements. 

We have our own printer but for volume of printing needs we give it to our favorite printing store where they give us good discounts on all our print orders. They also accept business cards, brochures, banners, cheap label printing, photo printing and a lot more. One good thing about the store is the proximity from our house because they’re just one block away from us just like neighbors. The owner of the store has become friends with my hubby and often he gives us lesser price than others that’s why we always go to him whenever my two big girls needs volume of print jobs done.


Mary Engelbreit Stylish Nursing Scrubs

My niece who has graduated from a nursing degree has finished taking her nursing board examination and is now readying herself for hospital training. She has undergone a lot of on-the-job training and has rendered hospital services for several months before she finally graduated. It’s part of their curriculum requirements and she spent most of her times in the hospital who accepted her application. My cousin drives her to any place she’s assigned to ensure her safety. Their duties have shifting schedule and they can’t choose the time schedule assigned to them so her father always accompany her to wherever she goes. 

Now in her voluntary job in a hospital she’s chosen she’s required to wear medical uniform and she’s looking for a scrub that will make her look in fashion even while working. Some of my friends suggested that she  buy Mary Engelbreit scrubs because they carry numerous good brands like Cherokee, Dickies, Grey’s Anatomy, Landau and a lot more that she will surely love. They carry high quality products for men and women alike such as solid tops, print tops, laboratory coats, jackets, dresses and skirt, accessories, hosiery, scopes and footwear. They’re now having 20-25% Christmas sale for the entire site. I know my niece would be happy to see their wide variety of products to choose from.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Guide in Home Design and Construction

Designing and building a house takes a lot of knowledge, skills and experience. My brother finds his way into establishing his own construction business when he realized that his flair and knowledge for building houses is more rewarding than staying in his corporate job. He has to choose between his two jobs because when his projects demands more than part-time supervision. God has blessed him with his choice and all throughout the years that he’s spent running his construction business projects keeps on coming in. 

Construction business is not an easy job because you will have to take into details everything that has to be done to ensure that the house you build has the specific design right to your client’s needs and of good structural quality. The plan should conform to all the necessities and requests of the client and should match with the allotted financial budget. Since you can’t estimate the coming weather and natural disaster you should also come up with contingency plan. All of these things should be part of the whole planning in order to come up with the final building estimated cost estimate. 

When it comes to interior works of the house which comes in the final stage of the construction some engineers finds it better to find contractor for some of the facilities involving plumbing, electrical, painting and bathroom works. Usually they look for the professional experts to do the job for them and arrange a contract work that will cover the entire project. When it comes to bathroom fixtures and works the question of  how to find a bathroom contractor can be answered by looking for a company that has the capabilities of providing wide variety of bathroom fixtures that you can choose from. 

The contractor should be capable of providing luxury bathroom furniture, bathroom vanities, toilets, tubs, shower panels, accessories and other bathroom products. It’s best if you can find direct importers because they have the best styles and can give you competitive prices. It will be also be convenient if you can access them online so you’ll have the comfort of searching and shopping online. Just make sure that they can give you guarantee on all your purchases and a good customer service for all your inquiries.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

DIY - Home Disaster Survival

DIY Disaster Survival Infographic
Infographic Provided by EquipSupply


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Keeping Up with Home Management and Renovation

House management is quite a tasking job especially if you have a huge area where you have to clean, maintain and ensure that everything is in order and conditioned to function properly. Since I’m working full time in office I only get to work on the chores on my week rest day and on weekends. I’m just lucky that my husband helps me a lot in proper care and cleaning of the house when he’s not in school. 

We decided years ago to let go of our helper as the kids are getting bigger and there’s no need to take care of toddlers. I can do everything when I have free time and when it comes to household chores I know I can do it as good as the helpers so there’s really no need to hire one. As there are appliances in the house that lets you do chores with ease we coped up pretty well except that sometimes we really get tired after a long day’s work in office. 

Anyway part of my house management is not only on cleaning and maintaining the house but on checking if there things that need repairs, replacement or renovation. Last year we decided to replace our flooring which was devastated by the big floods that came over the town. We had a hard time deciding the kind of flooring we should install as replacement but when we thought of the time and the work involved if we will have tiles we decided on having vinyl instead. It’s easier to install vinyl and it doesn’t require much work plus it’s very durable. 

Well choosing the right flooring for your home need some kind of planning and studying before taking a plunge because you have to know your requirement, your lifestyle and your budget also. You also need a good site like who can offer you with wide variety of flooring options to choose from.

Flooring America can very well provide for whatever you want for your house whether you want new flooring or just a replacement. They have a huge stock of flooring materials like ceramic tile, porcelain tile, laminate, vinyl, hardwood and more. They offer not just discounted flooring but good customer service also to help you with your needs. Rest assured they have ultimate confidence guarantee for your protection.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Benefits of Having Health Card

Yearly we have to undergo annual physical examination as requirement of the company to ensure that employees are healthy and fit to work. Since we have health cards all we have to do is go to accredited clinics and all checkups and examinations are free. It’s one kind of benefit that really helps the employees especially that medical checkups and treatment are very expensive these days. 

Anyway annual physical exams include blood pressure test, eye examination, weight and height checkup, complete physical examination, blood tests, urinalysis, fecalysis, examinations using xray and ecg machines for men and women above 35 years and papsmear for women starting 35 years of age. 

I was happy that I’ve passed all tests with normal findings despite having some excess pounds. The examining doctor just advised me of how I can manage my weight and how I can lose some weight through healthy meals, water therapy and plenty of exercise. Actually even before the APE I was following those rules but these days I was so stressed with office moving out that I was lagging behind my exercise schedule.


Influx of Students in Public Schools

I learned through my church mates that public high school in their area has reached over the maximum capacity it can accommodate to teach properly. Its normal capacity has two class shifts in a day which schedules students in the morning and afternoon shift. They usually has 60 students in one class and this number is only normal to teachers. But now due to economic crisis there’s an influx of students from private schools who transferred in public schools. 

Reality sets in that some families has decreased their standard of living due to unemployment and hardship in looking for a decent job. Because of this parents don’t have a choice but to seek for a way that their kids can continue studying even without money to pay for tuition fees. Public school management is not allowed to reject enrollees from entering their schools which resulted in 100 students in every class. 

Now bigger problems arise with greater number of students in one class because there will be demands for more classroom chairs, text books and most important of all the teachers that will impart knowledge to them. I know that this situation has been escalated to the proper agency and I hope that they will do some smart solutions in bringing up good education not only to those who can afford to pay but to those who can’t as well.


Focusing on Healthy Lifestyle Again

My friends and I are into healthy lifestyle and habits and we promised ourselves that we’re going to be more disciplined this coming year. One of the things that we should be more focused is getting the right exercise and with it came the suggestion of one that we try out yoga for a change and buy yoga equipment next month to start the unique kind of exercise. Well I will try it of course even if I’m more comfortable with my old and tested cardio workout, zumba and tae-bo. 

Last year I was on a one-hour daily exercise and workout which improved my health but I gradually stopped due to busy schedule. Hope I will be forced to get back into the groove again and start the regular workout exercises again. Of course it will be matched with proper and healthy diet meals to be more effective. Last year I lost 1 kilo in a month so I’m pretty positive that it will work on me again.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Learning and Loving Music

Education doesn’t end in learning academic subjects only because there are more things that you can learn to make your life exciting and meaningful. This is what I always imply to my kids to teach them the value of education not just in standard school but on other course of learning like cooking, sewing, arts, sports, crafts, writing and music. Not everything you need to know can be learned from regular school so you have to aim for those other learning experiences that will teach you not just your own value but of your skills and talents. 

Every time there’s an opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments I enroll all my kids to piano lessons for my two big girls and drums for my little boy. As music runs in our family they have flair for learning various musical instruments and they’re loving every minute of their stay in music school. I was amazed at how fast they learn that even if it was just a month’s study my daughter now plays some beautiful pieces that she studied and played on her own. 

I was so happy about it and promised her that I’ll enroll her again on guitar lessons next time. Now she’s been talking about some guitar accessories they need in school which she found in Bigsby at musicians friend. She’s been visiting the site already and found some nice ones to buy. Anyway she’s so engrossed in searching for some nice music pieces to be played on piano that she forgot to ask me to buy it for her. Well it’s not everyday that I see such enthusiasm and I admire her attitude.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fast Cash Help for Home Repairs

It’s just few days left before the holiday season and you can see beautiful homes decorated in harmony with the coming Christmas. Since most people want to make their homes as beautiful as ever when the holiday comes they want to spend money for the repair or little improvement. We also make it a habit to make some improvement in our house before the year ends so we can welcome the new year with a positive and fresh ambiance. 

Now that I can see some pending repair works I’m thinking if I should apply for payday loans online if my 13th month will not be available early this month. I need ample time for the repair works and an emergency cah help would be very much appreciated. This is the same with payday loans in Canada which offers fast and easy cash loan without hassles of submitting volume of required documents and doesn’t require long processing time. 

With payday loans you can apply online and get the loan within the same day just as long as you’ve passed their simple requirements. You should have a regular work and an account where they will deposit your money. Borrowers are protected because Canada legislation are protecting the interest rates which should be able to ensure that lending companies will not go over the board.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Beautiful Flooring on All Residential Home Projects

With all the current projects of my brother I’m sure he’ll be back to slimmer form because he’ll always be on the go. I like seeing his finished residential home projects because on all of those he always leaves a mark of his own style and artistic design. He’s a Civil Engineer but with all the creative ideas he has for the home interiors you’ll think that he’s an Architect. Art runs in the family and the blood is thickest on his eldest daughter who is taking up Architecture now. 

Anyway on all of his projects he’s always thinking on what kind of flooring installation he would do to every house that he’s constructing. Every house has its own character and differs in owner’s preference in interiors and design. Some would prefer carpet for soft comfort especially when there are babies or kids, others would prefer traditional tiles as what most used to have or those modern thinking owners who love to try the latest laminates or the affordable vinyl. Not to mention that those conservative ones would still want hardwood flooring for elegance and for balance with their antique furniture. 

Home owners have varied taste and preference in flooring and it also depends on their life style and budget. What matters is the quality that will determine the service longevity of the flooring installed. It’s expensive to invest on flooring and the more it can be expensive if it will run out, fade or break in few years only. It’s normal to look for affordable brands but we must prioritize quality also. With Carpet World Flooring America they strive to give top quality and wide assortment of various flooring. They would help you achieve your goal of having not just beautiful flooring but quality flooring that will last for years.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Affordable Replacement of Bedroom Flooring

Before the year ends I think we need to finish the flooring renovation in our house. We had flooring replacement last year because our past flooring was destroyed by the floods that hit our place. It costs us a lot so we left the ground floor rooms with the old flooring and scheduled it to be replaced when we have budget again. It was delayed because we started the kitchen renovation last summer and we got excited and extended it our dining room furniture thus our bedroom was not rescheduled for flooring replacement. 

Well we’re having thoughts also on changing the style of the bedroom flooring different from the living room and the rest of the house. I’ve been seeing a lot of nice flooring options online and I’m beginning to realize that I can redesign the bedroom flooring just what my brother did in his son’s room. He accompanied me to his favorite tile center and showed me how they’re doing the unique design with combination of vinyl tiles. 

I love the concept and even impressed with More options online at Weaver’s Flooring America in Harrisonburg, VA. They have wide assortment of flooring that will transform your home interior from simple to beautiful. They offer carpet, wood flooring, ceramic tile and laminate flooring in various designs and colors that will satisfy your needs and specific taste. They also provide affordable installation services to help you get the most out of your beautiful flooring.


Getting Ready for the Colder Days

It’s getting colder these days and temperature will remain cool until February. I love season like this as I get to bring out my cardigans out of my cabinet. When you get to shop at the shopping centers and tiangge you’ll be glad to see new designs of stylish cardigans and jacket for the coming holidays. I even bought two last week, one for me and the other for my bestfriend on her birthday. I’ll even come back for more as the store told me they would have new designs before the end of the month. I really collect these things because I easily get cold and sometimes I chill too so I make sure that I always have one in the office and in my bag for reassurance that I will be warm always. 

When I saw patagonia women s los lobos jacket online it made me smile that for sure this kind of jacket would see me through colder days. It will be very useful when we go to Baguio for vacation because last year when we’re there the temperature got really low and we didn’t expect it. Anyway our vacation was fulfilling and we’re all happy together, all 70 members of our church.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Marketing Research for Online Business

I’ve gone through a lot of browsing on home appliances and decors at the mall near our office. I’m thinking that those things will really make a lot of difference with the way our house looks. I’m glad that I did my browsing online as I didn’t want to spend my time to go out and it’s inexpensive too. Since internet has brought us innovations in diverse field of life it has never cease to amaze me with all the good things that go with it. It has given us convenience in a lot of things especially that we can use it to do our searching, shopping and researching. 

With the advent of online shopping finding the right appliance, furniture and other home accessories seem to be easier now and affordable too as we can get special deals and discounted rates. If you have one of those who have an online store you should be able to know what products are most feasible to sell before you even start your online business because it will determine the success of your online business. 

Just the same as with the real business offline it’s important to have information you need so a good marketing research  would be very helpful to make the business successful. Research should cover prospective customers, packaging of products, pricing and how it will fit in with the requirements of would be buyers. All these things should be learned in order to come up with a feasibility studies that will justify the business’ goal and objectives. 

With this in mind qualtrics marketing research will surely be of help as it will give tips and points on how to do the research. They offer Basic Marketing Research Volume 1: Designing Your Study written by Scott Smith Ph. D. together with weekly emails of research tips to maximize full potentials.


Pot Rack from Recycled Bicycle Wheel

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Do you find yourselves doing some recycling of the things that can be functional while being stylish?  Well if you have spare bicycle wheel in your stock room maybe you can do some craft for the kitchen.  You can make a nice functional pot rack from a recycled bicycle wheel like the above image.  It will not only add some decor to your kitchen but organize your pots as well.  

As pots seem a little messy at times you can make innovations with your old items to create something nice like this.  So now every time there's a spare wheel in the garage I know what to do to maximize their usage and create something unique as well. Love the craft idea!


Equipment and Instruments for University Programs

In my husband’s school they have activities for acquaintance party, anniversary or foundation day, student council asembly and some other events that needs sounds system and musical instruments. Sometimes my husband is assigned to ensure that all equipment and instruments are in good working condition. Last year he was the one who bought new amplifiers and speaker for the grand opening of the newly constructed building of the university. 

They’re also thinking of buying a digital mixer in the next few months in time for the series of programs and activities they have scheduled. The husband is now thinking what brand they would like and would be able to afford because there’s one good brand just like Presonus at musicians friend they’ve been considering for a time. If budget would allow they prefer buying quality brands to ensure long usage and quality output results.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Beautiful Interiors with the Best Flooring

Beautiful homes can be achieved not only on the exterior look but on the interior as well. Some people invest on making their indoors more stylish because it’s safer. When your home appears to be very grand when people see it you will have to risk threat of intruders coming in to do illegal things. I have a friend who prefers to minimize exterior styling as she want to make her house look simple and ordinary. She feels safe when people see her house that way than being tagged as grand and looks very expensive. She then spent more on the interiors where she picked elegant furniture and furnishings of her exquisite taste. 

Good interior designing makes a lot of difference as it can turn your home into whatever ambiance you want it to be. You can have it styled the way you want it suited to your specific requirements and lifestyle. It will include home decors, painting, lighting and your flooring. My brother taught me a lot about his field in civil engineering which he now use in his construction business. It takes a lot of hard work and distinctive design to come up with the best residential homes for his client. 
As most of his projects would prove our flooring makes a lot of difference in making your interiors as beautiful as houses seen on magazines. It can be patterned to your kind of living and your specific needs. Carpet One  can help in providing source for all of your flooring requirements. Their professional staff will help in offering solutions that will make a great difference on how you home will look after the installation of new flooring. 

You can choose from variety of colors and patterns of their carpet and other flooring such as vinyl, laminate, hardwood flooring and tiles depending on what you really need in your homes. If you’re having a hard time to decide they have SelectAFloor™ system to help you choose the best flooring. These kind of flooring can very well define your style and choosing the most appropriate for your homes will be beneficial to you and your family.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Plans on Building Your Home

Deciding on how and where to get funds for your housing loan should be carefully planned for because some were misled by the sweet talks of the agents who will show beautiful model houses. Then they will offer affordable monthly payments but on longer years’ term. At the end of it you’ll be persuaded to sign a contract that will make you indebted for several years. 

Housing plans are good especially if you don’t own a lot and you only need to produce a certain amount of money and you can move in. It’s just risky sometimes because if you lose your job you will not be able to pay for the monthly payments until your maximum allowed time that they can pull out your property. It’s good though if you can be assured that you’ll have money to pay for the next 15 to 25 years depending on your plan. 

My niece has started with the construction of her 2-storey house inside our compound and she’s taking it by phase. First phase is the construction of the posts, walls and all needed foundation then in the second phase she had the slab on the second floor and some installation of electrical and water lines. She and her husband decided to have their house built instead of getting a house loan because when we computed for the whole cost of the installment housing plan it’s more than double of what they will be spending if built on own lot. 

Anyway she’ll have the 3rd phase on summer and hope that it will be the final phase if budget will be available. She really wanted to move in before the next year’s school opening so she will not think about it anymore. She’s excited about the finishing phase and keeps on thinking about the flooring installation and where she’ll buy the tiles not just for the living and dining room but for the bathroom as well. She’s been searching online also for suggestive ideas and for quality products that she can afford. 

For ideas there are flooring options provided by Harris Carpets Flooring America in Anderson. They have wide variety of latest designs of hardwood flooring, carpets, laminate and ceramic tile flooring which can supply your specific requirements not just for newly built homes but for old homes as well when they need to replace the old ones. They offer their products at low prices that can fit your budget for the flooring and ensure affordable installation services also. They have good deals now and you can get free $100 coupon off on your purchase, free promo measures and free catalog.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quality Flooring Products and Services

In my work we’ve talked about how big our office is. How we’re like strangers when we get in to our own respective rooms. We’re only few but our office is good for two dozens or more. They’ve chosen our present unit because it’s equipped with 4 existing office rooms which are very applicable to assigning each room to different department handled by each one of us. Then my boss added a small room for me and another one for our pantry. Anyone who visits our office would always comment that it’s very clean, spacious and beautiful. 

It actually has a carpet installed but our manager opted for the bright and shiny tile flooring because it’s easier to clean and maintain. Now that we’re planning to move I don’t know if they would love to have carpet this time. I think it will also add some depth in the total look of our office which at times would look very tranquil. Flooring add style and depth on any room, house, commercial centers or even in your work place. 
Thorough choosing and careful planning on what kind of flooring is suitable is very important. This is what carpet Acton, MA  offers to their client as they offer not just quality flooring but the best quality service as well. They have wide selection of rugs and quality flooring for your distinctive and specific requirements and give out their assistance from the first stages of planning up to when the flooring will be delivered and installed. Rest assured you’ll have the best of what you need be it a carpet, vinyl, tiles, laminate, or hardwood flooring. They’ve got it all for you.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Veterans Need to Be Treated With Some More Dignity:

To be a part of the military, protecting your country, is a matter of patriotism and love of your country. At the same time, it is also a form of self-sacrifice and this is barely recognized. We honor our veterans for the bravery with which they fight, but we do not acknowledge just how much they are doing for us. If we did, they would be leading a more fulfilled life. If we were really grateful to them for their sacrifices, they wouldn’t be forgotten today. Not many people know that veterans comprise one third of the total homeless population in the U.S. 

The veterans face huge financial woes when returning to the civilian world. The government grants them a pension of about $12,000 for singles and $30,000 for couples, but is that really enough? With this small amount of money, soldiers are expected to pay for all their expenses, from housing to medication, groceries, and even debts. They barely even have a chance to make up by earning some money because they lack the job skills that are necessary to survive here in the civilian world. 

The most egregious incidents happen when veterans face financial emergencies. With bad money management and insufficient savings, they resort to temporary solutions like going for payday loans since they are easily approved. However, the problem arises when they have to pay these loans back. With a pension barely enough to meet daily expenses these veterans land in debt. They end up borrowing more money without any prospects of ever paying it back. 

But this is not all that veterans have to deal with. Mental illness is a common consequence on serving abroad. After serving in the military forces for years, veterans become accustomed to a particular lifestyle and changing that to an altogether new one in this civilian world only leaves them in shock and mental agitation. To top it all, they have their own set of unique relationship issues to deal with. Because of all these challenges, many veterans exhibit signs of depression and self-destruction. 

Veterans need aid and support to help them get through such difficult times. They need special programs designed to help them organize their finances and find ways to get out of debt. It is it’s high time for something to be done. 

Please visit our website to learn more.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Defining our Lifestyle Through the Right Flooring

We always want our home to have the most pleasant ambiance for us to feel comfortable in the place where we spent our resting hours. We used up most of our hours in our work and in other activities in our life. So it’s just fair that when we’re at home we should rest our mind and body from all the stress and fatigue of our daily activities. We cannot do this if our home is not conducive to relaxing mood or if it does not convey a peaceful environment for us. 

How we could make our home a sweet and relaxing home? Well for a start make it a nice place to look at and we don’t have to spent fortunes just to do this. It should start with choosing the right flooring for our needs. It should define our lifestyle and meet our personal requirements. Flooring shouldn’t be just beautiful but the right kind for your way of life as well. provides information on how to choose the right flooring for your homes. If you want natural beauty you should go for hardwood flooring, carpet for comfort, vinyl for durability and tiles for timeless beauty. When you want the look of wood, stone or tiles but consider durability as well you will have to look for laminate flooring. So if you want to renovate or change the look of your home you can start with beautiful flooring for your home and it will make a big difference.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Beach Cottage Functional Bunk Bed

This is just the right bunk bed for small room with 2 small kids.  Perfect for beach cottage also as it's easy to maintain, install and just the right size.  It also has drawers where you can store some of your things like clothes and other important documents while at vacation in beach cottage. 

I like the idea of putting drawers altogether with beds as the whole setup is very functional serving the need to rest, sleep and store things all at the same time.  I admire furniture designers who can keep up with being stylish, functional and space saver.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Elegant and Classic Hardwood Flooring

Passing by through the roads going to my MIL’s house I saw the old preserved Spanish house in the town before our destination. The house reminded me of our own old Spanish house where we used to have vacation with first cousins. It has the same capiz windows, wood window grills, the same structure and the ambiance of the environment. I actually missed our old home and the memories that lived in it. Of course some of my family and relatives were not here anymore and the old house was renovated by my Dad except for the first room’s flooring which are still made of bamboo woods. While all other rooms are made with same kind of hardwood flooring my Dad let the first room remains the same. Maybe Dad is just as sentimental as I am. 

Now that we have plans of renovating the house again we’re carefully thinking what would be our design, house structure and the materials that we’re going to use. We’re planning to try the same flooring as we have in the past and shop hardwood for upper rooms flooring. I’ve experienced how it’s nice and warm when your floor is hardwood so I want to include it in my list. 

For those who want the elegant and classic choice of hardwood you don’t have to worry for the usual expensive price tag you always see because at Kring’s Interiors assortment of discount hardwood flooring. They offer popular brands of hardwood combined with good customer service that assists and guides customers on choosing the best flooring for their homes. With ultimate confidence guarantee and five star selection system you can be assured of a good choice for your homes.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bathroom Safety for Older Adults

If you are a senior citizen or are living with an older adult, it is extremely important that your bathroom is set up for proper safety. Due to the nature of bathrooms, the hard flooring combined with wetness makes the risk of falling very high. Every year thousands of senior citizens are injured as a result of bathroom falls. Luckily, it does not take a lot of effort or money to update a bathroom for safety. Simple purchases, such as a shower stool, and small improvements, like making sure that all bath faucets are easy to reach, go a long way towards improving your bathroom's safety and preventing falls. 

Making your bathroom safe is easy. Buying a quality bath mat is a simple way to help prevent falls. Bath mats are stickier than tub surfaces. A shower bench and stool are perfect for older people who are at risk for falling. Instead of standing up while showering, stools allow you to sit down and relax. If you do not wish to install an entire bench, a simple shower corner stool may be enough. It is also a good idea to attach grab bars that provide something for you to hold onto when getting in and out of the shower. Make sure that your bath and tub faucets are easy to reach and not too difficult to turn.

It is critical that your bathroom is safe and secure. Luckily, updating a bathroom's safety is easy and relatively inexpensive. Take the time to keep you and your family safe.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Demo Presentations

DH always has a need for presentation and demos as required by his professors in his Secondary Education course. As such he brings his laptop and uses it with the school’s projector for ease of reporting and good feedbacks from audience which is commonly his classmates only. He’s giving brochures or sample of his work I’m so proud that all his demo presentations got high grades which in turn contributed to a much higher final grade in his card. 

Now I’m wondering what if he just gives CDs whenever he reports and required the audience to participate. Well he needs a good and quality cd replication services to be able to give every attendees in the conference a good copy to read and watch. I hope that DH will never get tired of their busy school activities.


New Terrace for MIL’s Home

DH came from his Mom’s house where they’re currently building a terrace at the side of the house. It took me a long time to finish it because they just did it by themselves and didn’t hired construction workers. As I’ve seen from the picture he showed me the house transformed into a much bigger house with the extension of terrace with great garage floors

Yes it can also be a garage but since the road at the front of their house is always empty we can always park on the road. They were able to get a good location for their house that there’s enough parking for our car when we go there for a visit or vacation. We’re planning to visit there later this day. Hope plans will push through.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Durable and Healthier Living Carpet for Your Homes

Who wouldn’t want to come home to warm and welcoming soft carpet? I’m one of those who want carpet on my home office floor because I always want my feet to be comfortable and warm. During rainy days when weather is so cool and I’m near to chilling I want to have my feet covered with socks and tucked in the blanket. I cannot do this snuggling when I’m working so a soft and warm carpet on my work room would be a welcome thought for a person like me.

In the past people would not buy carpet for their homes when they have toddlers that would spill dirt as carpet may not endure those. Today’s carpet especially from Carpet One  offers stain and wear-resistant carpets that will see through your baby’s spilling and dirtying moments. You will not worry also if there are many people walking on the carpet as it’s more durable and can stand foot traffic in the house. Best of all your kids will be protected when they fall down or slip because it’s the soft carpet that they will fall unto. 

When it comes to interior design of your house it’s easy to blend your carpet design to your walls, furniture and art decors in your house bringing the complete stylish ambiance where you want it. Now they also provide the healthier living carpet installation system giving their clients care and health benefits that will minimize dust, odours, irritants thus encouraging good air quality in your home environment.


Timeless Beauty and Elegance of Hardwood Flooring

With all the nice flooring I’m seeing everyday when I pass by the mall I’m missing to see the conservative and natural beauty of the hardwood flooring. I grew up in a big Spanish theme house and I still remember the grand beauty of elegant wood all over the house with capiz windows. It’s still vivid in my memories and once in a while I still look for that ambiance in our present house. Here in the urban area you will find it hard to see houses with hardwood because there are several modern themes that replace the conservative old style of homes in the country. Most people prefer the latest and modern types of flooring as they find it more stylish and easy to maintain. 

If we’ll start the renovation of the house on summer and I’ll be able to decide for our own part of the house I’ll still be requesting for a hardwood floor installation on the second storey because it’s more comfortable for me to have wooden floors on our floor for bedrooms. As early as now I’m starting to search and canvass for the things I would like to buy for my duplex home plan. Stewart’s Flooring America is one of the sites that I visit frequently for ideas on what kind of flooring I should choose. As their flooring is manufactured for specific room sizes and decor preferences I would like it for my own house. They offer flooring solutions and services matching your demands, price range and decor from leading brands.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finger Pointing Bookmarks for Easy Reading

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Here's something for those who love to read books and finds time to make it a hobby.  For smart readers these smart bookmarks are perfect for you. You can read as much as you want and when you stopped you can use these finger point bookmarks to remember or mark your last paragraph or word.  It will help you a lot as even if you sleep you can go back to where you left off easily and without so much an effort.  It will definitely mark the exact location of your last read.  I find this very clever and oh so functional.


Payday Loans for Urgent House Repair

The other day I called our plumber to check on the water pipes which is leaking for three days already.  He’s not available on the first day that we noticed it but we were not able to get a replacement so we waited until he’s ready.  The leaking pipe is somewhat old already and was cemented on all sides so the plumber just did a small patch repair to avoid dismantling of the whole setup.  We approved his suggestion because it’s the fastest way to do it and in few weeks we’ll also arrange the whole pipe system because my nephew would have his own water meter. 

Well house repair happens every time and most of the times between pay periods so you’ll have to search for extra cash to have it all trouble in the house attended immediately.  It’s good to have payday loans even if has higher interest than other loans because you can get it as fast as within the hour.  Anyway it’s really for emergencies only because if you will have it to pay bills and other monthly expenses you’ll be out of your budget as it will eat your budget easily.

Getting payday loans takes some responsibilities also as you only have to resort to this for urgent needs between salary periods.  It’s also required to pay these loans within two weeks so we need not ask for bigger loan than we really need for the time because it will put us down with bigger debts.

For those who want to avail this you need an employment record, payroll and a bank account to qualify.  You just apply online and if approved you’ll wait for the cash to be deposited directly to your account in as fast as 15 minutes.  You will not worry about hassles in  paydayloans because you will not fax any document and you can do it in the comfort of your home.  This is really the simple, fast and easy way to borrow money.


Sogo Roumel Ann Maze Pattern Stool

It’s not a maze; it’s just a trendy pattern for Sogo’s Roumel Ann Maze Pattern Stool. Relax and erase the stress in this multifunctional stool which you can lounge or simply rest your feet. This can be use also as side table or a centrepiece. It’s made in the Philippines and distributed by Sogo Home and Office Center where my husband also worked for several years. 

Now this all-purpose stool with rust-proof powder coated frame in Grey finish is available for only PhP890 instead of PhP1,485 through Cash Cash Pinoy’s great deals. So grab the chance to avail this cozy sofa and let it relax your senses with a pinch of a-mazed look.


Shopping for Home with Promo Codes

Do you love shopping for your home? Well most housewife does when they want to make their home as nice as they want it to be. But sometimes we tend to buy the things or decors that we really don’t need and we buy it only on impulse. It’s not right to do it this way because we should spend our money wisely in order for us to save some of our earnings. If it’s not a necessity it’s better to think first before indulging in a shopping-spree because thinking might clear us of our mind set on shopping. 

Shopping is not bad as long as you know your priorities and foremost concern in running a household and building up family. It’s also understandable if you bought something on a sale or discounted price because you’re getting your money’s worth. I love shopping but I do it most of the times to avail of good deals and discount packages. I always have a nice feeling of fulfilment every time I shop at discounted rates or if I used promo codes like the ones in which offers coupon codes for the things you need and love to buy. 

They worked closely with advertiser to come up with exclusive promo codes which are of greater value than others. Using promo codes would definitely put in more savings on your budget and a great shopping satisfaction that you’ve finished a good transaction. Getting coupon codes and promo deals are two of the most sought-after things when you shop online and I’m glad that has hundreds of this to help the shoppers with their financial budget. Now I can shop more freely and not always focusing if our budget would last until the whole month because with coupon codes for buying I will definitely spend less.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Backyard Bubble Bath

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Did you notice that we have hot temperature this month during the day? And there are several sickies at home and in work because the temperature changes at night.  I'm not sure on other places but on us we have colder nights and hotter days which are very prone to sickness.  Well looking at the picture above - a conservative bath tub which is made of natural carved stones and located in the back yard (I think!).  

This reminds me of my childhood because we have one exactly like that but without the modern shower. It would be cool to have something like this in your own back outdoor and for sure the kids will love it every afternoon when the sun is so hot.  Nice place for spending a hot and humid day.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Expert Flooring Solutions

Finally husband and his brother are into the last phase of their terrace construction. They’ve finished with the roofing, walls, fence and now they’re into flooring tiles. The said project is an additional home improvement in their Montalban house because when it was built 4 years ago the outdoor area was not included in the original design of the house. Since their place is near the mountains you can just imagine the cool breeze in the place and how relaxing it is to stay in a veranda or terrace. This is the reason why they decided to make a terrace as additional lounging area for the whole family.
Going back to the flooring husband choose a different style in choosing the tiles and vinyl that will be installed. He made sure that the tiles are of good quality and unique design because they will show it to SIL for approval. She’s the financer and she asked them to make it really nice just like what Portice Carpet One Floor and Home do with their Lakewood flooring & carpeting installation. The consultants help figure out what type of flooring will be best depending on the style of your house and your requirements. They provide expert solutions to all flooring needs and offer extensive selection of various flooring like tiles, carpet, vinyl, hardwood and laminate at a lower price. Avail of their on-site consultations and choose from their offered options.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Experimenting With Colors

Source: via Race on Pinterest

My little boy loves art and amazed at how colors transform as they're combined with others.  He keeps asking me what will happen if he'll combine a particular color with another.  I'm just glad that I did some experiments when I was his age and I know fully well different outcome of color combination.  I told him that he should use the water color or other liquid colors like poster paint to experiment and see for himself what will happen.

We've done the same experiment as shown above and he's thrilled at the results.  He really can't stop until he's sufficient with his learning.  Next time I saw him he's doing some art drawing using poster paint and happy to combine yellow with blue to achieve the green color.  My little artist is not wasting his time to be good in art and determined to be an Architect someday.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Good Business in Building Houses

In line with my brother’s residential and commercial projects he has been updating his list of equipment used in construction. Most of the times he has three projects at one time so it’s better if he has few spares of the most frequently used tools and devices. It’s part of his investment in his construction business so it’s really a necessity to add more. Well I have no idea how many but when I looked at the list I can say that it will cost him a lot. He also has to buy some small machines for the finishing part of the construction which were mainly on the interiors. 

I will not be surprised if he will also need cnc tube bending or some other small equipment as he’s also up for some other business related to construction. Currently he’s eyeing some projects for a well known computer school that will open branches outside Metro Manila. He’s been shortlisted and just waiting for the final decision. I’m happy that his business is picking up so strong. After two more years his eldest son will help him as he has taken the same field of study in college.


Using Attractive Sticky Notes to Teach Reading

Having a hard time teaching your kindergarten kid to read?  Well you can try doing it like the picture shown here.  Little kids are known to react to teaching when you use visual presentation than just saying it.  I also did this to my little boy when he was in preparatory school doing some nice small notes and sticking it to our wall so he'll be familiar with the words.  Anyway it's not hard for me as my little boy loves learning words and it's actually fun for him. 


Friday, October 19, 2012

Giving Your Home a New Look

Some of the couples I know want to have their flooring replaced because of the damage done by the recent flooding. If your flooring is not ceramic tile you will notice that after being soaked in the flood some kind of flooring shows some wear and tear. We have experienced such problem when our 10-year old vinyl flooring has suddenly showed little cracks. We dismissed it as one of the results if you have been flooded but after some time it suddenly looks so bad that we decided to change our flooring. We still chose vinyl flooring tile because it’s perfect for my kids who often run in the house. 

Some tiles can make you slip unlike vinyl which is softer and more durable than other flooring tiles. Since my Mom has a hard time walking and roaming the house it would help her a lot if we choose a more convenient floor for elders and toddlers as well. I was able to get more information from Advance Carpet One Floor & Home in St. Louis and found out that they offer suggestions and samples of their products for an idea of perfect flooring choice for your home. With that help from them you will surely have a good time choosing the right flooring for your home sweet home.


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