Monday, December 10, 2012

Benefits of Having Health Card

Yearly we have to undergo annual physical examination as requirement of the company to ensure that employees are healthy and fit to work. Since we have health cards all we have to do is go to accredited clinics and all checkups and examinations are free. It’s one kind of benefit that really helps the employees especially that medical checkups and treatment are very expensive these days. 

Anyway annual physical exams include blood pressure test, eye examination, weight and height checkup, complete physical examination, blood tests, urinalysis, fecalysis, examinations using xray and ecg machines for men and women above 35 years and papsmear for women starting 35 years of age. 

I was happy that I’ve passed all tests with normal findings despite having some excess pounds. The examining doctor just advised me of how I can manage my weight and how I can lose some weight through healthy meals, water therapy and plenty of exercise. Actually even before the APE I was following those rules but these days I was so stressed with office moving out that I was lagging behind my exercise schedule.


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