Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings : Week#368

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Rekindle the Sparks of Romance in Your Relationship

After several years of marriage couples sometimes forgot romance that once took their breath away and stole their hearts. It’s just so easy to neglect sweet nothings and romance when you’re at home especially when your kids are all there waiting for your care and attention. Most often household chores and domestic matters turn the couples’ mood from being romantic to being so busy with never ending responsibilities. Setting up a romantic mood once in a while is vital in every marriage because it sparks up the love you have for each other and it makes your marriage stronger. Sometimes you need to feel like you were in younger days when you’re in your courtship and dating period. Romance can be everywhere, you don’t need to go somewhere quiet and with beautiful sceneries just to feel romance in the air. It can very well be in your own sweet home, you just have to very creative with ideas. You can set up a romantic place in your room, in your living room or in your beautiful bathroom where you can surround your shower enclosures with beautiful fragnant flowers to feel that you’re out somewhere in a beautiful garden filled with blooming flowers.

You can set up scented candles in one corner of your bathroom and have your favorite theme love song plays in the air. If your partner loves classical music you can chose the most romantic classical music you like when you’re still single and just dating. Music helps reminisce the good old sweet days of your life. Being romantic knows no boundaries you can decorate any room in your house with romantic accessories that compliments your partner. The most important thing is let your love radiates from within you and let your partner feel that the love you have for each other when you got married is still there deep within yourselves.


Some Appreciation From Fledging Blogger

I was kinda glad over what June Zach mentioned in his blog. I must admit I really want to top the advertisers in his blog because I can't compete with the EC top droppers. I feel very glad when he hits the Number 1 spot because of my successive advert request I really did it on purpose and I really want my blog widget to appear on his site.

It was a bonus to read his appreciation and recognition because it's really nice to visit his site even without the links and nice words (that's why I called it bonus) Thanks June! It's such a pleasure visiting you! You're really a very appreciative person!

Here's a caption of his nice thanks!

"I would like to give special mention to the following people who have encouraged me a lot with my blogging life. They are Sandy (Traveling Suitcase), Ann (anns snap edit scrap), Hitesh (The Way It Is), Atty. Eli (Business Sphere), Race (WAHM's Cozy Corner), Yoon See (Greener Pastures), Mikes (Your Daily Word) and Kraye (KhryeDotCom).

Last February 1, I made it again on the Number 1 spot for the Most Expensive blogs in Entrecard for All Categories. I owe it all to Race, author of My Crossroads, Moments of My Life, Beyond Horizons and WAHM’s Cozy Corner. Thanks a lot as well to those who purchased adverts on my blog during the time. You did a great job of building up my price"

It was nice seeing all my blogs mentioned in his site!


New Setup Next School Year

My Mom and I were talking about raising children and dealing with their most critical years of teenage life. She’s happy that I’m now working at home and can now monitor my children. Actually I only have one child now who’s entering high school and as early as now hubby told me that she will not have a service vehicle. He’ll accompany Ruth in going to school in the morning and I’ll fetch her in the afternoon after school time. Well when I told Ruth about this she was happy that I’ll be coming for her in the afternoon. She likes me to accompany her in her activities because we both want to stop somewhere to eat or stop by to shop for foods. She’s actually excited about this new setup next year. I have too many schedule and things to do now that I forgot to check on this acnefree reviews that I want to read. I want to know the causes of acne and the possible cure for it. Who knows I may have use for that when Ruth starts her teenage years.


Where Should I Live?

You Should Live in a Small City

You are definitely an urban person, but not any old city will do.
You want a city that matches you well. For you, big cities lack individuality.
You prefer a smaller city with lots of personality, local culture, and history.

I prefer to live outside the city but near to it as I'm not used to rural area where there are no stable connectivity and amenities are far from the house. Maybe I'm just used to live in a place where everything is near - to school, market, park, municipal hall, shopping malls and every community place we need. But I'm still longing to have a vacation in my hometown where you can see the nature in your windows and you can smell the clean air of surrounding rice fields and mountains. I'm actually part urban and rural person :-)


Cut Down Fatty Foods and Sweets

A Mommy friend in my kids’ school happened to be at the school when I dropped by last Tuesday. I didn’t see here for about two months and I noticed she’s slimmer now. She needs to cut down on fatty foods and sweets because her high blood pressure is soaring up and there’s problem in her blood sugar. Her doctor advised her to lose some pounds as it’s not good for her sickness, it might aggravate things for her. I wonder if she asked her doctor if it’s not bad for her to use an effective diet pills to help shed off her excess pounds. Anyway she’s only planning to try those pills; I know she will not use them without doctor’s prescription.


Things To Do List

Well I have many if you must know and I have to always remind myself just in case my busy schedule knocks me off. It’s mostly for my kids (as always). Some of this list has already attended to yesterday, will include them just the same, here’s my list:

1. Pay for Ruth’s school and graduation fees (Done)
2. Pay for Josh’ advance tuition fee for March, graduation fee, portrait studio package fee and class picture (Done)
3. See Guidance Counselor of TUMCS for the letter containing all requirements for Ruth’s high school entrance and enrollment. Interview will follow soon.
4. Check for Josh’ admission test schedule for Grade 1 in Little Jewels
5. Buy graduation clothes for my two graduates
6. Prepare for our bible hosting after next Wednesday
7. Painting of two bathrooms and house wall cleaning (hired two workers for 3 days – just finished)
8. Check out prices of HP’s laptop packages either in Gilmore or Greenhills
9. Return phone to Digitel, still not activated after one year
10. Arrange member update in SSS
11. Pay for PEVY’s Philhealth
12. Open accounts for my 3 kids


Employee Time Clock

In a company there will be chances that time and attendance can’t be monitored fairly. This can happen mostly to employees who are mobile or whose job takes them to different locations and sometimes they will report to the office on unusual time. These people can have their time cards signed by authorized managers who instructed them to go to their clients before reporting back to the office. Sometimes there are employees who used the usual office business reason just to be exempted from being late. On my last employment the management decided to use a simplified yet secured login of employees upon observation that the employees are not following the company’s rule on absences and tardiness. Our boss asked us to canvass for Biometric’s Employee Time Clock to ensure accuracy of the arrival and departure of our employees. Upon demonstration of the said time clock it was finally approved that the company will switch from the bundy clock system to this new one using either thumb or password code to login and logout.

From the moment the employees arrive they should put their thumbs on the code verifier and their record will be stored in database for future usage on payroll to determine the amount to deducted or added. Since our boss is in charge of operations and administration the keys were safely stored to him and no one can change the information written there. I can say that you can really rely on that if you’re really after the accurate time record. There is many other similar employee time clock offered in the market like the products of Time which offers Electronic Employee Time Clock and Biometric time clocks which can save you money and delivers accurate time records.

You can choose the products according to your specific needs and requirements and they can offer you specific products according to any business size. They also have their least costly Employee Time Clock Software where you can punch in and out directly from a single PC or workstations on a network. This is a very practical soft time clock and can be used for the seated workforce. Whatever you need and wherever you want it use they’ll have it for you.


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