Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Setup Next School Year

My Mom and I were talking about raising children and dealing with their most critical years of teenage life. She’s happy that I’m now working at home and can now monitor my children. Actually I only have one child now who’s entering high school and as early as now hubby told me that she will not have a service vehicle. He’ll accompany Ruth in going to school in the morning and I’ll fetch her in the afternoon after school time. Well when I told Ruth about this she was happy that I’ll be coming for her in the afternoon. She likes me to accompany her in her activities because we both want to stop somewhere to eat or stop by to shop for foods. She’s actually excited about this new setup next year. I have too many schedule and things to do now that I forgot to check on this acnefree reviews that I want to read. I want to know the causes of acne and the possible cure for it. Who knows I may have use for that when Ruth starts her teenage years.


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