Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rekindle the Sparks of Romance in Your Relationship

After several years of marriage couples sometimes forgot romance that once took their breath away and stole their hearts. It’s just so easy to neglect sweet nothings and romance when you’re at home especially when your kids are all there waiting for your care and attention. Most often household chores and domestic matters turn the couples’ mood from being romantic to being so busy with never ending responsibilities. Setting up a romantic mood once in a while is vital in every marriage because it sparks up the love you have for each other and it makes your marriage stronger. Sometimes you need to feel like you were in younger days when you’re in your courtship and dating period. Romance can be everywhere, you don’t need to go somewhere quiet and with beautiful sceneries just to feel romance in the air. It can very well be in your own sweet home, you just have to very creative with ideas. You can set up a romantic place in your room, in your living room or in your beautiful bathroom where you can surround your shower enclosures with beautiful fragnant flowers to feel that you’re out somewhere in a beautiful garden filled with blooming flowers.

You can set up scented candles in one corner of your bathroom and have your favorite theme love song plays in the air. If your partner loves classical music you can chose the most romantic classical music you like when you’re still single and just dating. Music helps reminisce the good old sweet days of your life. Being romantic knows no boundaries you can decorate any room in your house with romantic accessories that compliments your partner. The most important thing is let your love radiates from within you and let your partner feel that the love you have for each other when you got married is still there deep within yourselves.


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