Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things To Do List

Well I have many if you must know and I have to always remind myself just in case my busy schedule knocks me off. It’s mostly for my kids (as always). Some of this list has already attended to yesterday, will include them just the same, here’s my list:

1. Pay for Ruth’s school and graduation fees (Done)
2. Pay for Josh’ advance tuition fee for March, graduation fee, portrait studio package fee and class picture (Done)
3. See Guidance Counselor of TUMCS for the letter containing all requirements for Ruth’s high school entrance and enrollment. Interview will follow soon.
4. Check for Josh’ admission test schedule for Grade 1 in Little Jewels
5. Buy graduation clothes for my two graduates
6. Prepare for our bible hosting after next Wednesday
7. Painting of two bathrooms and house wall cleaning (hired two workers for 3 days – just finished)
8. Check out prices of HP’s laptop packages either in Gilmore or Greenhills
9. Return phone to Digitel, still not activated after one year
10. Arrange member update in SSS
11. Pay for PEVY’s Philhealth
12. Open accounts for my 3 kids


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