Thursday, February 18, 2010

Employee Time Clock

In a company there will be chances that time and attendance can’t be monitored fairly. This can happen mostly to employees who are mobile or whose job takes them to different locations and sometimes they will report to the office on unusual time. These people can have their time cards signed by authorized managers who instructed them to go to their clients before reporting back to the office. Sometimes there are employees who used the usual office business reason just to be exempted from being late. On my last employment the management decided to use a simplified yet secured login of employees upon observation that the employees are not following the company’s rule on absences and tardiness. Our boss asked us to canvass for Biometric’s Employee Time Clock to ensure accuracy of the arrival and departure of our employees. Upon demonstration of the said time clock it was finally approved that the company will switch from the bundy clock system to this new one using either thumb or password code to login and logout.

From the moment the employees arrive they should put their thumbs on the code verifier and their record will be stored in database for future usage on payroll to determine the amount to deducted or added. Since our boss is in charge of operations and administration the keys were safely stored to him and no one can change the information written there. I can say that you can really rely on that if you’re really after the accurate time record. There is many other similar employee time clock offered in the market like the products of Time which offers Electronic Employee Time Clock and Biometric time clocks which can save you money and delivers accurate time records.

You can choose the products according to your specific needs and requirements and they can offer you specific products according to any business size. They also have their least costly Employee Time Clock Software where you can punch in and out directly from a single PC or workstations on a network. This is a very practical soft time clock and can be used for the seated workforce. Whatever you need and wherever you want it use they’ll have it for you.


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