Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Appreciation From Fledging Blogger

I was kinda glad over what June Zach mentioned in his blog. I must admit I really want to top the advertisers in his blog because I can't compete with the EC top droppers. I feel very glad when he hits the Number 1 spot because of my successive advert request I really did it on purpose and I really want my blog widget to appear on his site.

It was a bonus to read his appreciation and recognition because it's really nice to visit his site even without the links and nice words (that's why I called it bonus) Thanks June! It's such a pleasure visiting you! You're really a very appreciative person!

Here's a caption of his nice thanks!

"I would like to give special mention to the following people who have encouraged me a lot with my blogging life. They are Sandy (Traveling Suitcase), Ann (anns snap edit scrap), Hitesh (The Way It Is), Atty. Eli (Business Sphere), Race (WAHM's Cozy Corner), Yoon See (Greener Pastures), Mikes (Your Daily Word) and Kraye (KhryeDotCom).

Last February 1, I made it again on the Number 1 spot for the Most Expensive blogs in Entrecard for All Categories. I owe it all to Race, author of My Crossroads, Moments of My Life, Beyond Horizons and WAHM’s Cozy Corner. Thanks a lot as well to those who purchased adverts on my blog during the time. You did a great job of building up my price"

It was nice seeing all my blogs mentioned in his site!


Zach February 18, 2010 at 9:27 PM  

Ohhhh Race! What more can I say? I am so honored. Your blogs deserve to be mentioned. Hehehe! All my pleasure. ;D

I am so glad that I have online friends who are very much supportive such as YOU!

Honestly every time you place an advert on my blog, I see to it that I also purchase lots of adverts on other blogs on the same date that your card will run in my blog so as to add to your exposure. As I have noticed, your blogs get more clicks from mine in that way. It's my simple way of returning the favor. :)

More power to your blogs! God bless!

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