Friday, August 28, 2015

Good Sound System and Accessories for Special Occasions

My eldest daughter just had her debut last week and we’ve done all preparations of her special day in more than a month only so we were all tired. We decided to celebrate Ruth’s debut in our own house so we redesigned and renovated the old house to make it presentable for the occasion. Since we’re expecting 150 guests we maximized all possible spaces that can seat the number of guests expected for the day. On the day before debut we managed to set up everything from decors to chairs, tables, buffet table, flowers and a lot more. Of course sound system wouldn’t be missed as my daughter’s slideshow and videos should be clearly seen and heard by the guests. 

We had a problem with a jack that connects laptop to the sound system and was saved by my best friend’s brother who perfectly matched what we’re looking for that day. We’ve gone to popular shops but we failed finding the right cable and my friend just volunteered her brother’s shop. It pays a lot when you have good sound system as the occasion relies heavily on that especially on the speeches, songs and wishes for the debutante. It’s good to have shops and sites that cater to these needs. So next we would need a specific jack, cable, accessories like p2r and other musical accessories I should browse online ahead of time to minimize stress in special occasions like my daughter’s debut.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Birthday Gift for My Kid

Now that Josh’ birthday is just a few weeks away I’m thinking of how can I make him happy on his special day. I’m planning to invite his classmates and let them enjoy the day on our house eating, chatting and playing with Minecraft theme. For the gift I promised him a new keyboard even though I didn’t enroll him in music class this year. He’s graduating from primary school and he has plenty of school activities. He has recently joined the Publication club and I was relieved he didn’t have Saturday classes. 

Anyway with or without music class he still practice his musical pieces at home continuing what he learned from last year’s keyboard class plus little techniques from his sister Gen. The keyboard I was planning to buy has a stand already, not as beautiful as Yamaha P105 but nice enough to complement his musical instrument. Best thing about the package is the free acoustic guitar that they will give when you purchased the keyboard with stand and songbook. Good promo for the store and nice gift for my big boy.


An MRI With Fewer Restrictions

If you have ever needed any kind of testing done at a hospital, then you know that an MRI can be somewhat of a hassle. You are in an enclosed space, and there are noises almost the entire time that you are inside. An open MRI is an option for those who don't like being in enclosed spaces. There are a few other advantages to this kind of machine that can make getting test results easier for both you and the doctor.

Anyone can use an open machine as there are typically no limitations. This is a way for patients who are obese to get the scans done that are ordered by a doctor that might otherwise not be conducted. Once the required tests are done, the doctor can determine what is wrong with the patient. This is a benefit for those who might be too large to lay comfortably inside a traditional MRI machine as they will be able to get the proper medical help like other patients receive.

Children are sometimes afraid of machines that they don't know about. The noises coming from inside the machine can also be frightening, especially for young children. However, there are tests that still need to be done. An open machine allows a parent to lay on the table with the child, comforting the child while the scan is completed. The child can also hold a small stuffed animal in most cases so that they aren't as afraid.

There are some patients who might have an IV or another type of device that is used on a daily basis. Instead of leaving those items behind, the open machine offers room so that these items can be right beside the patient. This is also a convenient way to administer medications if the scan requires a dye in order to detect if something is wrong. It's a benefit for older adults who might have a difficult time getting up and down from the table. A nurse or a family member can help before and after the scan so that it's done in a safe manner.


Friday, August 7, 2015

Working Out Challenges

Each business is unique, different and provides goods or services at a set price. Although business can be good, there can be times that sales may be lacking. Furthermore, there can be other challenges that are influencing the bottom line. Fortunately, there are ways that a business can be sharpened and respond in a positive way.

Consider Customer Service 
One of the first things that seem to go away when a business is struggling is that customer service is not very good at all. Although it may be obvious, it is important to note that customers who are not treated well by one company will go to another even though a good or service may cost more. Therefore, look at customer service policies. Perhaps a policy needs to be tweaked in order to make customers happy. A return policy or shipping policy may need to be brought to the present day. When changes are made, customers notice and can respond positively.

Consider Employee Morale 
When times are tough, management may go after employees. Although employees do need to be held accountable, they should not be demeaned. Employees that do not care will certainly not work hard at their jobs. It can be a smart decision to consider a few changes that will help morale. Consider treating employees to a free lunch courtesy of the company. Offer free prizes or an unexpected day off for everyone. Employees who recognize that a company cares for them will respond more positively than not.

Consider an Outside Opinion 
It can be difficult to find the source to a problem or the sources to a number of problems. It may help to getting an outside opinion to provide fresh perspective. Perhaps an obvious answer was overlooked. Perhaps it is time to make a change in management or the way a company does business. A former owner or a former executive may be a great source of providing help. Another idea is to consider a consulting firm that specializes in helping companies in need. Firms like CPG consulting can provide important feedback and direction as to what to do and what not to do.

It takes time to correct errors and problems. However, it is worth the time and money to find a problem and to fix it. The result can be that a business is healthier and ready for a better future.


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