Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Second Dessert and Snack

We’ve finished our dinner and I’m glad it’s fish this time and watermelon for dessert. But wait I’m still not through as they’ve cooked the supposed snack this afternoon and made it our second dessert. From the look of it diet pills would be helpful for some dieters like me as the second dessert happened to be a mixture of saba (banana), camote, langka, etc. cooked in rich coconut milk.

If you’re here you wouldn’t be able to resist it so I limited myself to one cup or else I will not be able to sleep soon as it’s heavy on the stomach. DH had one cup also and I noticed that my kids surprisingly ignored it because they want to hit the sack early. We spent some more time outside where I felt so relaxed and rested. I’m just posting some few tasks here to make me sleepy as others are sleeping now. It’s like province here; environment is very silent except for few cars entering the village.


Mom's Bunk House

As parents we want the best for our kids so we give them the best food, clothing, house, toys, education and a lot more according to our budget of course. Maybe that’s one of the traits that parents really have. There are parents who travel and work abroad just to give their kids a luxurious life which they won’t be able to give here because jobs are scarce sometimes. We wished for their health and happiness and the only thing we want is for them to take care of themselves always. Well in giving them the best we choose the right things for them so they can enjoy life just as they enjoy their sleep in a beautiful wood bunk bed which is especially crafted to give comfort and longer sleeping hours.

I’ve always like to browse over home appliance store or home design site because I love looking at beautiful furniture and when I came upon Mom’s Bunk House I was really satisfied with their various bunk beds for sale. I want them for my kids when we’ve finished with the renovation of our upper floor rooms. It would really look very nice on their rooms and will create a spacious look. This renovation project of mine really keeps my energy going and makes me work.


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