Saturday, September 17, 2011

Be Ready at Travel Times

It’s vital to bring all important things and tools when traveling because you’ll be prepared anytime that emergency trouble with car will come up. My cousin always bring his trailer hitch with him whenever he’s on long travel or just few towns away from us. One afternoon on his way from mountainous town in the next province he encountered trouble in his owner-type jeep and since it’s dangerous on that place he thanked God that he has everything he needs so they can move the car into safer place. He used his hitch on the vehicle that rescued them and they reached their desired safe place without trouble. It’s always important for drivers to be ready at all times for everyone’s safe travel.


Medical Health Card and Insurance

I’m happy that with my current job we have a medical health card that will be able to cover almost all our medical expenses should we get sick or we need to be examined. We’re getting the services of one of the best in the field and it can be used to various known hospitals in the city and provinces. It also includes clinics in the mall and many towns. 

I already processed and submitted all requirements to our provider and just waiting for the card itself to be delivered to our office. The package that we got and the company that will cover the health insurance is like the guaranteed issue life insurance I saw online because it doesn’t need medical examinations, no questions or interviews and no medical tests which means that everyone can be enrolled. This is great as we’re all qualified and will be getting the best of our health benefits.


Gadgets on My List

I’ve been searching for my next digicam to buy before the end of this year because I have to be sure that I’ll be purchasing the right camera for my needs. At first I’m loyal to my favorite brand of camera but upon seeing some other brands I suddenly have second thoughts on what brand I would buy. I came to think that I should be open to other brands should they offer better features and of course competitive pricing. Since I work near the vicinity of the mall where there’s a place for gadgets and accessories I get to see special promos and deals that offers discounts on my wish list items like new digicam and camera cases, EHD and some other stuff for my home office. I just bought USB, CDs and some other things for our PC at home and planning to get a new notebook for the husband for my graduation gift to him at the end of the school year. Hope my online work will pick up to a high peak again so I’ll have budget for all the things I want to buy.


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