Thursday, January 21, 2010

DH Advance Birthday

Just had a good day spent with the whole family here in our own sweet home. Tomorrow is DH’s birthday and he took a leave off from work today to go to Tagaytay Picnic Grove to have some relaxing day there but something came up and we cancelled the trip, we’ll just schedule another day for that. Since he’s at home and will not be here tomorrow for his birthday I decided to cook something for his birthday. We went to the mall for some of his electrical needs for the house and I bought some food for our feast. I’ve prepared fruit salad, pasta, chicken and bought a chocolate cake for him.

Ruth and Gen were surprised as they know that by the time they arrived we’ll be in Tagaytay. When they arrived home from school they jumped to their Daddy and smiled happily that we’re going to have an advance celebration, well it’s very evident with the pasta and the cake on the table. Well we didn’t dwell much on the cancelled trip as we spent the day bonding together. Of course the kids were happier that way since they’re not available to go with us to Tagaytay this morning and they told us that they want us to schedule it on weekend.

More of his birthday here!


Planning Up Our Family Vacation

Lately I’ve attended some reunions among family and schoolmates and I can’t help to think that it would nice to have a get-together with friends and family on a nice resort by the beach. It would be easy to just relax and enjoy the day chatting with everyone in your group. This coming summer vacation has been giving me some thoughts on having a real vacation free from work, internet and text messages lol!

I’ve picked summer time as I would like to bring my 3 kids and hubby with me if ever my plan for family vacation materialize. Actually I want to go somewhere near the beach as nature will be around you like Karisma resorts which offers many vacation packages for adults and children alike. Their family and friend vacation package takes care of accommodations and gourmet foods so you don’t have to worry about anything. And why worry if you can have this wonderful package that’s great for your family and friends.


Effects of Colors in Your Life

Sometimes we feel bored or drained in life which gives us a feeling of slight depression. This is not a good feeling so we must try to evaluate what factors are giving us some effects in our lives. What colors are you living with? You can add some colors in your life or change some of your preferred colors hmm. Pink can sap you energy and make you a little passive. You can try changing your pink to blue color. The color of blue will give you a feeling of power, just right to stop the feeling of depression. Other colors elicit other emotions and I’ll post them soon.


What Kind of Fabric Am I?

You Are Cotton

You are conscientious, thoughtful, and compassionate. You care deeply about the world.
It's likely that you like cotton because it's natural and environmentally friendly.

You examine your actions and decisions carefully. You never forget that you affect others with the things you do.

You probably live a fairly back-to-the earth, green lifestyle. It's organic cotton all the way for you!

This is quite true as I'm like the cotton, much like simple, caring and honest. I just find this personality test quite impressive as they almost got the real me as in 95% I think. If you want this test try this!


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