Saturday, January 2, 2016

Blissful Fellowship Vacation in Baguio City

Now that holiday has passed and we’re back to regular life I only have our pictures in the upper cold city to look at to remember our fulfilling vacation a week ago. We always go there during Christmas holidays as it’s the best time of the year when we can allocate longer holidays to have fellowship and vacation as well. It was a very happy occasion for us from the day that we travel in one big bus accommodating all of us to the day that we packed our things back to Manila. It was like a field trip as few people travel like us in great number. 

We’ve rented a three-storey house, the same house we’ve stayed for 3 consecutive years now, where we held our fellowship in the morning and where we stayed after our visits to different tourist places in Baguio city. We cooked in the morning before the fellowship and spend lunch time to different restaurants before giving ourselves a taste of our vacation like going to popular spots in the place, enjoying the cold weather and scenic view in the park, buying some souvenirs and delicacies and giving our families the best bonding moments. 

The place is perfect not just for relaxation but for enjoying music as well. We brought our guitar and let the music ride with the cool winds. If only we could bring some of our bigger instruments too so we can have complete music like bach trombone, keyboards or drums but we know it’s impossible to do it as we only travel in commercial buses and not in our own cars. Maybe we can just do it in our summer camp as we always held it not so far from our places.


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