Friday, February 5, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #62

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This is a shot from my view across the plantation of banana, coconut and other crops of Villa Dominga Resort. Clouds were starting to darken here even if it's only 2pm in the afternoon. The sky I took the shot across the conference hall where we held our fellowship service last December. The sky looks so dominating here at it covers the whole scope of the trees as a perfect background for them that suddenly turns to dark ones. I made the shot look like a circular dimension of trees and clouds. Oh I just love playing with my cam when I take shots of the sky. It's lovely looking at the sky here because there are no obstacles. The place is free from cables, wires and tall buildings. All we have there are trees, plants and flowers.

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How to Avoid Heart Diseases and Deadly Sickness

I accompanied my Auntie in her laboratory schedule for ultra sound. She went to the hospital early in the morning and I just followed her after an hour. While waiting for her turn I went upstairs in the male ward to visit my friend’s father who had a mild stroke early dawn. According to my friend her father’s blood pressure risen up to a great level that affects his system and before they knew it he was asking for help. Her father was brought to emergency room and when his condition normalizes to out of danger level he was confined to the ward. With the current temperature now of too much heat in the day and too cold in the morning and night many develop sickness. Actually if you’re pressure is on the high blood side your level can easily rise up which is very dangerous.

Well to avoid high blood pressure and high levels of fat and cholesterol which can cause stroke and heart disease we must not let ourselves be overweight. Obesity can bring several risks on deadly sickness. I don’t want to suffer these diseases that’s why I’m having my healthy diet and slowly returning to my regular exercise regimen to attain my ideal weight. Well for those who can’t do this I’ve heard of bariatric surgery which can solve obesity problems without dieting and exercise. I’m glad I don’t have to go through this surgery because I can lose weight with proper meal plan and exercise.


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