Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Advantages Of The Medical Clinic

When you are sick or have a minor injury, you might not want to spend a lot of time waiting in a hospital emergency room. A medical clinic of Houston often offers the same services as a hospital on a smaller scale. You usually won't have to wait as long in a clinic, either. Most clinics don't require an appointment, making this a convenient option for those who need to be seen quickly or who can't get an appointment with a primary care doctor. Most insurance policies are accepted.

There are general services offered by medical clinics, and there are advanced services as well. When you enter the medical clinic, you will describe your symptoms to the person at the desk. Most patients are seen based on the severity of the medical condition. As you get to a room, the nurse will take your vital signs and record more information about why you are there. Common reasons to go to a medical clinic include strep throat, flu symptoms, abdominal pain and minor cuts and burns. If the doctor feels that you need more medical attention than is offered at the clinic, then you will be sent to a doctor or emergency room. A medical clinic has the capability of performing lab work in order to check the blood levels. X-rays and some scans can also be taken in order to determine what is going on inside the body. Prescriptions are written by doctors at the clinic, and there are some that will provide refills if they are needed.

Clinics usually have flexible hours. This makes it easier to get the care that you need after work or school and on the weekends. You can go on your lunch break, and if you tell the nurse that you have to get back to work, then you will sometimes be seen in a shorter amount of time than others who are there. Results of any tests done in the clinic are sent to your doctor so that they can be reviewed. If there are any concerns, then an appointment can be made for further testing.


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