Thursday, July 29, 2010

Need Some Therapy

I was so tired yesterday because our internet had trouble with connection and after eating my lunch I went to my cousin’s place to do my due tasks. I’m glad she has a different internet provider because most of the clients of my provider have the same connection problem. I was rushing because I only have two hours to do all needed works. It’s our bible study day and we need to leave the house at 5pm. I was feeling exhausted by then and thoughts of resting on massage tables keep flashing through my mind. Oh well I have to wait for my not-so-busy day before I can have massage therapy from my Mom. She can make all my tiredness and back pains healed with just a few touches of her hands. I’m looking forward for that day when I can rest and sleep after the massage.


Dependable Respirator

It’s the season again of colds, cough and other respiratory illness because of the sudden changing of weather. Early morning up to early afternoon the weather is so hot that you’ll wish you’ll never have to go outside then another moment heavy rains will come by. The weather is so unpredictable and it usually irritates people with respiratory sickness like asthma or those who have difficulty in breathing. My friend who is always with her handy oxygen would love having evergo oxygen concentrator on travel with her because it’s more convenient and longer to use. I know that it’s hard having asthma but if they have dependable respirator with them in tow it will be easier!


Risking Your Money

It’s hard to predict the stock market today you’ll never know what stocks are going to be high or low, well for novice like me it’s really hard but for professionals they know how to put investment on stocks. Still I don’t want to invest and gamble at the same time. Gambling for me is not only those vices that we know where people bet on something and then wait who wins. For me investing on things that you’re not familiar about is gambling enough. Why? Because you’re risking your hard-earned money on it and there are possibilities of losing your money. Wherein if you invest on tangible investment like when you buy gold eagle coins there are more probabilities of high return of investment. We know that gold has been time- tested to appreciate its value throughout generations so it’s also good for investing your money.


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