Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pushcart Educator Won the CNN Hero of the Year

I was so happy last Sunday night when I heard and watched the news announcing the CNN Hero of the Year. I voted for our very own Efren PeƱaflorida, the pushcart educator from the Philippines and I have posted it in my other blog for anyone who wants to cast their vote on any of the top ten CC heroes. I admired his advocate for educating the less fortunate children on the streets and slums which have robbed of precious education because of poverty.

My very own Mom was a retired teacher and she shares the same passion of educating the non-reader children neighbours in our place. For me it’s one of the best awards given to individuals. Now that Efren PeƱaflorida won there’s a great hope that this project of Efren will flourish into more fruitful endeavors. Please see this touching speech of Efren from CNN.


Bro’s New Car

Recently my brother bought a car and he’s been taking good care of it. He has another car which is a lot expensive than the new one but he decided to sell it and just keep the new one which is more flexible for his lifestyle. He’s a contractor and he finds it very useful to have a much bigger car than the one he’s using previously. Anyway before he sells his previous car he checked the insurance quote given to him by his friend because his car’s insurance will lapse in a month. He wouldn’t want the would-be buyer to have the car without insurance. He wants everything in order before he finally endorses it to the new owner.


I'm the Dynamic One

You Are the Dynamic One in Your Family

Family members who haven't seen you in a while may joke that they hardly recognize you. And it's true that you change a lot.
You are very bright and quick-witted. You have to keep moving and keep learning to satisfy all your curiosities.

While your life travels and studies may take you far away from your family, you're always close to them in your heart.
And of all your family members, you're the most interested in family history and genealogy. You want to learn as much about your family as possible.


Coupon Codes for Free

For us who love shopping but don’t want to spend much money on the not-so-basic necessities in our house we always look for big sale, best deals and discounts. Having discounts saves us money and it feels good to get a good bargain especially when you really want the item for your family. It’s better if you will find coupon codes to use as discounts for the things you want to buy online.

I was looking at Babies R Us for baby things and accessories on sale and I found some babies r us coupon codes, discounts, offers and special deals for free. I’ll have to buy something for the babies here in our compound and I’m glad to find some good deals. Just have to take advantage of those free coupons to make the most of my money.


Gen's Dental Checkup

Gen had her dental checkup for the last two Saturdays but still her tooth was not extracted as I asked her dentist to check if we can still save it. She had general dental cleaning with fluoride and has already finished all the light cure fillins she needed. When we came back after a week to see if we can save her tooth her dentist informed us that it can’t be restored as it didn’t reacted to the prescribed antibacterial.

Since Gen has a slight cough on that day we rescheduled her extraction appointment as she needs to be in good condition when her tooth will be extracted. It’s going to be her first time so the dentist thought that we should prepare Gen for it. Anyway she was told that she has very nice and healthy set of teeth and since it’s permanent already she should take good care of it.


All-Inclusive Vacation at Breezes Resort

Everyone loves vacation because it’s a time of relaxation and getting away from all the stress, pressures and daily routines of life. Once in a while we should give ourselves a break from the everyday chores of life to keep us in good condition physically and emotionally. All work and no vacation make a tired body so we should put importance on giving rest to our weary mind and body. I myself hadn’t had a vacation for years now, well if you will not count the three day fellowship in Tagaytay City twice a year. Actually for me that will count as we enjoy being there away from the bustling city of urban areas. Even though we spent camp meeting there we were relaxed and rested. It’s like recharging our mind and body for the coming challenges of life.

It would be more relaxing if we really spent some days or weeks off our routine work and booked an all inclusive resort just for our family vacation. I know Breezes Resort offers everything from comfortable accommodations to beach resorts up to fine dining and sports activities. I learned this from my SIL who loves going to a vacation by the beach and just recently planning to have a vacation where she and her family can enjoy entertainment, fine dining, some water sports and comfortable accommodations somewhere in the blue waters and rich landscapes of Caribbean resorts. She’s been working so hard that a month of relaxation in a beautiful beach resort can really do her good. She saved some money for it and she want to spend it wisely.

I would really love to do that also and spend my vacation in the old-fashioned Jamaica Island. I want my vacation to be different this time with not just the beautiful beach resort and scenic view but I would also love the Jamaica all inclusive vacations where they offer delicious cuisine which is good for those who love to taste different menus of different places. For sporty person like me I know I can indulge on several sports there. It’s nice to spend early morning by the beach just before the sun shines and feel the breeze of wind on my air. Oh my I’m getting the feel of the vacation already! Now you can imagine how good to have a Breezes Resort vacation and when you want it for yourself just visit their site and booked your all inclusive package.


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