Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All-Inclusive Vacation at Breezes Resort

Everyone loves vacation because it’s a time of relaxation and getting away from all the stress, pressures and daily routines of life. Once in a while we should give ourselves a break from the everyday chores of life to keep us in good condition physically and emotionally. All work and no vacation make a tired body so we should put importance on giving rest to our weary mind and body. I myself hadn’t had a vacation for years now, well if you will not count the three day fellowship in Tagaytay City twice a year. Actually for me that will count as we enjoy being there away from the bustling city of urban areas. Even though we spent camp meeting there we were relaxed and rested. It’s like recharging our mind and body for the coming challenges of life.

It would be more relaxing if we really spent some days or weeks off our routine work and booked an all inclusive resort just for our family vacation. I know Breezes Resort offers everything from comfortable accommodations to beach resorts up to fine dining and sports activities. I learned this from my SIL who loves going to a vacation by the beach and just recently planning to have a vacation where she and her family can enjoy entertainment, fine dining, some water sports and comfortable accommodations somewhere in the blue waters and rich landscapes of Caribbean resorts. She’s been working so hard that a month of relaxation in a beautiful beach resort can really do her good. She saved some money for it and she want to spend it wisely.

I would really love to do that also and spend my vacation in the old-fashioned Jamaica Island. I want my vacation to be different this time with not just the beautiful beach resort and scenic view but I would also love the Jamaica all inclusive vacations where they offer delicious cuisine which is good for those who love to taste different menus of different places. For sporty person like me I know I can indulge on several sports there. It’s nice to spend early morning by the beach just before the sun shines and feel the breeze of wind on my air. Oh my I’m getting the feel of the vacation already! Now you can imagine how good to have a Breezes Resort vacation and when you want it for yourself just visit their site and booked your all inclusive package.


Desire Resort June 24, 2011 at 11:12 AM  


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