Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My New Baby!

No I'm not having another baby 'coz Josh is my certified youngest kid. I just want to blog here about my new blog which I started three months ago. This is what's keeping me busy even at nights. I can say that it's hard to start another blog because you'll have to exert extra effort, plenty of time and you'll have to think of new ideas. When I first had my domain blog added to my two bravejournals I told myself that I can't maintain additional blog as I'm too busy to update them all. But that was history as after Moments of My Life I added My Crossroads after 10 months and then added Beyond Horizons last July this year.

Now my new baby is Wahm's Cozy Corner, my blog about women's interest. There I talk about facilitating shopping, technology, various tips and more. It's entirely different from my other blogs except that I get to mention once in awhile my kids, well I can't help it! Visit my new blog and be my guest! Don't forget to leave your comments :-) Thanks!


Which One is Right for Me?

Two weeks from now I’ll be celebrating my birthday and I’m not decided on what I’ll buy for myself. When I’m just working in office I never buy myself expensive gifts as I try to spend most of my Christmas bonus on gifts for my loved ones, things and toys for my kids and home appliances. But since I entered the world of blogging and started earning online I compensate all my hard works on keeping my blog maintained by buying what I want most for the year. I’m just simple in many ways and I don’t buy super expensive branded bags. If I have one or two of those branded things it usually come to me as a gift and I appreciate it, it’s just that I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money on it. People are different and so are women.

On my first months of earning money through my sites I rewarded myself with a new gas range because I love cooking and baking. On the second year I bought myself my personal digital camera which I used for joining photo meme and which became my favorite companion everywhere I go. This year I planned to buy myself laptop so I can use it anywhere around the house or I can carry it along. When my brother searched around for the latest branded netbooks in my friend’s electronic gadgets’ brochures I began to think what’s the ideal for me, a lappy or a netbook. Anyway as I plan to buy it after the holiday season I still have time to think it over.


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