Friday, May 31, 2013

Tools to Help us on Emergency Situations

I always sit on the front of our car whenever we travel on short and long distances because DH wants me to assist him while he drives. He also wants me to be by his side when he’s tired and to keep him company on long boring journeys when the kids get asleep at the passenger seat. Since we need to protect ourselves and it’s also a traffic regulation we should put on our seatbelt always. 

Well there are people who didn’t want to follow but for me it’s best to follow and make it a habit for safety purposes. I’m glad that there’s a seatbelt cutter when my seatbelt’ buckle stuck up. Sometimes I’m not really comfortable with it so when buckle jams it’s really too much for me. I’m still looking for ways on how to adjust and be comfortable with our seatbelt because anyway I really need it at the front seat.


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