Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Personalized Food Gifts

I’ve been thinking of making my own sweet and delicious desserts and delicacies for gifts to my friends but when I count the days that I’m free before our vacation I backed out. Anyway I still have to clean my set of kitchen utensils for making my desserts because I didn’t used it for months now. I have a separate kitchen items for making my sweet delicacies like my molds, baking pans, my ever reliable sieving utensil to sift my flour, rolling pin, scale and a lot more. Last year I was able to do some for my friends but now I really have a hectic schedule and cooking personalized food gifts won’t fit in no matter how much I want it. Next time I’ll plan it ahead of time.


Craft and Gift Items

I’ve been rushing about my gifts for school party and some small giveaways last week when I saw a site that offers beads, charms, jewelry and craft supplies. All are nice, and cute and very flexible if you want to create your own craft or gifts. They also have this variety of stamps to choose from like different shape punch for stamping metal blanks. I love the heart shape as usual as I always go for heart-inspired bracelets, stamps and other things. Well I also noticed the 4-leaf clover design which is not ordinary for me. This month is a very busy month for me and I have to rush things up because we’re going on vacation fellowship in Baguio end of this week.


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