Saturday, March 29, 2014

Revive Your Strength for Your Family

As humans we all grow old and in time our body begins to show lesser strength and endurance on our usual physical activities. At the age of 40 which is said to be the beginning of real life, men will experience big changes that affect not just their physical looks but their routine as well. Performance in their work, sports and daily activities begins to display lesser quality and functionality thus bringing them frustrations and depression at times. Since this is the start of major changes in their life they should be able to recognize and fight it by taking boosting supplements like Nature's Plus testosterone boosters   to revitalize their energy and stamina. 

With the help of these supplements you can achieve your goals better because it will improve your vitality, renew your youthful energy and help boost your mental functions as well. You will experience a great change in your memory and how you focus in your work which is very important if you want to provide enough for your family. Well it will also make you feel better if you will be as robust as you were in your younger days and if it will benefit not just your muscle and bone health but your immune function as well.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kitchen Island Cum Filing Cabinet

I love innovations and renovation especially when it changes the look of the house.  I also like old furniture remade into something functional.  I did some renovations and makeover on my kitchen and dining furniture also and it has save me a lot of money and preserved the antique works of my father as well.  Just few months ago I converted my kitchen cabinet into my kids' book shelf and they liked it.  My kids' school things and personal items are getting bigger in volume and we have to think of fast tracking the duplex plans in order to make rooms for their growing number of things and clothes.

Well what I have here is a nice remake of wooden filing cabinet into kitchen island.  It looks good and added an extra storage for the kitchen's little items and accessories that will look messy and cluttered at times.  Here they have a kitchen island and cabinet at the same time maximizing space and functionality as well.  Love it!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Music in Our Home

Home is where we always want to be when we feel so stressed in our work and want to unwind in peace. Hence, we want it to be the most relaxing place on earth for us to be as comfortable and convenient as possible. This is also the place where we build not just our family but our dreams as well so it should be filled with all the beautiful things that we want to have. Our home is not as beautiful as dreamers would want but I can say that we always feel happy staying in our home which is filled with recreational things to fill our free time. 

We all love music and my kids take time off from their other activities to spend time learning musical instruments. I guess it’s also in our blood to have flair in music as my grandfather and uncle are great musicians in their time. Now I can see that my brother’s kids and mine are all devoted to playing various instruments like new youth electric guitar, piano, flute and drums. It’s so relaxing to hear the kids playing music at home especially when they play inspirational Christian songs which uplifts the spirits and inspires us as well.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Stylish Bedroom Ideas for Your Home

I love furnishing homes but for now I should save my design instincts until we start the building of our planned duplex homes. Still it doesn't prevents me from posting here nice home ideas that some of my blog visitors would love to see or maybe they can get some ideas for their own homes. I've included some pictures of nice bedroom ideas I saw at where they offer elegant ideas on all rooms in the house - living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and a lot more. Here are some of what I saw of their bedroom ideas. 


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Home Music Improvement

My brother just had some home improvement on his house although it’s already a beautiful and well-maintained house. Since he’s an Engineer and has two children taking up the same course and Architecture they never seems to stop improving their house. It’s not wasted though because every client that sees his home is quite impressed on his home design thus bringing in more clients than just expected. 

Now they’re thinking again of improving some sections in his house or adding some furnishings or items like m1 active 520 in their music room. My brother is a born musician whom he got from our mother’s father and ancestors. Our grandpa was known for his musical instruments’ expertise and competitive singing and we’re lucky that all of our children are also gifted with such talent. Anyway the addition of such studio monitors would be of great use to them and they will surely enjoy it.


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