Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kitchen Island Cum Filing Cabinet

I love innovations and renovation especially when it changes the look of the house.  I also like old furniture remade into something functional.  I did some renovations and makeover on my kitchen and dining furniture also and it has save me a lot of money and preserved the antique works of my father as well.  Just few months ago I converted my kitchen cabinet into my kids' book shelf and they liked it.  My kids' school things and personal items are getting bigger in volume and we have to think of fast tracking the duplex plans in order to make rooms for their growing number of things and clothes.

Well what I have here is a nice remake of wooden filing cabinet into kitchen island.  It looks good and added an extra storage for the kitchen's little items and accessories that will look messy and cluttered at times.  Here they have a kitchen island and cabinet at the same time maximizing space and functionality as well.  Love it!


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