Saturday, September 17, 2011

Be Ready at Travel Times

It’s vital to bring all important things and tools when traveling because you’ll be prepared anytime that emergency trouble with car will come up. My cousin always bring his trailer hitch with him whenever he’s on long travel or just few towns away from us. One afternoon on his way from mountainous town in the next province he encountered trouble in his owner-type jeep and since it’s dangerous on that place he thanked God that he has everything he needs so they can move the car into safer place. He used his hitch on the vehicle that rescued them and they reached their desired safe place without trouble. It’s always important for drivers to be ready at all times for everyone’s safe travel.


Medical Health Card and Insurance

I’m happy that with my current job we have a medical health card that will be able to cover almost all our medical expenses should we get sick or we need to be examined. We’re getting the services of one of the best in the field and it can be used to various known hospitals in the city and provinces. It also includes clinics in the mall and many towns. 

I already processed and submitted all requirements to our provider and just waiting for the card itself to be delivered to our office. The package that we got and the company that will cover the health insurance is like the guaranteed issue life insurance I saw online because it doesn’t need medical examinations, no questions or interviews and no medical tests which means that everyone can be enrolled. This is great as we’re all qualified and will be getting the best of our health benefits.


Gadgets on My List

I’ve been searching for my next digicam to buy before the end of this year because I have to be sure that I’ll be purchasing the right camera for my needs. At first I’m loyal to my favorite brand of camera but upon seeing some other brands I suddenly have second thoughts on what brand I would buy. I came to think that I should be open to other brands should they offer better features and of course competitive pricing. Since I work near the vicinity of the mall where there’s a place for gadgets and accessories I get to see special promos and deals that offers discounts on my wish list items like new digicam and camera cases, EHD and some other stuff for my home office. I just bought USB, CDs and some other things for our PC at home and planning to get a new notebook for the husband for my graduation gift to him at the end of the school year. Hope my online work will pick up to a high peak again so I’ll have budget for all the things I want to buy.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Affordable Furniture for Your Home

We’re planning to renovate the whole house and turn it into a duplex to separate my sister’s place from us. Our old house is more than 3 decades now since it was reconstructed from a Spanish type house into a modern type and now we observed that it needs a total makeover. We’re now doing a house plan that will maximize the use of the house and turn it into two identical types which we call our duplex project. We’re just fixing our finances and next year we hope that we can start the reconstruction of the house.

As early as now I’m doing the interior design of the planned duplex home and I have included new furniture to match the new house design plans. Since the sofa is too big for the new place I will probably search for smaller size and buy side tables also. As I’m thinking about it excitement is running down my spine and I browse some online furniture sites for other more bright ideas on furnishing my future duplex house. I came upon DealsDirect which offers furniture online at affordable prices perfect for my limited budget. If you have furniture needs check out Deals Direct and choose from their wide range of furniture for your bedroom furniture, tables, outdoor furniture, chairs, beds, sofa, storage solutions, bar stools and others. Enjoy their 14 day guarantee on your purchases.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Convenience of Having Insurance Quotes Online

When we talk about life insurance many people are not open about it because some always associate it to death. Well I have experience of my own in the past when insurance agents convince me of getting one. I must admit that I feel so uncomfortable with it having vague knowledge of how it can affect my life and my loved ones. Now that I have family of my own I’m beginning to understand the importance of life insurance and the benefits it could bring to our family. Still I don’t have a life insurance but I’m open to talk about it and the suggestions on getting it. It has beneficial effects especially on our family that we’ll be leaving behind when we reach the end of our journey. That’s how I put life, it’s a journey to doing our objectives and eventually after all our goals have been achieved we’ll meet our Saviour. Actually the best insurance we should ensure is the quality of life here and the eternal life we’re looking forward to.

Now while we’re still living we can ensure that when we leave something for our family so they will not be burdened with financial problems. Others may still feel uncomfortable with it but gaining information from online websites can teach us the importance of having one and what it can help to our family. There are plenty of insurance companies that offer various packages and deals but it sometimes took our precious time to hear their seminars or explanations. Other times agents made it look like we’re heading to our end and sooner we’ll be dead that we should get one. It took a lot of understanding to really grasp the meaning of insurance and most often browsing sites that offers life insurance quotes help us understand more and they also make the insurance affordable by giving comparable rates to choose. 

This way people will be able to assess their capacity to take insurance and getting them online can help them decide at their most convenient place and time. No need to hurry and no need to be burdened with high rates. You’ll have the privilege of searching, reviewing and getting them when you want it, where you want it and how you want it. No pressure with pleasing or entertaining agents that will try to get your approval and you can get it on your own time when you’re really decided on getting one. Having the insurance quotes online gives not only convenience but a lot of savings too.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cancellation of Travel

We planned to go to our provincial hometown late this afternoon but when we’re travelling we stopped by my brother’s house to decide if we’re going to continue our travel or not. The rains were too heavy to ignore and we’re going to travel through the mountains and zigzag road. My brother slept at dawn this morning to prepare for his church message so he only had 3 hours sleep and we feel that he’ll never make it through driving through heavy rains with zero visibility in the mountains.

While deciding if we’re going to continue or not we had some nice conversation about many things as it’s not every day that we have time for this kind of bonding. The kids were not with us and it’s only my siblings and I who planned on going to Laguna. Since I have a need for plumber I asked for my brother’s staff and his advice on separating our relatives’ water line. I also inquired about teflon hose and its usage since I need some for the house. It was really nice talking to him and asking about his ideas on our planned renovation in the house, choice of floor tiles and anything about home repairs. After careful thinking on our travel to province we decided to go back home and informed our cousins there that we’re backing out. It’s too dangerous to keep on travelling especially that it’s raining and dark in the mountains.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Advanced Technology in Stencils

Hubby is enjoying his electronics subject as he’s into computer hardware now and dealing with ICs. It’s good to hear about his stories at night about his activities in school which brings me back memories of my college days also because my computer engineering course is actually more of electronics and computer hardware. He’s more determined and dedicated with his studies now than when he was young maybe because he’s a family man now. 

If one could only see his enthusiasm over what he’s doing one can tell that he’s so power-driven. He’s been telling me few days back how he perfected his IC board and how they learned about the new technology about SMT Stencils especially the laser cut stencils custom-made for their printed circuit boards. Well it’s part of their subject and course and anything that’s recently innovated they should know so they will be updated with the latest trends in electronics technology.


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