Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Additional Memory

I bought an additional 1GB memory for my computer last week but I haven’t installed it yet due to a very busy schedule which I can call a hectic one. Bigger capacity of random access memory is very important especially if you’re visiting many sites. Before I purchased an additional memory for my desktop I canvassed for the brand and price so I‘ll know which is the better choice for me. I also need to find some details and prices of mac memory for a friend’s computer.

We both need an upgrade in memory because we love visiting several sites and our existing memories are not enough for the tasks I’m always doing. Anyway when I bought my PC I’m just a new kid in blogging and didn’t know that I need to have a good traffic for my sites. I should have bought the maximum memory capacity then. Well now that I bought my new RAM next week I’ll install it when I have the time.


Monday, March 29, 2010

:MYM/RT- The Graduates


Here are my two graduating kids this March in their picture together four years ago. Ruth will graduate from Grade VI and Josh from preparatory school. They look so young and different in their picture here. Just looking at Ruth makes me treasure this picture of her with the cute full smile posing with her little brother which she always seem to joke and want to tease up to the point that he'll cry! Most of the times they disagree with many things maybe because of the age gap. Josh tends to be closer to Ate Gen who likes to play toys for the boys with him.

Now that Ruth is 12 and Josh is 6 they seem to get along well for months now and I'm so happy because the house is in peace with the three kids playing together in Y8 games hahaha! No worry about overplaying as I've set their playing schedule this summer, with limits of course!

I'll post their graduation pics on April :-)

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Wedding Memories

It will be our 14th wedding anniversary on May 4 and kids are planning a little celebration for all of us. They asked me for a copy of our wedding invitations because they want to see if it’s still as nice as it was 14 years ago. Of course the little boy is as curious as ever because he didn’t see much of that invitation.

I remember that I was the one who did the layout design and all phrases written on that invitation. I brought it to the printing press for printing embossed copies because I don’t want it printed in ordinary computer printing. Invitations should last a long period of time and together with the ring, coin and photos it should make up your whole wedding memories.


Getting The Most From Health Insurance

Sickness is common these days as summer are well on its way. Too much heat is not good for our health and we incur skin disease and major sickness because of this. I just heard some cases of hypertension and stroke attack because of the effect of the weather. Senior citizens and babies are the most affected with this sickness. Thus, we should all be covered with health insurance like Blue Cross Blue Shield NC. In this part of the globe all employees in the private and public sector have mandatory health insurances in which premiums are being deducted monthly on their salaries.

Even though we’re only paying a small amount it is very beneficial to all members because you’ll get discounted rates on hospital fees upon confinement. I was actually joking to my friend that working mothers get the most benefits with our premiums because every time we get pregnant our hospital fees are almost free because of our health insurance.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bad Effects of Asbestos

I really felt sad and angry every time I hear stories of people who were victims of Mesothelioma Cancer because I thought that it should be prevented if the owner of industries using asbestos have been careful enough. I know that those owners know the risks of using asbestos but somehow they’ve been irresponsible with their obligations to their staff to secure safety in their working environment.

For those who didn’t know the cause of this deadly cancer it is caused by exposure to asbestos and it happened on manufacturing industries that uses the formerly known wonder mineral. It has grown so popular because of its resistance to heat, electrical and chemical damage. Many found its great uses in building houses, manufacturing and many more. Anyway several years ago the government has banned its use and all we got now are the people who were exposed and suffering now from lung or mesothelioma cancer. Hope the manufacturers will be responsible in helping the victims in their treatment.


Wishing for a Change in Work Location

I’m lucky to have a husband that never drinks and never smokes cigars like cohiba because it can be dangerous to his health. With the kind of job he has its imperative to follow a healthy meal plan. He always arrive home late everyday because the store he’s working at wants him to be there at the closing time which is two to three hours past his regular time. The store closes at 10 in the evening if they’re located inside the mall unlike if they’re on their own site which closes around 7pm.

How I wish that he would be assigned to a near branch that closes earlier than his current branch. Actually there’s a branch just around 20 minutes drive from the house but he never asks the personnel to assign him unlike his office mate who directly asked the management to assign him on that branch. Luckily until now it wasn’t given to the one who requested. Hopefully their branch will start the renovation and reassign him to other branch much nearer so he can have more time with us especially the kids. Wishes!


Friday, March 26, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #69


Click the image to see larger view

This is the view from my MIL's house in Montalban, the area is just across them. You'll notice that I posted almost similar shots but it's actually a sequence of shots. First I took a complete shot but when I noticed the cables on the left I took another shot but I think the first shot is a lot better than the 2nd one because the sky sight is complete while the 2nd one was cut off because of protruding wires. Anyway both shots were able to capture the beauty of the sunset sky.

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Luxury Staunton Condos

In settling your family it’s best to choose a quiet place where there is peaceful community, beautiful environment and happy neighborhood. I grew up in this kind of community and it’s only now that we sometimes experience vandalism on our walls due to the network gaming shop near our house. Living on a good community and environment reflects some kind of good behavior on the children and children that live in peaceful surroundings have also a good chance to grow up as good citizens. This is one of the advantages when you decide to Relocate Staunton VA because you’ll be investing your money on a good one. The Villages offers luxury condominiums and maintenance-free town homes in a neighborhood of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

The condominiums are perfect addition to the beautiful downtown district with the elegant architecture of Staunton va condo which promotes luxurious living and accommodation. For those who want this type of community and village to live in you can easily get yourself a unit in Condos Charlottesville Va and enjoy living in a place like Staunton Villages. For those interested they have an open house on weekends at around 1-3 pm. You have to call first before visiting. Visit their site for more details.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Things First

DH is working in an appliance store and every time there are new gadgets or high technology equipment on sale he will update me about that. Although we can’t buy those expensive appliances we just want discussing them like this new Rackmount LCD with KVM switch which is just too good for one’s taste. Anyway I still have many things in line to purchase in time but for now we’re saving for our youngest and eldest kids’ entry to primary and secondary education, respectively.

The tuition fee for private schooling nowadays is something to save money for because they are now having some increase due maybe to increase in electricity or they need it for maintenance of their school. After the holy week enrollment will start and hopefully I can enroll my two kids as early as possible. For those who can’t afford whole year cash payment they can pay in semestral, quarterly or monthly intervals. I want the semestral payment mode and since enrollees will be accepted only next month I’ve paid for reservation fee to secure their slots in school.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

:WW -Knock Knock!

Knock! Knock! Josh was probably puzzled what could be inside the large white shells. He knocked to see if there's some little creature inside. We've been to JennyL's house and this is their garden where the little boy here wants to roam and play around. He's really very inquisitive at times and asks questions that will make your nose bleed lol! He's going to be at the primary school next school year and we're all waiting to see what this little charmer will be up to.

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Looks Cute on My Little Boy

Two weeks before Josh graduation I asked my niece who is always frequenting the mall to look for a necktie that will suit Josh small height. I just draw a necktie with the color and design I want and my niece went to her afternoon cooling off visit to the nearest mall and look in the mens ties section of Ever Dept. Store and compared my design with available neck ties there. When she brought me her purchase I was glad that it’s almost the same as my drawing. DH adjusted it to Josh’ height and it looked very cute on Josh during the ceremony.

It’s not the first time for my little boy to wear such ties but in their church choir they just borrowed neck ties of their fathers and adjust it so the effect is not that perfect. With this one especially purchased for Josh it looked so cute even though I picked a dark color. Actually the people outside the school’s gate called him engineer and congressman lol!


Monday, March 22, 2010

:MYM - Wild Sunflowers


I've taken the shot at Villa Dominga Resort in Indang, Cavite where sprawling wild sunflowers are just growing up in one corner of the villa. I'm just amazed of how good the soil is in that part of Cavite because even if the flowers are not tended and cared for everyday they just grow up like grass. Sad thing is the bees and other insects sometimes ruin the petals of these lovely sun yellow blooms. I love sunflowers because they so vivid in color and when you see them in big group like this you'll feel like the place is full of sun with those beautiful golden yellow blooms opening up their petals for people to realize the wonderful creation of God!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family Vacation Getaway

School vacation is just around the corner and many of my friends are planning up their vacation as early as now. Some will go to their provinces but others will go to some beach resorts of their choice. It’s the common itinerary of the friends I have because beach vacation can really relax and bring your energies back again. Just imagine a week of stay in the beautiful cottage fronting the beach side with the cool breeze of the ocean on your hair hmmm.. it’s so relaxingly beautiful. Well as for now I really don’t have any fixed plans for the vacation but my cousin is urging me to look for a place to stay in Myrtle Beach because they really want to go there by next month. It has long been planned but due to some circumstances it was cancelled. I suggested Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels I found online because it has many beach hotels and resorts located directly on the ocean which my cousin so dearly loves to stay.

Cousin’s hubby can’t take his sports on the side while having vacation so I’ll have to look for a place where they can combine hubby’s favorite golf sports with cousin’s flair for finest amenities and accommodations of the new Seaside Myrtle Beach Hotel which is just some few steps away from the dazzling beach side, perfect for cousin’s dream vacation. Well they really love staying at one of the resorts there because that’s exactly what they’re planning a year ago. So many things happened including the disastrous big flood in our place that makes everyone strive hard to make up for the lost properties.

Now that we’ve moved on and somehow have saved enough for a relaxing vacation we might as well plan a vacation getaway that will bind the family. I just can’t make up my mind where so I just helped out my cousin who is so busy with her business to arrange things for their family vacation. It’s a favor I’m doing for them and since I’m always online I have the privilege of seeing what’s new and good for the deals. Well If I’m to ask I’ll definitely choose Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel for them so they can enjoy vacationing in the beach, some nice entertainment, fine dining, shopping, perfect accommodations and of course his husband’s golf which cannot be put behind the vacation. Good for all of them and I think they agree with me.


Friday, March 19, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #68


Click the image to see larger view

It's Friday once again and I always love posting here my share of looking at the sky. I got here a photo of the condominium building directly in front of our church and I have a nice view here because we're renting at the fourth floor. I have the privilege of taking a low or high shots. For this week I've chosen my shot of the full upper front building where the beautiful sky and clouds serve as the perfect background for the condo building. I wonder if the tenants know how beautiful their place is. I would love our house to have a picture like this one.

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Optimum Protection from Sun’s Heat

My Mom told me to bring protection from sun every time I choose to go out of the house. I’m just not used to using umbrella on short distance walk to store. Mother knows best because if the skin is always exposed to sun it will dry out and possibly develop some wrinkles. I don’t want that to happen to me because I’ll need anti wrinkle cream like strivectin if I develop too much wrinkles.

I’m fond of reading reviews on just about any topic and I came upon some reviews about this product not being a complete cream for wrinkles and was introduced first as a cure for stretch marks. The review dwells on the product incapacity to be what it claims to be. It’s not complete with needed ingredients which make it not an ideal one to use if ever I should need one. Now that I don’t have wrinkles yet I guess I can just stay away from sun’s heat and avoid overexposure when outside the house. Of course optimum protection must be in hand always. Anyway there are lots of alternative and I’ll search for it when I have the time.


Pizza Snacks Within Short Distance

Just had my snacks with my Mom and three kids and we tried the new store few blocks away from my house? It sells pizza with toppings like bacon & mushroom, bacon & cheese, hawaiian, ham & cheese, mushroom & cheese and pepperoni & cheese. The kids chose ham and cheese and ordered fruit shakes to drink with the pizza. They also have French fries, dimsum and different sandwiches. It’s just the regular community pizza and the taste is only ordinary nothing special but for pizza lovers like us it’s just fine, anyway the price is only from P75-P120 so it’s really affordable. What’s important is that we can have pizza now whenever we want it. We can even make a call first before we go there so they can prepare it before I pick it up.


Control Your Sweet Cravings

I had some good cravings for foods mostly sweets last month and a friend gave me a sachet of healthy coffee to somehow control myself from wanting too much sweets. I know I’m drinking a healthy variety but on me it acted as appetite suppressant because it didn’t only stopped my sweet cravings but suppressed my appetite for other foods as well.

Most of my friends know that I want to shed some pounds but I want it the healthy and natural way and if that coffee had that kind of effect on me I think it’s not for me. I stopped it immediately and relied on my own conviction that veggies and fruits will do better. I just need to spend more time on my daily exercise as I don’t have enough of that this month. Not for being slim and fit only but generally people should have regular exercise and balanced diet in order to be healthy. I need to focus on that.


Fighting My Headache

I’m loaded with tons of work and I’m planning to work until night so I can finish all tasks before the cutoff but time is running out on me I don’t think I can finish it in my desired time. Anyway it’s not task assignment due date that I’m beating but the pay cutoff so if ever I failed to finish it all it will just be fine. I’m starting to have some headache but I will not let this hamper my work as I’ve already put some Chinese ointment. I don’t want to take medicine as I’m afraid if it will make me sleepy. I can work until midnight or dawn but when sleep overpowers me I have no choice but to stop. Now that I’m inspired to work and write I’d better make it fast before my weak side take over.


His Time to Leave

I heard from my friend working in a hospital that one of the frequent killer diseases these days is colon cancer. I was surprised because in the past decades we never thought that it could be one of the diseases that can harm people so much that it can be a severe kind. I’ve read colonix review and some testimonials of people who survived but so far I’m still not sure of its causes and prevention.

I’m just sad that the husband of my cousin died from colon cancer without any single symptom and idea that he has been suffering from this disease. He just complained about his stomach and when they consulted their doctor they learned that he has the cancer already and the stage is severe that it only took no more than a year and he died from it. He doesn’t have a single vice, he has a healthy lifestyle and he has not been subjected to stress or anything. Well I think his sickness serve only as a reason for his final farewell to his family and his time has come to face our Creator.


Balance of Work, Attitude and Responsibilities

Did you experience making one person’s day beautiful because of your kind words? I’ve been to a lot of that kind of situation in my work and I must say people like me for having the nice words to say to them when they needed it most. I’m always burdened with the task of laying the rules and reprimanding those who can’t abide by the rules. But I don’t like doing it. It pains me to see my staff and co-employees’ faces when I hand a memo or make them understand the standard rules in the office. Worst thing is telling them that we don’t need their services anymore after nearly six months of employment.

It’s hard to work in the Human Resource department, you need to be tough and not a soft emotional human like me. Although I was able to do all my responsibilities in the office I felt it’s not my world. So I did my work with a balance of being an officer with respectable attitude and the heart of a psychologist who’s always ready to understand their situations in life. Being a born-again Christian helps but the whole job was really a tough one as sometimes my emotions were defeating me. Now that I’ve left my corporate job I shared some experiences in my blog and hope to help others who are in the same situation.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eat Dietary Fiber Foods

I had a research about hemorrhoid, its causes and prevention and I learned a lot about this sickness and though it’s not life-threatening it can cause too much pain on the patient that will lead them to look for the best hemorrhoids treatment. But I know that it’s better to know the causes of this sickness and its prevention so we can avoid this from happening to us. What leads to hemorrhoid are Increased straining and irritation due to constipation, diarrhea, wearing of tight clothing, obesity, sitting for long period of time and some other which results in irritation.

To prevent this we should keep the stools soft by drinking plenty of water, eat dietary fiber like fruits, vegetables and cereals. It also helps when we do walking, exercising and practicing better posture. Pregnancy and hypertension can also be one of the causes. Now we should avoid foods that will worsen the patient condition like nuts, spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

:WW - Cousins

Caught these two babies sitting on the table and sharing wafers with each other, the wafer is still evident on them lol! They were having fun baby talking to each other and eating their favorite wafer biscuits when I told them to smile and look at me. They gave in and posed before my camera with their own different ways of making cutie smiles. They love the clicks of the cam! Anyway these two little cuties are my goddaughters and they're cousins, daughters of our Pastor's daughters, got it! They're one year and 10 months here!

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Careful Not To Get Allergies Again

Few days from now classes will end and kids will have their summer vacation. I’m really looking forward to these summer months because it’s also a break for me to wake up so early at dawn to cook and prepare food for my schooling kids. I can get up an hour later than usual since DH will only be the one who will go to office. I’m thinking of ways on how the kids can be occupied on their vacation. Anyway I’ll have another two weeks for that to think about. For now I’ll have to check the remedy for my friend’s eczema as she’s asking me to help her find the best treatment for the skin disease she got from wearing her leather sandals. She seems to have allergy for leather goods and it’s late when she found out that she has incurred such allergy.

I have a relative that develop a skin disease on her feet upon wearing wet shoes and slippers. It took her some months to treat her eczema and when she finally found the right cure she was very relieved. It’s not an easy thing for her to have that sickness and since then she’s very careful with the kind of shoes she wears. After all she didn’t want the same allergy on her feet again because it’s so painful. She learned her lessons well.


Look Younger with a Change of Attitude

You want to look younger? No I will not tell any beauty regimen here or promote products that will make you look young. It will not cost you a cent but a lot of wise thinking. If you want to look younger then practice thinking younger – change your attitude. Age has less to do with years than it has to do with attitude. When you accept this fact and truly believe this then your appearance will improve significantly. Your posture will improve (remember poor posture advertises old age). Your behavior will become youthful and your outlook in life will dramatically improve. That’s the secret of some people who didn’t have to go to expensive salon to have their skin look young. It’s just mind over matter. Just always remember your age is what you make it so if you think old you’ll be old and if you think young it will show in your face.


The Value of Having Good School for Nursing Programs

With today’s current situation in the world where natural disasters are at its peak occurring in various countries we need a lot of help in the field of health care and medicine. Doctors and nurses are greatly needed in countries which were badly damaged by earthquake because their casualties are in immeasurable numbers. It was a big surprise to the whole world that certain peak of catastrophe will ever hit a country. Almost everyone was devastated and a yearning for help in the treatment of wounded people is of great importance.

The field of health care and medicine is indeed a noble job and I came to think that nursing students should really be enrolled in a good nursing school in order to attain high quality education and the best Nursing Programs Phila for them to deliver the best service to their patients. They should be good in academics and clinical experience to become a good nurse. When my eldest daughter was only four years old she dreams of becoming a nurse and when I ask her why she answered me with a smile that she wants to take care of the senior citizens like her granny who suffers from arthritis. She also thinks that being a nurse is one of the best jobs a person could ever have.


‘Lil Boy Stomach Pain

Blessings poured in last night and I was about to start doing my multiple tasks when Josh was suddenly hit by stomach pain that kept him from enjoying his lunch. He actually munched three bites of his favorite chicken and cried to me for help. I was relieved to have my Mom beside me always who knows a lot about first aid on the usual illness of children.

It turned out to be the result of cold stomach and too much hot temperature that resulted some pain in my little boy’s tummy. It started before lunchtime and ended an hour after we prayed and gave him hot massage using my Mom’s good old medicinal recipe. After one hour of nap my little boy asked for his fried chicken and ate with gusto. I’m happy now.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cellular Replacement Parts

I bought accessories for my daughter’s cellular phone and she was excited to put it in her phone but when she placed it on her phone she missed the exact place where the accessory will be placed. She accidentally hit the line where the LCD of her phone was connected and she was surprised when she saw a crack in her mobile phone screen. It was an unfortunate case as she was only putting her favorite accessory character on the phone. She didn’t know that I was also talking to myself why I bought the accessory that will damage the phone. Well it was an accident and I’m now finding solutions for her mobile phone.

My niece wanted so much to study basic electronics and cellular phone repair in technology schools that offer such nice vocational courses. Even before she expressed her desire to study she can do simple troubleshooting of appliances and cellular phones. When I asked about the replacement of Gen’s phone she told me that she can have it checked by her friend. Well to help them both I checked primelec.com for Gen’s cellular replacement parts and I found parts, gadgets and some other items at affordable prices. They also offer computer parts, phones, electronic components, servers, hardware and some other gadgets. It’s fun browsing up their site as they have many things to offer.


Unconscious Mutterings : Week#372

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Stop the Disease from Spreading

Proper health should be maintained at all costs so every member of the family will be protected also. If someone in the family is sick it’s normal that one of his housemate will follow or get sick through the virus emitted in the air. Virus can easily spread in the house if the sick person is not so keen on healing or treating himself. There should a proper awareness to people with communicable disease or their family will suffer with them.

This is applicable for all sickness that may arise be it the usual sickness of cold, coughs, measles or the embarrassing diseases which the male often kept secret. If ever you’re put in an embarrassing situation of having contacted this transmitted disease you can have yourself tested in one of the STD Screening Clinics without being embarrassed and will not take much of your time. It’s more convenient as you have it requested online and set up a schedule for a no hassle testing of your disease.


Opportunity Blessings!

Wow I just received more blessings tonight and so are my online friends. We’re all excited about it and tweets were just as excited as we are. For bloggers like us who are doing some online job the blessings are in the form of opportunities and assignments. Some says that when it rains it pours and it’s exactly what I felt now because I also have some opportunity blessings early in the morning. It’s such a blessed day!


Maintaining a Healthy Body

It takes a lot of discipline and self-control to maintain a healthy diet. It’s actually easier to succumb to your longings than to start a meal plan of purely healthy meals consisting vegetables, fruits and fish. Well I had the will to do this kind of diet last year and it paid off as I lost some pounds. But I stopped more than two months ago because I can’t prepare a different meal for me due to busy schedule. I was again faced with the problem of excessive pounds from working too tight during night time. So for now I have to get back to my old regimen of eating less fatty foods and more of fibrous healthy foods.

That’s my resolution if I want to get back in shape. I still have to work out my problem with my tummy. Well for my friend living in US for quite some time the only solution she know is the vaser liposuction in Chicago which is perfect for those who want to remove excess pounds in the problem areas like tummy, thighs, abdomen and many more. They’re using a new advanced technique in surgery that can reduce your fat without affecting the important parts of our bodies. It’s recommended for people with healthy lifestyle who just can’t get rid of fat in some areas of their bodies.


Monday, March 15, 2010

:MYM - Hiding and Playing


Gotcha! I caught Ryza in the act here as she's trying to hide from her father. Her father was following her every turns she goes and was telling her to stop in one place. On the next picture she thought she finally escaped from him but I saw his father hiding from her on the side of the car. Funny father and child! She's one and only anyway! Ryza is my godchild, she's a granddaughter of our Pastor in the church. She's just one year old here last summer camp meeting!

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Preparing Funds for Car Repair

We’re happy that finally the car mechanic that we’re waiting for can now give his time on our car and possibly he can make it run in a few weeks time. We just have to prepare our funds for our car repair and eventually get a cheap car insurance like that of estatecarinsure so we can still have budget for other miscellaneous needs of our vehicle.

Even if we can use my brother’s pickup every time we have a need for transport it’s still better if we’re using our own as we don’t have to pick it up early in the morning and return it at night. Sometimes DH was too exhausted that he wanted to rest immediately after driving a long mile. Well anyway with the car’s repair and my kids’ graduation and transfer to bigger schools I think we should work harder to save some more funds for these expenses.


Should Have Break Time Also

I’m too engrossed in what I’m doing that I can’t feel the pang of hunger in my stomach. It’s just when my Mom reminded me that I still haven’t eaten my lunch that I was brought back to real life. I was always like that when I’m writing lengthy article. I feel as if I was in the article too lol! Since my little boy and Mom had eaten the brownies that I bought in the morning they opt to wait for me as they still full and satisfied with what they’ve eaten.

When I learned that they’ll wait for me I left my work and had my lunch. I’m still thinking of my article and was planning to go back as soon as I’m finished with my lunch when my Auntie arrived. Oh well that finished my state of reverie and brought me back to reality that I should also stop and have my break time from writing.


Beautiful Mailboxes for Your Homes

I’m so happy today even if it’s Monday. I usually have this thing about Monday, the one I used to have when I’m still working in office. They call it Manic Monday and I call it Monday sickness. Whatever it is I’m so glad that I’m beginning to love Monday. This day brings happiness to me as the sun shines so brightly but not as hot as the other week maybe because of the rain last week. That one day rain brought so much benefit to areas with super dry lands. Anyway what really makes us happy? It’s in knowing that a lot of people love us whoever, whatever and whenever. I just checked my mail boxes and found out that the letter my cousin is waiting for has finally arrived. She used to live with us so she decided not to change her address as it might not reach her so fast when she put her provincial address.

Anyway I’ve already sent a text message and she replied that she’ll drop by next week to get her important letter. She really needs them for her safekeeping. Communication is really very important in a one’s life and letters are one important form of communication. My Mom always tells me that a single letter can make an angry fellow to relax, a sick man well and a lonely man happy. Sometimes it can also stop or delay war. Such powerful tool to communicate. Even there’s email now which can send letters in minutes I still love the good old idea of having Residential Mailboxes because I love receiving handwritten letters and it will be protected if you have mailbox in your home.

In almost every home Mailboxes are still an important part of our front yard. They’re necessary to protect our billings, cards and letters. They can also add beauty to our front yard if we took extra effort in choosing the right style, color and quality. Now looking for the right mailbox can be easy for us all because Mailboxixchange provides the widest range of residential and commercial mailboxes suited to your specific style and needs. Visit their site to see their high quality products, competitive prices and reliable customer service to answer all your queries and meet your requirements.


Manic Monday #203

How did you decide to live where you do? The place we're living right now is the place where my father and his ancestors lived ever since. Our family's root is here and my Mom agreed to my father to move here from my Mom's provincial hometown because my father's work was herein his town. Since my Mom was a teacher then she can continue her career anywhere she decided to live. Ours is a nice town as it's the nearest town to city, we're still geographically located in the province but we're like a city with easy and near access to super malls, good schools, colleges and everything we need.

Do you like risks, or do you avoid them? What major risks have you taken in your life? I'm a careful planner and if I can avoid big risks I'll try to avoid them but sometimes it's part of our life and we should be able to experience taking risks once in a blue moon. The major risks I've taken in my life are getting married, leaving my 16-year corporate job and working at home doing online freelance writing. Care to know the results of my risks? I'm perfectly happy with all the risks I've taken in my life because before I take any risk I consult God and pray for His guidance and signs.

If you had to choose, which could you live without: TV, the internet, a telephone or friends? I need friends to get me through life, friends can't be bought or replaced with expensive things. I can't work without internet because I have an online writing/paid blogging job besides I can do all communications through internet because there's facebook, instant messaging, chat rooms, Pc to phone call conversation and emails. So that leave me to choose between TV and telephone. I think I'll choose television because it will entertain me and watching tv with my family is a kind of family bonding too..... So that leave telephone because I can still contact my friends through net :-) clever lol!

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Summer Bonding Vacation

Summer vacation is just a few weeks away now and my kids are gearing up for our two-day fellowship vacation in our favorite villa site near Tagaytay city. As early as now we’re preparing our list of things to bring for our summer camp meeting. We’ll travel on the 1st and 2nd of April just in time for the Maundy Thursday and Black Friday holy week season. We’ll start traveling at dawn and will return home the next day at night. We’ll arrange another date for another vacation at a later date. I heard some of my friends are planning Disney vacation packages for their families and they’re saving for it so it will be as soon as possible. Anyway spending money on your desired vacation place is just worth it if you can relax and rest on your favorite resort with your family.

We need to have bonding experience with our family especially with our kids and this summer is just the perfect time to do so. There are many options that we can do to enjoy a day or a week with our family. We can have vacation abroad, spend vacation in beautiful resorts, visit your loved ones in your hometown provinces or just have a picnic in the park. As long as you’re together and happy there’s no problem where or when you spend it.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Part of Fairy Tale Are You?

I'm very fond of watching and reading different stories of fairy tales when I was a child. I remembered most of the stories until now and I share it with my three kids. It was fun reading and storytelling on fiction stories because you'll see the excitement and happy smiles of the children when you tell them fairy tale stories. Anyway I found below test online, feel free to do it as well!

You Are the Fairy

You are charming, cheerful, and a little bit magical. You make other people's lives better.
You are a bit eccentric at times, but you truly care about people in your own way.

You are hyper and restless. It drives you crazy to sit still, and you are usually the first to leave any event.
You are unpredictable and flighty. No one can guess what you'll be up to next ... or where you'll be!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Window Films for Your Home

The sun’s heat these days can really cause sudden attack of hypertension and some skin diseases but I’ve heard that we should protect ourselves now from prevailing heat wave stroke that caused confinement to some people in the hospital. Actually upon hearing the news on television last Thursday I suddenly felt dizzy from going out in the sun the whole day. I got many errands and commitments that day that I found myself neglecting my protection from sun. I was just glad that I was at home already when I felt sick and in pain.

I’m thinking about it now again as the sun’s glare kept on reaching our windows at the terrace. The curtains there is made of silk and the rays of sun can easily get through. I appreciate it on cold days but on these summer days I’m thinking if I could get blinds for the windows. If only I could get some of those window tinting los angeles products for my house it would be very effective. I heard many residential and corporate offices are now using these window films because they have proven its versatility when it comes to UV protection, security from theft and safety from accidents, earthquakes and some other natural disasters.

With the use of window film los angeles in your residences you will not only get UV protection but a lot of savings for cooling costs too because they reduce the sun’s glare and 99% of the harmful UV rays. Besides, your precious furniture and interiors would be protected too from being worn out easily. Its effectiveness can extend up to corporate buildings, to your car and to your loved ones.


Friday, March 12, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #67


Click the image to see larger view

I've got nice sky watching shot here with white cotton clouds on the top and greyish white clouds at the bottom. Well I've got plenty of imagination again here as I'm seeing dino head popping out of the roof of the dark building and another head on the upper left maybe a dragon lol! Forgive me for playing 'guess what' again on the clouds :-) must be working too hard again on my online writing. Happy sky watching!

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Help Your Child Live a Normal Life

Our five senses are very important in our lives. We should be able to make use of our senses in sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch in order to cope with learning and living a normal life. If a person lacks one of these senses she will need to be treated or undergo therapy to at least be as normal as possible. One of these senses that seem to lack in few children is the sense of hearing. It’s unfortunate to lose hearing because through this important sense we learn to communicate languages, enjoy the arts of music, develop our language and enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature.

When I saw people suffering from hearing loss I felt their difficult experience as I have a cousin back in our province who suffered hearing loss since birth which led her into speech difficulties. It’s a difficult situation for her and her family helped her live with her incapacity and supported her all the way. If only Cochlear Implants is available those days she would have lived a normal life. Now that technology has advanced itself in medicine many disabilities were given treatment and I’m so glad about it because disable people will have the chance to live a good and normal life.

With the help of MED-EL Cochlear Implant system there is a renewed hope for children and adults suffering from hearing loss. It’s a combined product output from the latest innovation in hearing science and modern technology to give way for coming up with the perfect solutions to those cases with hearing impairment.

Cochlear Implant Surgery will greatly help those who have severe to profound hearing problems to understand what people are saying, improve their speech, listen to music and communicate with people. Communication is very important in our daily existence and with it you can learn, have friends and understand the people around you. This solution is not for everyone so if you have a family member that suffers from hearing loss consult their doctor first to see if they’re qualified for cochlear implants.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thunks

1. What is your favorite kind of cookie? chocolate chip cookies

2. If a birds wing falls asleep, does it hurt when it tries to flap it's wings or does that make it feel better? I think it feels better because it's just like a mannerism of them when falling asleep

3. Water - tab, bottle, filtered or....??? filtered water for me

4. Would you (or do you) have a stripper pole installed in your home? I don't have a need for that now!

5. Do you still have any Christmas decoration up? We're not decorating on Christmas because we're born again Christians

6. What brand of camera do you have? Canon

7. Why do paint colors have weird names? So you can easily differentiate and remember them, you see it they got ordinary names you will not remember them easily!

8. Which toe is your favorite and which foot is it on? They're all the same, so small!

9. What would you do if a celebrity sneezed in your face? I'll give him/her tissue paper so it won't happen again on me. That's so yucky for me!

10. If a stranger came to your door and asked for a glass of water, would you give it to them? Yes I've given some strangers already but I put them on disposable bottles so they can carry it along with them!

11. The government has asked that you pick the newest national holiday - what is it? Holiday for my birthday! I can't think of much better days to give national holiday lol!

12. How many toothpicks could you fit into a beer can? First I don't drink second i don't know the size and third I'm too sleepy to calculate :-)

13. Whats the weirdest excuse you ever gave for missing school or work...or heck, even a social function, date, whatever? Traffic!!! It's always traffic in one of the roads I'm always traveling on so it's weird that I'm always late huh! I should have mastered my time lol!

14. Can we stop now? Alright but promise you'll have it again next thursday, it's fun doing it!


Customized Bumper Stickers

My sister and I love looking at cars especially if the car has unique accessories that we never see in any other car. She works for a car dealer company so she has more knowledge in car when it comes to brand, parts and accessories. Well who will not be if you’ve worked on the same environment for several years. When we’re on the road on the way to our church we always looked at the car around us and sometimes we see unique bumper sticker that’s really out of the blue meaning not so ordinary.

Well I’m really also fond of car accessories and I want those which are not so commonly used by many people. Of course I want our car to be something like unique in one way or another. My kids’ fondness for stuff toys made us accessorize our car with them and I love it because it made our car cute also. Now I’m searching online for cars online and what caught my attention were the funny customized bumper stickers that says a lot for thinking and laughing. I had a great time reading those lines although they were just samples and if you order from them you’ll have your own unique bumper sticker according to what you want. Cool isn’t it? Just like your car! Well I’m thinking now what will I possibly put if I order my own customized bumper stickers. Got some fresh ideas?


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

;WW - Cool Waters for a Hot Summer!


Feeling hot these days? I've posted this one to ease the hot weather we're experiencing right now (in this part of the globe) This is one of the big resorts in Barangay Pansol, Calamba, Laguna, Philippines where all of my kids had their educational tour. You can see the cool blue waters of the pool before and after it's flocked with swimmers.

It's actually my daughters' field trip but 'lil boy Josh tagged along so I had to ask little dear sister to come as well because DH can't make it. Can't cope with three kids on a field trip and Charles, Gen's classmate was entrusted to me by his parents which makes them four kids under my care.

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West Des Moines Chiropractor

I’m slowly recovering now from my week long severe back pain which made me relax for awhile from blogging marathon. I’m lucky to have my Mom beside me as she’s an expert in giving massage therapy for back pain and some mild twisted veins. Her father has taught her the skills since she’s in her twenties. Her massage therapy is a big pain relief to my aching back and because of that I’m back now to my online tasks.

My cousin who suffers the same back pain every time she’s overworked found her way to family chiropractic care to relieve her of the back pain she’s been suffering for a month. She was so glad to consult her sickness and given a natural relief. I know it wasn’t easy having chronic pain as it will affect your work and your health.

For those suffering from the same pain that my cousin experienced and you’re just living in West Des Moines and nearby areas like Waukee, Urbandale, Johnston, Des Moines and Central Iowa you can go to the nearest West Des Moines Chiropractic care and have Hassel Family Chiropractic relieve you of chronic pain, headaches, disc disorders and some other personal injury cases. It’s good for newborns, infants, teenagers and adults so you can bring any member of your family who suffers the same dilemma.


Unconscious Mutterings : Week#371

1.Detective :: secret agent, investigator
2. Bangs :: hair, knocks, thumps, beats
3. Consultant :: adviser, mentor, counselor
4. Puzzle :: crossword, mystery, brainteaser
6. Necklace :: choker, collar, jewelry
7. 184 :: address no., code, hotline
8. Stimulation :: encouragement, inspiration, motivation
9. Layered :: cake, covered, encrusted
10. Police :: officer, law enforcer

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March House Plans

It’s everyone’s dream to have their own home where they can start a family and build their dreams. But it takes a lot to own a house and not just finances but plenty of time and planning. You also have to consult all members of your family especially your spouse regarding your allocated budget and home plans. It’s got to be fitted to your taste because after all it will be your home sweet home.

When you finally made a decision to go for your own house you have to take care of the important details regarding the house which includes architectural design. It has to contain all specific details of the style you want because it’s where the construction design will be followed. You need a good planner like houseplansandmore.com to help you with your desired house plan. They provide and offer home building tools and resources. You can choose from their pre-drawn floor plans or blue prints that will suit your specific requirements when it comes to style, design and budget. They will make your search easier.

I’ve found out that March is a good month for them and when I browsed their site I’ve seen new styles and designs available in their site. I find many of them very appealing and functional. Those house plans are well defined and varied so you can have the home of your choice not only according to your taste but also according to your budget. I’ve enclosed some house plan samples here. Feel free to drop by their site to see more of their beautiful designs.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy with Graduation Committee

I was requested to meet with Ruth’s adviser for a meeting about the change of graduation venue and the final announcement of their graduation date. The date came from the desk of the town’s Superintendent and it falls on the day after Easter Sunday. Graduation will be on April 5 at 10:00am. Well I was really assuming that it will be after the holy week as the announcement was kinda delayed because of the successive tests conducted in all schools. Division, regional and national achievement tests were conducted and these kept the superior busy thus the date declaration just arrived yesterday.

I’m the secretary of the graduation committee and I do all the letter of requests, permission and all other needed correspondence for the school occasion. I didn’t know I would be this busy as some of my tasks are nearing its due dates. I should have anticipated this one but I just accepted the position so I can contribute some help for my daughter’s division. Actually it wouldn’t be hard on us if there are no evacuees of the allotted gymnasium for the school’s yearly graduation while the new stage of the school can’t accommodate the graduates and parents. Anyway I’m glad I’m the boss of my time and I just have to manage my time well.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good Paying Job Opportunities

I’ve heard that many of my schoolmates and friends from college have tried their luck in some countries and most of them succeeded. Now some of them are living in foreign lands with their families. They thought that working and living there would augment their family’s finances. We all have our own fate and choice on how we’re going to make our life good and worthy to live for depending on our priorities in life. Anyway it’s really tempting to work abroad as there are lots of opportunities there to land a good-paying job like that of job philly where there are thousands of jobs available in health care, media, rehabilitation services, sales and support, IT and many more.

Most often it’s the salary that’s tempting us to try our luck outside our countries. It’s a common point of view that if we work abroad we’ll be richer and more successful in life but we must take all things in consideration before plunging into it. The person who will be working away from his family should be matured enough to accept good and bad things that might happen in his life. There are sacrifices at stake when you’re away from your family. We must always keep in mind that success is measured by happiness and not by money.


Friday, March 5, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #66


Click the image to see larger view

A total summer look with this kind of view of clear blue sky and white clouds. If you'll look into details you'll observe some trees with dry leaves. This is a shot from the villa we rented last December. Yes it isn't summer when I took the shot but the sun shined so brightly during that month that even my kids' complexion turned brown due to playing in the fields. Not that they're directly under the sun, here in this place even the air can give you a tanned look. Well I stayed inside the conference hall to save my skin from getting darker.

Will you believe me if I tell you guys that with the sun shining so brightly we have to wear jackets and shawls? If you stayed inside the hall you'll feel the cool air of the highlands. We're in Villa Dominga Forest Resort in Indang, Cavite near Tagaytay City.

Happy sky watching! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Security for Family and Home

My cousin who is into insurance job has started working for an insurance company way back several years. She told me that it’s easier to sell premium plans few years ago but now you have to be patient in getting clients. If several years ago they can get average working class to insure themselves now their customers are very limited.

People who are still getting themselves mortgage life insurance wants security and protection not just for their family but to their home as well. They’ve chosen this because it has the easiest ways to provide financial well-being to them. I must check this one out.


The Baby Animal Test

You Are Bright and Cheerful

You're the type of person who always has something to smile about. If the sun is shining and the birds are singing, that's enough for you.
Other people find you to be a breath of fresh air. You have a childlike innocence that others lack.

You like to make other people smile, and you're likely to say something to lighten the mood.
You want to be a joy to be around, and you try to keep your problems and worries to yourself.


Full of Schedule

I’m so busy right now and my former office mate told me that it looks as if I’m busier now than when I’m working in the office. That’s true because I really can’t find the time sometimes to do everything ahead of time. Well for my online tasks I was able to be two days ahead of time. I also have to look for a new receipt printer for my friend’s usage. She wanted to start a small business complete with everything like in a supermarket that’s why she needs all the list of equipment, gadgets and grocery registers. It’s my dream also to run a small business but my online works wouldn’t allow me to do so because I’m full up to my neck.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings : Week#370

  1. Harm :: danger, hurt, bad
  2. If :: but, stipulation, Bread
  3. On my own :: alone, independent, solo
  4. She said :: he said, opinion, song
  5. Illegal :: unlawful, bad, forbidden
  6. Broke :: poor, don't have money, bankrupt
  7. It’s a :: miracle, boy, a beautiful life
  8. Chatting :: talking, online, sites
  9. Cottage :: industry, nipa, wood
  10. Podcast :: series of media files, audio files, video files

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