Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looks Cute on My Little Boy

Two weeks before Josh graduation I asked my niece who is always frequenting the mall to look for a necktie that will suit Josh small height. I just draw a necktie with the color and design I want and my niece went to her afternoon cooling off visit to the nearest mall and look in the mens ties section of Ever Dept. Store and compared my design with available neck ties there. When she brought me her purchase I was glad that it’s almost the same as my drawing. DH adjusted it to Josh’ height and it looked very cute on Josh during the ceremony.

It’s not the first time for my little boy to wear such ties but in their church choir they just borrowed neck ties of their fathers and adjust it so the effect is not that perfect. With this one especially purchased for Josh it looked so cute even though I picked a dark color. Actually the people outside the school’s gate called him engineer and congressman lol!


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