Monday, November 30, 2009

Things to Bring on Holiday Camp

Holidays are here again and that means our camp meeting is near again. We’re going to a far provincial place that’s why as early as now I’m making some lists of what we’re going to need on those days. We reserved one of villa’s conference halls for four days and we’re all excited about it. Our camp meeting is our semi-yearly fellowship service held at far away quiet places where we usually put up our tents and have bonfire over cold nights. We have our service schedule for old and young alike. The children have their own group which we called Sunday school and to avoid disturbance in our service they were taught and guided by youth assigned for them.

Well back to my list which is quite long I think. I should check for all our clothes and DH shoes which I got from recommended men's classic shoes. I don’t want to rush buying it so I ask my friend’s advice. DH will certainly use it for our service whether he’s an emcee, exhorter or preacher. As the villa resort has a vast area for recreational activities we can have some sports for the kids in the morning to warm them up before fellowship activities and for us all we can have some walking and running early morning. I also got one pair of mens running shoes in hand for DH just in case he wants to use it. Now aside from these I’ve got to bring food, utensils, essentials and sleeping items to complete my list.


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