Monday, August 3, 2009

Moving Out Can Be Exciting!

Moving out to a new location? That could be an exciting thought except that it’s also tiring. It would take you days to pack and later to unpack things from storage. It will take a lot of energy and time-consuming too. Some friends I know who moved out to a new location became stressed out from the day they pack up to the time they had moved in and unpack. Moving out became a bad experience for her. Now there’s a solution for the unhappy moving experiences as offered by Smart Box USA. They offer the convenience of portable storage as with pods west palm beach . Imagine having the storage units delivered to you and you can pack and load in your own preferred time. Really convenient isn’t it?

Lucky for those living in South Florida as west palm beach storage company eliminates the need to haul your things and belongings to the old storage traditional way. It’s flexible, easy to sort, great organizational storage and affordable too. Smartbox storage can turn your moving out into a wonderful experience. With the help of west palm beach movers your documents and belongings can be safely transferred and your move can be a truly exciting adventure seeing different place, meeting new friends and joining a new community.


The Weekly Musing #8

Let’s talk about relationships. If you have a partner (husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend…), talk about your relationship with that person; if you don’t currently have a partner, or don’t wish to talk about that person, feel free to talk about a past partner, an ideal partner, or best friend; I’ll make these questions appropriate and general enough so they can be answered if you choose to talk about your best friend.

  • First off: Who is the person you are answering these questions about? How did you two meet and how long have you known each other? It's my hubby. We met in the church when I first attended a born-again christian fellowship service, we've known each other for 15 years.
  • What one word or phrase comes to mind when you think about this person? Sweet
  • Describe your ideal day or weekend outing with this person if money, time, and space weren’t factors. Perfect on a beach vacation
  • Share a funny experience you had with this person. We had plenty of funny experiences but most of them are with the kids especially with our son Josh who has a lot of funny antics.
Come and join this Weekly Musing here


Help in Finding the Right Franchise Opportunity

If you’re tired of long-term employment that never seems to augment your family’s financial status you must start planning your life and think of starting your own business. Of course starting your own business can be a little risky especially if you’re not an expert in the field. Plan your business through feasibility study and choose the line of business that you have interest. Put your heart into it, ask advices from friends, consult professional experts and if you’re living in San Francisco start a business San Francisco, CA. Don’t waste your years over your job that never gave you enough salary to feed your family. Stability is not having a stable job with very low income. There are more opportunities outside employment.

You can choose what business you want depending on your budget, interest and location. My auntie lives in California and she’s thinking of some franchise opportunities San Francisco, CA because franchises are easy to manage as they take care of products, staff training and marketing. If you’re in doubt what kind of franchise business you’ll enter to you can ask the advice and assistance of franchise consultants who can help you find the right franchise opportunity for your specific requirements. They will guide you to search, choose and analyze the perfect match to buy franchise San Francisco, CA. Some people think it best to consult the experts before entering the world of franchising business, after all a carefully laid out plan and several advices can be the best gauge in starting up a business.


Ruth Loves To Cook

We had a funny and worthwhile Saturday morning when Ruth asked me to demonstrate to her how to cook spaghetti. They will have some cooking sessions in school today and they were asked to cook spaghetti. Ruth got from me my flair for cooking and since she was barely ten years old she started showing some real interest in cooking. When she watched me bake some macaroons she asked to let her the next time we cook and she proved us she can do it. She tried some recipes and desserts including leche flan and lechetin (combined leche flan and gelatin).

I dictated all the ingredients and how to cut or do it for spaghetti. I also taught her how to choose brands and the brands’ effect on the sauce like if it’s H it’s a little sweet and if its’ DM it’s sour. Of course we want H for spaghetti as I’m only using DM for viands. I taught my kid the right way of boiling pasta and the importance of cooking it the right way that even if she uses the ordinary pasta she can make it as firm as the known brands. The secret of delicious spaghetti relies on firm pasta and delicious sauce and of course coupled with a good cook. It’s our family’s favorite that’s why we really cooked it as yummy as possible.

After taking notes and on the spot cooking :-) Ruth learned the whole process. It’s a coincidence also that I’ve planned cooking spaghetti last Saturday. When we finally set the table for breakfast Josh asked for the cake lol! He always wanted to eat pasta with cakes!

The kids asked for the second serving in the afternoon and because we have plenty of sauces Ruth cooked another half kilo of pasta for our snack-dinner, they just can't get enough :-)


Care About the Roofing of Your Homes?

Now it’s always everyday that we get lots of rain showers, we’re just so lucky that even if there’s storm in the country our province is still not badly hit by such phenomenon. For those who were badly hit and almost lost their homes after the typhoon be very careful in choosing the materials for constructing your homes. It’s not just once or twice that I’ve seen houses with flying roofs and badly damaged houses and I felt bad thinking where will they get money to finance the reconstruction of their homes. I can say now that good roofing is really important in our houses the reason why it should be carefully chosen for.

My big brother has a small construction business for which he handles purchasing on his own and he’ll be glad to see variety of roofing panels that he can use for his residential and small building projects. He chooses high quality and affordable roofing system for all his projects because it also reflects his reputation as an engineer. I found this one brand that offers corrugated roofing that’s very ideal when it comes to various roofing, re-roofing and do it yourself construction projects. I mentioned that it’s very ideal because it’s easy to use, made of lightweight materials and can be cut and install easily, it even offers lifetime limited warranty. So how’s that for your roofing?


I Scored 100%

You Scored 100% Correct

You are an 80s expert,

You never confuse New Order with the Pet Shop Boys.

You know which classical musician Falco rocked.

When it comes to 80s music, you Just Can't Get Enough!

How Much Do You Know About 80s Music?

Of course I know I'll be topnotcher here as we're the 80's batch in high school and
college, I have a collection of music books then and I'm called a
walking songhits in our college days lol! Those were the days as
I'm a different person now as I only dig christian music now!


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