Monday, August 3, 2009

Ruth Loves To Cook

We had a funny and worthwhile Saturday morning when Ruth asked me to demonstrate to her how to cook spaghetti. They will have some cooking sessions in school today and they were asked to cook spaghetti. Ruth got from me my flair for cooking and since she was barely ten years old she started showing some real interest in cooking. When she watched me bake some macaroons she asked to let her the next time we cook and she proved us she can do it. She tried some recipes and desserts including leche flan and lechetin (combined leche flan and gelatin).

I dictated all the ingredients and how to cut or do it for spaghetti. I also taught her how to choose brands and the brands’ effect on the sauce like if it’s H it’s a little sweet and if its’ DM it’s sour. Of course we want H for spaghetti as I’m only using DM for viands. I taught my kid the right way of boiling pasta and the importance of cooking it the right way that even if she uses the ordinary pasta she can make it as firm as the known brands. The secret of delicious spaghetti relies on firm pasta and delicious sauce and of course coupled with a good cook. It’s our family’s favorite that’s why we really cooked it as yummy as possible.

After taking notes and on the spot cooking :-) Ruth learned the whole process. It’s a coincidence also that I’ve planned cooking spaghetti last Saturday. When we finally set the table for breakfast Josh asked for the cake lol! He always wanted to eat pasta with cakes!

The kids asked for the second serving in the afternoon and because we have plenty of sauces Ruth cooked another half kilo of pasta for our snack-dinner, they just can't get enough :-)


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